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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

A Nostalgic Mosaic

Oh to be young again
and tearing up the streets
in Mom and Dad's '67 Chevy...

Those were the days...

The things we got away with
(or thought we did!)

What was the hot car
of your youth?

And did it have
a radio,
8 track,
or cassette?
If it had a cd player
you're way too young to 
appreciate this post! 

I remember vividly riding in my older brothers'
hot rods listening to Charlie Pride and Donna Fargo


Styx, Journey, and Air Supply
were all in my tape deck
in the 80's

I'm not sure what brought these
memories out of the closet,
but I'm pretty sure it's time to 
take a break from the 
monotony of tax preparations
get another box
of Nice n'Easy!

Here's to the good ol' days!

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Friday, January 27, 2012

Back To Reality

Truth is, I would never make a happy snowbird!

Those folks that pack up and head south every winter
miss out on the best season of the year!

How can you not love freezing temps,
fluffy white snow, icicles, snow angels,
ice fishing, wool sweaters, cozy fires,
long winter naps?

"sit on your beach and think about that!"

The other day I looked out the window
and it was just too pretty to stay inside...

Max and I ventured off the front porch,
and followed the many little 
trails left by pheasants and rabbits...

we walked all around the garden,
rousted a slew of pheasants up out of their nests,
(I guess they don't get up as early as we do!)

As the sun came up the fog lifted
and left us the most unusual 
"albino rainbow"

The pot of gold is a pot of ice at the end of this rainbow!

A beautiful picturesque walk around the farm
on a VERY chilly morning...
doesn't get any better than that

Well, okay,
with your best buddy
by your side...

Hope you are enjoying
your own winter wonderland
where you are at!!

Thursday, January 26, 2012

I'm A Day Dreamer

 "Balance your fantasies with a healthy dose
of common sense to gain control of the day."

That was the bottom line of my horoscope yesterday...

So, I trudged on through my book-keeping tasks
punching numbers into Quickbooks,

I'd do a few pages and then stop
for a little fantasy trip back to Florida...

Dreaming of Flamingos



and me painting on the beach!

what a great day dream...

are you dreaming of being
somewhere else today?

Who needs to be in control of their 
day anyway???

So long from

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Texture Tuesday

Tuesday morning activity
involved watching
the neighbor plow out our driveway!

I stood there
 dreaming of white beaches
and sand in between my toes....

OH how I wish I was 
planning another trip to Florida
this year!

Last May
my niece got married 
on a beach near St. Augustine,
such wonderful memories
I have!

 I think of it most
when the snow is over my ankles!

here they are during the ceremony...

I've been playing with Kim Klassen's textures
this one is called Aurora.
Stop by her site for Texture Tuesday
and see the many ways to add textures
and enhance your photos...

I'll be here 
dreaming of the ocean....

the waves....

the Sun....

and the Fun!

Until tomorrow,
be happy...

Monday, January 23, 2012

Cold Mosaic Monday

Winter finally came home to the prairie!

With firewood,
candles, food, and wine....
we were prepared 
for a snowy weekend
at home...

It wasn't nearly
as bad as last year at 
this time!

January is almost over,
at least one blizzard
is do-able;)

Have a great week...

Our forecast is warming up,
I'll be here watching the snow melt!
(and waiting for spring)

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Sunday, January 15, 2012

A Yearnin' For Learnin'

Tomorrow another week begins...

NOT just another ordinary week!!

I'm so looking forward to 
and the beginning
Beyond Layers Ecourse

She promises a year of 
and inspiration!
(And boy, could I use all of that!)

I can NOT wait
to learn more about photography,
photoshop, and whatever else she will be sharing
(and knowing her, it will be plenty!)

This week I will be wrapping up
my brushes and sealing up the paint cans
over at the log house
so I can
dust off my camera 
and venture down the road again...
I haven't played photographer
                                                   for a long time,
                                                                                                   it is time....
                                                                           it is time...
                               time to go meet some new barns
                                          say hello to nature
                                             and maybe Max will learn 
                                       how to say "cheese"for me!

