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Monday, March 31, 2014

Goose Overload

It's a sight you just never tire of...

unlike the barrage
of fancy, new air-pollutin'-land-eatin'
green machines in the neighborhood....

I prefer to see what used to be...

and what the farmers used to see...

the farmers of my Grand Father's time
probably gathered at the elevator and 
talked about the weather and the future
and how much seed to plant
 and how much feed to buy...

the subject matter probably
 hasn't changed


as long as there will be land,
there will be a farmer to
till, and sow, and reap....
 (thank goodness for that)

and hopefully their farming practices
will not endanger the natural 
scheme of things...

 I want to see my grand children's 
future as "rock" solid,
don't you?

The old farmsteads and wooden barns
will be long gone...
but, with any luck, there will
still be massive flocks of geese to see

that's a gift we need to preserve
and share for future generations. 

Have a great day
(keep it natural)

Monday, March 24, 2014

Top Of The Morning To You

Happy Monday
Blogging Friends!

Isn't March flying by?

 The weather has been crazy...

one day like a lamb,
the next day like a lion...

I have been enjoying
some "alone" time in my studio...

Just me, my computer, and my mod podge...

I made up my mind...

I want to fill up a box with
fresh new SPRING TIME
wall art
Memory Blocks
to sell at

Sweet Grass

it seems creativity
only sparks when I am alone...
and now that the days are getting longer
and warmer,
the ideas are flowing 
like a raging river!!

how about you?

are you a crafter...

or a slacker?

If you've been nappin',
wake up and smell the coffee
and join me at Sweet Grass
where I'll be peddling my creations!

Their back room is loaded with
unique and original items
from local craftsmen and artists.

Have a super Monday!

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Honk If You Love Spring

We are enjoying some much needed
warmer temperatures
here on the central plains....

The geese have 
been coming,
that's a sure sign
of more warm weather to come

 At times our skies
are peppered with geese....

 You can tell there must
be some open water near by
when you see them in numbers like this

A few of them must get
fooled by the ice...see him scolding the other one
for landing on hard ice...

what are we supposed to do here????

 and then it's up and off
to another corn field
to sit and wait
(and eat)
for more water to open up

it is a magical site to see so many
huge birds fly around each other
and not crash!

My guess is they have a 
"No Texting and Flying Policy"
in force!

and finally, thought I'd give them an artistic edge,
before I head off to my craft room...

Happy Spring Y'all,

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Let's Go For a Walk

I have not heard those
words for so long...

when the thermometer
reaches 50 degrees F,
you jump at the chance
for a long walk...

I quickly grabbed my camera
and my boots 
and off to the trees
we went...

I think little Miss Jazz
was the MOST excited...

She was here, there, and everywhere...
covering more ground 
than the three of
us put together...

"C'mon everybody, 
keep up with me!"

Max found it a little 
"it's a good thing this 
is just a private walk."

for such a long, cold winter
we couldn't believe how 
little snow there was in 
our tree grove...

Every year the snow blows in
and leaves piles as high as 
the bird nests...

this year I don't think the 
weeds even went dormant,
they are still green under
the dead cover...

Maybe I should be
out looking for
4 leaf clovers?

I'm sure the dogs
would approve of 
a daily hunt...

They love to track down
the pheasant trails in
the tall switch grass!

and there are enough
other smells to keep
a curious puppy busy
for days!

 Now I can't wait for her
to dig up her first row of pickles!

Eight more days
until it's official
(don't put away that snow shovel yet!)