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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Former Shop Keeper Can't Shake the Curse

Tomorrow is December 1st and these words

"I'm late,
I'm late, 
For a very important date"...

it's the "RETAILER'S CURSE"and it is haunting me!!!
Fourteen years of Christmas over-load...
planning, designing, ordering, decorating,  
Everything had to be done by November 1st.

I've tried to scale back...take it easy....
relax and enjoy not having a deadline.
Sall thinks I'm nuts when I start mentioning 
Christmas in October, but it's just old habit!
We stopped in a gift shop on November 10th
 and they were just finishing up some displays.
I started breaking a sweat because
 my decorations were still in the shed!

This is what my dining room looked like on November 26th.
(That was the traditional date of our Christmas Open House!!)
What if anybody comes over and sees it all in boxes yet???
All right Lisa, "Snap OUT OF IT!"

I'm happy to report... I did get the majority of the decorations out.
We have yet to decide on a tree however...
But, I'm keeping my cool and enjoying the moment....
If Sall finds us a nice real one I'll decorate it, 
if not I'll set up the fake one.
Ahhhh, see? 
Calm - relaxed - enjoying the season.

I hope you are too!!
Have a joyous holiday season,

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Snowy Mosaics

Our Christmas cactus decided to start blooming,
just in time for the holiday season!

Although today was a gorgeous day in the 40's,
a snow alert is the prediction for tomorrow.
We spent the day cutting firewood and decking the halls!
December 1st is near...
and I'm sure these 40 degree days won't hold much longer.

I hope you are enjoying some holiday cheer
(and didn't get trampled in the Black Friday Rush!!)

Have a Merry Mosaic Monday,

Once again I'm sharing with Mary at Little Red House...
come join us!

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Thanksgiving Blessings

We had a good day of weather for Thanksgiving day and were able to travel
to Sall's sister's house two and a half miles away.  There was a cold northwest wind
blowing, but at least the roads were clear and NO SNOW.  We spotted this huge
flock of geese right off of Interstate 90.  What an awesome spectacle.  The geese are
moving south now, and I don't blame them.

Sara's house was warm and cozy and all decked out for the holidays.

We stepped in the door and the smell of the turkey in the oven was delightful!!
The table was set with her beautiful Johnson Brothers dishes.

We feasted on the traditional Thanksgiving entrées...
And topped it all off with both pumpkin and pecan pie!!

Her Thanksgiving meal was absolutely delicious,
we all ate until we were miserable.
Don't you just love our American traditions!

After dinner Uncle Sall impressed the twins with his magic tricks...
after he pulled about 5 bucks in coins out of their ears, they decided 
to see if there was any money in his ears???
He did his usual fine job of getting the kids all wound up
just before it was time for us to leave. 
 Grandma and Mom were grateful, I'm sure!

Thanks to Sara and daughter Leah for a great Thanksgiving!

Family - Fun - Laughter - Love
Life is good.

Monday, November 22, 2010

Look Who the Wind Blew In

We had a visitor this past night. 
 One whom we have not seen for awhile.
Not that he's been missed...
his company brings us duress! 
For when he comes to visit...
he knows not when to leave!
His humor is careless
His spirit is frayed... 
the longer he stays,
 the more we are peeved!
He stays too long he goes way too far, 
he must want to live here, here on this farm!
He has no worries nor cares, doesn't give a hoot about our cost...
I wish someone would bury that old man, Jack Frost!! 

Everything on the farm grew white whiskers overnight!

Frosty days and cold nights....

It's funny how things happen some times...
I'm sitting here making up this quirky little poem as I go, and suddenly
I'm remembering my Dad (he was great at making up poems)
and how he would help me with those High School poetry assignments 
(I was terrible at it and still am)
we would laugh and laugh at the funny lines he could come up with.
Now here I sit, tears in my eyes, overwhelmed with happy memories 
and it dawns on me...the date...November 20th
Mom and Dad's anniversary!
I swear sometimes Dad is still looking over my shoulder helping me with my homework!

The newlyweds, Ronnie and Lila Jean with nephew Dennis 1951

 My Dad's been gone a long time already, but they did get to
spend 30 wonderful years together.  
 Their's was a love that's lasted through the ages.
Happy Anniversary, Mom and Dad!

Today I'm thankful for a wedding day in November 1951 and lasting love!

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Game Birds, Jalopy's and Mosaics

Snow is in the forecast!!!
 That could mess up someone's Thanksgiving travel plans!
Hopefully, the weatherman will be wrong (again),
 it will be clear for travel,
and we can head south for a turkey dinner with the kids!

If we get the 6 inches of snow that they're predicting....
it'll be a cozy dinner for two at the Sall farm.
Hmmm...Sall and I, and Max and the three cats. 
 Let's see... that's a table for six, please.
Time will tell, and once again the weather will dictate
 where we spend the holidays.
Meanwhile, our good dishes are out of the cupboard,
 where I can enjoy them for the season!

This mosaic is all about "Johnson Brothers Ironstone"
and a complete set of 6 game birds....
(one for all of us)

A virtual quilt of pine cones and game birds....

Our November weather has been getting closer to normal lately...
A little chilly for country outings, but I still managed 
to get out and take some prairie photos.

This old jalopy died in the yard and that's where it stayed....

It's been a while since any Thanksgiving meals have been served 
up at this old farmstead....

Enjoy your preparations for Thanksgiving Day,
know that your guests appreciate your efforts and generosity!

I will be linking this post with Little Red House for Mosaic Monday.
Please, join us and enjoy all the wonderful photography and mosaics!
(to Mary: Thanks for hosting)

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Poetry From the Prairie

Badger Clark
1883 - 1957

Author, lecturer, poet and South Dakota's first Poet Laureate.
His philosophical devotion to the idea of rugged individualism
 and his love for the great outdoors was reflected in his life and his writings.
"Small Town" is typical of this devotion to Dakota
and it's friendly people.