Can you tell I'm just 
a little bit excited?

almost too excited to sleep,
but I must!

Good night friends...

I hope this week brings
you something new and exciting too!

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Friday, January 13, 2012

All Dogs Go to Heaven

I believe all dogs go to heaven,
(it's the least they deserve after being 
our faithful and loyal companions
here on earth)...

It's there they'll be waiting for us 
and "HOME" will be better than ever imagined.

Have you hugged your pet today?

this photo was created for a special friend...
the barn in the background belonged to his family until the 1990's
his dog (the one in the foreground took it upon herself 
to disappear into the Black Hills at the age of 13
(we believe she wanted to die alone and
not be a burden to her beloved owners)
After weeks of searching, our friend has 
put her to rest in his heart.
I'm sure she'll be waiting for him
in Heaven
"back home"

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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Not Your Average Fireplace

    The Log house....

If you want to build a log house
on the prairie of South Dakota
you can look to this one
for some good tips....

the homeowners did their research
and thought of everything!

from the location,
on a hilltop
 overlooking a beautiful valley,
they did not skimp on windows to enjoy 
the gorgeous view!

And they hired the right crew 
to build a fireplace that is not only
stunning to look at, but also will warm the entire house
and keep them cozy when the snow and wind
are howling outside.

A few weeks ago
Jenniges Masonry from Custer, South Dakota
arrived on site with a crew
 and a trailer full of rocks

I was there with my camera to
photo journal the whole process
I have to say, "it was an amazing process!"

from the first wheelbarrow full of rock
to the last bucket of muddy water
I've never seen such a mess
such a transformation!

The great room filled up with 
rocks and suddenly looked like
boulder canyon!

Rocks everywhere and they 
just kept coming....

The fireplace sits dead center in the house 
and spans from the basement to the second level
the main level is double sided.
The main level and upper level are getting 
finished here, this covers 20 feet. (the basement will wait till later)

Approximately 7 ton of rock is used to 
cover the two levels!

the main entry view.

the crew of 6 picked rock, chiseled and hammered
and mudded them in one by one.

They had their own fireplace going out on the driveway
to keep the sand warm to mix into mortar...
cement mortar was hauled inside
via wheelbarrows.

They started from the bottom 
working their way up,
2 levels of scaffolding,
guys working on all 4 sides...
the piles of rock on the 
living room floor slowly dwindling.

When they got to the peak and the last rock was 
mortared in I thought "great, now we can start
vacuuming and cleaning up this mess"


Now the real mess begins!

The water hose came in,
and buckets were filled with
diluted acid!

One guy started hosing from the top
while the others started brushing each
rock down with acid....
"Now we have a water feature!" 

Water streaming down...
they covered a finished wood floor
with plastic, but all I could see was 
acid and water ruining it!

Water running down onto the hearth
like a rainstorm...
One guy on a shop vac sucking it up!
(one vacuum isn't gonna cut it, I thought to myself)

I kept my cool and told myself
"these guys are professionals and this is not 
their first fireplace!! RELAX!"

They hauled out buckets of muddy water...

As if just being spit-shined and polished,
the rocks on the fireplace came to life!

It looked like a monsoon
had just been through...

The plastic was removed from the mantel
and the wood floor,
and everything survived unscathed!
A miracle in my mind, but not to the pros!

They vacuumed and swept
and the place looked normal once again!!

South Dakota rock from both sides of the river...
the Black Hills, and Native Prairie, a real hammerhead, 
 Quartz, Petrified Wood, even a rock blasted from 
Crazy Horse Monument
all carefully chosen and set into 
a stunning display of master-craftsmanship...

 In five days a masterpiece was born!

A beautiful focal point of the whole house
and the owners' favorite thing about
their new home!

We all backed off and said "Wow"
It's a beauty
this crew should be proud!

And they clean as well
as they lay rock,
What a relief!!!

Thanks guys!