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Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween!

I'm feeling guilty for not doing
a post for Halloween tonight!....

I hope you'll excuse me and
hop over to my sister's blog
for a little Halloween fun!

Oh, to be in the land of enchantment tonight!


Happy Halloween All!
Hope your treats out number
the tricksters!


Thursday, October 27, 2011

Cope Or Crash

When things get too crazy....

I close my eyes and take a deep breath....

Count to 100 and start humming a song....

The CRAZIES start to fade...

My mood mellows....

Another crazy day is history~~~
and I can say "I made it "

Cast your troubles aside...
replace the stress with a positive attitude
and seize the day!

Merrily, Merrily, Merrily....
Life is but a song!

Thanks for stopping by today
have a Merry Thursday!

Tuesday, October 25, 2011


Whoooo are you....
how have you been?

I can't believe
is just around the bend!
YIKES, where does time go?

I hope you are prepared 
for the little ghosts and goblins
coming this weekend...

Better stock up on some treats!
Treat yourself to a great day today!                                                                                    

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

The "Real" Hunters

"She lived to hunt"

(we said that about our Josie)

every fall she was like a puppy,
full of exuberance!
and ready to hunt!

Every time I see hunting dogs
running about the fields
sniffing a bird and running heavy on it's tail,
I see Josie.
Her spirit is running along side of them...
enjoying the hunt!

I dedicate this post 
to the "hunters"

Those ever-faithful,
loyal retrievers and pointers...

the finders and the go-getters!

They live for it...
and we love them for it!

Truly, man's best friend!

We miss you ol' girl....


Monday, October 17, 2011

Hunting With Grandpa

A boy grows up to be 
a man....

a man to be proud of...

a man of strength and dignity ~
like his father and his father before him...

each man has different
trials and tribulations
but, each man
strives for the same thing...

to carry out the tradition
and make his grandfather proud!

 What better
time or place
 to learn the lessons
than on a hunt with 
the masters,
the legends,
the dads,the uncles,
 and the grandfathers....

This year our friend's grandson, Hank,
watched the hunt from the truck
and tagged along with the hunting party.

With his toy shotgun,
he tagged along beside his 
parents, uncle and aunt,
and Grandpa...
an annual event for this hunting family.

Mom and Dad took turns watching
 the baby in the suburban...
while the other walked a field....

and lucky little Hank 
could hang out with Grandpa....

Hunting with Grandpa is a special time!

A Boy Needs A Grandpa
Author: Unknown

A boy needs a Grandpa...
For man-to-man talks,
To go hand in hand
On Conpanionable walks,

To fix up his toys
When they no longer go,
To tell him the things
Little boys want to know.

A boy needs a Grandpa...
To show him the way
To handle a puppy, 
To teach him fair play.

To impart bits of wisdom
He's learned through the years,
That it's no disgrace
For a man to shed tears.

A boy needs a Grandpa...
To sit on his lap
And if no one is loooking,
They take a wee nap,

Each wrapped in an aura
Of love and esteem,
Each smiling gently
At some special dream.

Happy Hunting!

Joining with Mary today
stop by if you can!

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Good Hunting Coming Up

Grab your fluorescent orange
and join us in South Dakota
for another fabulous pheasant hunt!!

See you in the fields!

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Swing Your Partner!

"My grandfather would often stop here in the early spring to get fresh maple syrup.  
When I was a little pip-squeak, my grandfather would often take me along on his milk route with him.  
When we came to this farm, Grandpa would pull the old milk truck up the gravel driveway
 and we'd both hop out and walk to the door.  
Grandpa would buy our syrup and, if I was a good girl, 
the lady of the house would let me have a little maple candy.
The Sugar Shack is located on route 118 
just outside of Nicholville, New York....

That is just one on the nine stories behind nine quilt blocks
that Mrs. Z stitched together and made the most 
wonderful Barn Quilt I've ever seen!

This was a "Block-of-the-month" kit
she found...
each month a quilt block
with a different barn scene
and a wonderful story or memory with each pattern

What a charming idea....

This round barn is near Arcadia, Oklahoma on historic Route 66...
the story with it tells how many barn constructions of the day
were built with funds raised at barn dances!...
Quilt Block #6 is called "Swing Your Partner"

Doesn't it just make you want to
throw on some banjo music
and start dancing?

Quilt Block #7 is called "Under Attack"....

It's patterned exactly after the one in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania...
HOLES and all...
(cannonballs made the real holes
in the brick barn that still stands today)

Recently Twila's family celebrated their farm
turning 100!
The barn behind the quilt is on
that farm south of Gann Valley, South Dakota...

A century of farming is a true accomplishment...
Congratulations Balster Family
Happy farming another century!

Mrs. Z's Barn Quilt is a work of art
and a tribute to that old building on the farm 
that does so much....

from Hoe Down 
to Bedded  Down....

My fascination with the barn will go on for many years...
along with my dream of having a barn dance at the Sall Farm!

Bring on the band and get me some hay bales...
Oh wait! I better move some junk out of the way first!

I'd probably have better luck learning how to quilt!

But, on second thought I'll just put on
an old Gene Autry album and go watch the ladies at quilt club!

I will stick to blogging 
and sharing my friends' talents
with anyone who wants to tune in....

Thanks for stopping by today
(don't forget to check the other
"barn charm" participants)!

DOSEY DOE and Have a Great Day!

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Saturday, October 8, 2011

Eye on the Skies

Lately I've felt like a well trained hound dog...

my eyes, ears, and nose have 
been on high alert!

High winds and RED Flag Fire Danger
keeps you on your toes when you live
out in the middle of nowhere!

I know there will be no siren or tv
news alert if some farmer sparks a
fire in these parts!  It'll be up to us
and Him to keep us on track for 
more of the same here at Sall Farm!

Lord, how did those pioneers survive the dust bowl days????

There wouldn't be enough wine in 3 counties
to keep me sane through that!

I'm happy to report the winds 
have let up and we did get a little bit of rain
to settle the dust for a day or so!

I've calmed down and unpacked my suitcase

The skies are once again 
a beautiful blue
and I can go hang out another load of laundry

Thursday evening when the wind was still howling
there were grass fires to the southeast 
and storms and tornadoes brewing 
to the southwest....

last night the wind was letting
up and we stood outside and watched 
the most amazing lightning show!
Mitchell was getting pummeled with rain
and we were mesmerized by 
mother nature's fury....

that was our evening entertainment...

much better than anything on television!

Hope you are safe from the storm
and enjoying blue skies wherever you are!

this ol' hound dog is takin' a day off....

Have a super weekend,

Friday, October 7, 2011

Some golden moments
from the prairie....

Happy Fall Y'all!

I'm linking this post to some
fun parties...
so grab some cider
and consider joining
the fun...

(my photo entry for this challenge
is the 3rd photo from the top)
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