Today I am thankful for my quiet little life on this quiet little prairie.
Nearby is a small town full of great folks that know me by name.
I am not just another face, but someone they stop and say hello to.
Great people - great friends surround me and support me.
Yes, today I am thankful for small towns and great folks!

Let this time of gathering with friends and family be a time of joy and peace!

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Flaunt Your Flowers

One of the last things I do outside (before it's too cold to do anything),
is dig up the canna bulbs. 
 It's kind of a pain in the you-know-what, but worth it in the long run.
They are so beautiful all summer long...
And such a great plant for covering large areas.
This summer I tucked them in by the garden gate...

They get so big and stately looking.
Behind little Wyatt and the wagon they look like trees!!

This is one of my favorite shots of our grandson, Wyatt....
taken during his first trip to the farm!

Okay, don't get side-tracked Grandma,
so back to the job at hand....

Cannas aren't very deep just remember they've multiplied so dig out a ways, 
as not to chop into any of the bulbs.

Once you get them all un-earthed...
shake off the excess dirt and chop off the tops,
 only if they are totally dried up.  (this is where the bulb gets it's nutrients for next year)

And then store in a cool dry place.  I'm going to store them in our basement
and hope for the best!!

These bulbs tripled in quantity for me this summer,
next year I'll be planting them all over the farm!

I'm sharing this little tid-bit of info about cannas with Tootsie over at 
Flaunt Your Flowers....check it out.

Have a better than fine Friday my friends!

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Practice Run

Since I'm not sure where we will be for Thanksgiving next Thursday.
I'm just going to pretend it's today and set the table for a "make-believe" feast.
Want to join me?
Welcome to our dining room.... 

Honored guests sit at the head of the table.

We are dining on Sall's prized dishes!
Naturally, they have wild game on them...
They are Johnson Brothers from England.

Isn't the turkey platter spectacular?
The rest of the place settings consist of the
 Pheasant, Wood Cock, Turkey, Partridge,
Quail, and Ruffed Grouse

I still can't believe Sall was using these as his everyday dishes when we first met.
As soon as I discovered how valuable they were, 
I quickly put them away in the china cupboard and got out the corelle.

Now we only bring them out for special occasions! 

Along with Grandma Sall's beautiful ruby glassware...

Of course, flowers are a must on this Thanksgiving table..

and Lillie's are my favorite.

I'm happy you could join me for this practice-run...

Maybe we'll do it again next Thursday (for real)

With real turkey and all the fixin's!!!

And now I had better start on that grocery list....

Have a great day,

P.S. I'm sharing today's Thanksgiving practice-run with Susan
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and register to win some beautiful Mikasa China.  Good Luck!

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(So many nice comments) 
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Find a comfy place to be, and enjoy your Wednesday!

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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Where The Coyotes Howl

Not one of my usual blog photos.....
No fancy editing, not even a cute frame from Picnik!
Nope, this shot belongs to our deer hunting friend, Jeff.
He decided to set up his Bushnell Hunting Cam
 in our back trees to see if we get any deer in these parts....
We were all quite amazed at the numerous shots of deer that it captured.

Some shots are up close and personal...
See it's eye lashes???

Needless to say Jeff was quite impressed and 
came back with full hunting gear
to get himself a buck!

I decided to (once again) tag along and see if 
any of this would make good blogging material.
Sure enough, Jeff was quite informative and explained all of his maneuvers to me.
Although, he'd never make a deer hunter out of me, it was all pretty interesting.
Here he is setting up some decoys and then spraying them with doe scent.
You don't want to leave any human smell on them or your prey will get spooked.

So after he got his ground work done, he headed up the tallest
tree in the Sall Farm forest.

His ladder reaches 16 feet, then he climbed up another 4 feet to his small platform.
Now, he sits there and waits....

from around 4:00 P.M. till dark he sits there and watches... 
with binoculars and Bow waiting for the biggest buck in the county!
That's every hunter's dream right?
And that's where I left him...
hanging out in the trees just him and his fantasies of 
a 10 point buck and his picture on the cover of Field & Stream.

He had the whole weekend to hunt... so,the first night he more or less
scoped out the deer population.
He counted 30 doe and 6 bucks passed through right in front of him.
His second night was his night to get one.
The boys at camp said to bring back some camp meat, 
it doesn't have to be any trophy winner!!
So that he did....right at dark his bow took down a small buck.
It was hit hard enough, he said to go down but must've gotten up again.
Getting darker and darker, Jeff wasn't able to find it, and decided to come 
back in the morning to get it.

We had a gorgeous sunrise that morning...
Jeff showed up bright and early with his wife and father-in-law, to help him load up the deer in the back of their truck.  Now to find it....
Jeff took us to the spot where he thought it should be...
no deer...
we started looking and no deer...
I was starting to worry about that massive corn field right next door...
if he got into that we'll never find him.
We stayed optimistic and kept walking the trees all the way to the
other end...
and there it was...

what was left of it....
it seems there were some hungry coyotes
in the neighborhood last night!!

Unbelievable!!  There we all stood, mouths hanging open
in disbelief. Not one shred of meat left anywhere!!

After the shock wore off, Jeff knelt down and posed for the picture 
of him and his bounty.
Not the record book he was aiming for, but certainly one for the record!!
Better luck next time, Jeff.

We decided to take the skeleton back to hunting camp
so the boys could see it.  
This is one story they'll all be telling for awhile...
The Lore of the Sall Farm Coyotes!

If one way be better than another, that you may be sure is natures's way.

Have a great Tuesday,