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Monday, December 26, 2011

A Christmas Wish



and  Love 
to you
where ever you may live.... 

May the joy of Christmas
surround you and your family...

God Bless, 
and have a Joyous Holiday!

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Christmas Can't Be Far Away

Remember how it used to be...

Christmas would never get here,
it seemed like it was never coming!
I counted down the days...
wrote several letters to Santa Claus
every day cross off another day on the calendar

oh how time stood still
when you were waiting for Santa Claus....

When is it going to be Christmas??!!

Finally, after forever and a day 
it was here!
My brothers and sisters would 
help me watch out the window 
to see Santa and his reindeer.
They would always see him
and tell me too late!!
By some miracle 
he would sneak into our house
and place all those packages around 
our Christmas tree....

Being good always paid off!
Although, patience was something
 I needed to work on!


the time before Christmas
goes by WAY too fast!
I'm still sending out Christmas cards, 
I didn't get any baking done,
and we'll be shopping yet on
Christmas Eve!

My goodness, how time can fly by NOW!!

I hope your
Christmas TO-DO list is on track for you!
Maybe someone can come over
and help me with mine???

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Making Spirits Bright

Some Christmas Joy
arrived in our mailbox today!

Grandma has a new picture
to put on the fridge!

Merry Christmas to 
our little Goofballs...
can't wait to HUG ya!

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Dream On

Five days until Christmas....

I'm dreaming of a white Christmas...

let's just keep it like that!



 Speaking of dreaming...
Wonderful Kim
has some really great
It's day 9 of her latest
12 Days of Textures
You can link here to day one
and catch up...

her textures are unique
her photography is awesome
and her quotes are inspiring...
check it out
She is really on a roll
with creativity spewing out all over,
hop on over and catch some
for yourself!

I used her "Cosmo" texture
to warm up my winter
tree scene!
It is amazing what adding
textures to photos will do!
I'm hooked, and now I'm 
going back to download 
"Lola" and "Edward" and"Storm"

Monday, December 19, 2011

I Love Warm Winters

The weatherman kept it a secret.....

It was not in the Farmer's Almanac....

None of our wise old neighbors warned us....

I would never have guessed it .....

What am I talking about?....

Let me just take off my jacket first....


I had given up on the chances of that happening
yet this winter!

Thank goodness for warm weather....

we will be prepared for the 
day it does turn cold here in South Dakota....
let's just hope it doesn't happen
until February 30th ;)!!!

Warm Hugs from the farm,

Joining Mary at Little Red House
stop by and join us please!


Oh Christmas Tree,
Oh Christmas Tree,
How lovely are thy branches...

Are you like us and have
the annual argument of 
Real or Fake?

Every year I argue for my 
perfectly shaped and 
(yes, I'll admit) unrealistically 
tall and skinny (like a run-way model)
artificial (made-in-china) Christmas tree.

HE argues for the first  
poor excuse for a Christmas tree
he can find from the cheapest place in town...
yes, I married Charlie Brown!

Oh, it's not much of an argument...
more like a fun contest....

after Thanksgiving, the first one to present
their tree to the front door
is the winner.

This year Sall won with his 
REAL tree.

Now, don't get me wrong, I do love 
a real tree and that wonderful balsam scent...

I just want to live in the mountains
where I can go cut my own tree!!

If I lived in Wisconsin I'd head for
St.Croix Valley Trees (where I found this next image)
doesn't it remind you of 
something you'd see on a Christmas card?

Mmmm, I can smell the pine from here....

I would just love to bundle up
and go to Uncle Vern's for a tree...
hitch up the wagon,
let's find us a tree Pa!

We are about 300 miles from the forest
and that's a long way to drag a Christmas tree....

Sall opted for the store bought kind.
And I don't know how he managed it, 
but he actually picked out a very nice Douglas fir!
I think the conversation at the check out counter
lasted longer than the tree inspection,
but what can I say?

Our tree is lovely, adorned with
multi-colored lights and ornaments of red and gold...

So, what kind of tree do you have this year?

Do you have to piece it together,
or do you hunt one down
and haul it to the house
on a sleigh?

Boxed or Fresh-cut,
I'd love to hear about
your Christmas tree!

Hope you're enjoying a wonderful
Holiday Season!
Thanks for stopping by,

Friday, December 16, 2011

We Believe

What a busy time of year
this is for Santa Claus!
Right about now he's staying up
all night checking his list
and checking it twice....

I hope I'm on his list??

I hope he sees the sign in my kitchen
that says we believe in Santa Claus....

This year I hung it up high and put
a light on it so he can see it at night time too!
Hint,Hint, it's in the kitchen where the cookies will be!

He doesnt' have to leave anything big or expensive....

Just so he stops by to leave a surprise!

And seeing my collection of Santas 
would give him some pride!

Our chimney is open dear Santa.
Rest up, and safe travels this year!!!

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Thursday, December 15, 2011

A Winter Birthday

It was a chilly,
icy day outside....

preparations for a birthday 
party were underway,
and the guest of honor was too chicken
to go anywhere!!

Food was ready, house clean,
decorations are up...


 I put on my chauffeur hat 
and drove to town to pick 
up the birthday girl.

(I cancelled last year's party on this day,
I wasn't about to let it happen again this year!)

At 1:30 the girls
were gathered and the
birthday lunch went on!

There were flowers for the table...

our local florist put this together 
for me while I rushed to town.
This special occasion deserved flowers,
and Baker's Designs came through beautifully!

Grandma Bertha's china came out of the cupboard,
and Grandma Erden's silverware and ruby red goblets too!

I switched out tables for the holidays...
this round table (a gift from Joyce K.) gives 
our Christmas tree a little more room...
and it gives me a chance to use the linen and crocheted 
tablecloth I've been saving forever in a cedar chest.

                                                   A special touch here...

                                             A special touch there....

All to honor one 
Special Lady...

That's MY MOM!

For almost 60 years, December 13th (mom's birthday)
has been THE day to put up the Christmas tree and 
start decorating for the holidays....

I'm glad that tradition
was lost a long time ago!

Celebrating Mom's birthday with all the trimmings
is one tradition that will stay forever!!

Happy Birthday, Mom!

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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

It's Getting Nippy Here

Jack Frost 

Our halls are decked 
with mid-century Christmas decor,
the boughs of holly
are actually 
artificial greens made in China...

for every strand of lights that worked
I threw out two!

My Christmas decorations
could use some up-dating
they still make the
house comforting,

Hope your Halls are Decked
with Peace, Love, and Joy
this Christmas and all through the year!!!

Sunday, December 11, 2011


Something New...

Something Old...

Something Borrowed....

and Something Cold....

A NEW mosaic for Mary 

My very first Santa I painted...
very OLD.

I BORROWED this image from
a new site I just found:
check it out for some fun vintage crafting ideas!!

and Finally....

We've been enjoying some 
unseasonably warm weather,
but the sparrows in the barn
have been busy gathering 
and nesting for those COLD winter nights!

"Poor little birds, hanging on for survival
on the South Dakota prairie!,
The least they deserve is top
billing on our blog for awhile!!

Stay warm friends!

Thank you to Andrea at Everyday Beauty
for a vintage ornament image used in my collage
another lovely site to check out in your free time!