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We're just a couple of country dwellers......

that love nature, hunting, fishing, gardening, campfires, crafting, cooking, canning, laughter and living!!

Ya just never know what I'll blog about next...

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Monday, March 30, 2015

Just Some Barn I Know

Happy Monday Friend!

Our weekend excursion
was a short trip down a country road
to poke around yet another old
abandoned Barn yard...

(the owners gave us permission to poke)

this old beauty will be burned 
down in the near future...
isn't it sad!

I snapped as many pictures as I could,
trying to save it's likeness for those
of us that appreciate a well made
piece of farming history

Stepping carefully over fallen boards
with nails sticking out...

my eyes are watching for nails
while my mind is seeing 
the farmer and his livestock...

 The chore of feeding the animals
came before feeding himself...

after livestock were fed and watered,
breakfast was made for the farmer and the farm wife!

No emails to check,
No devices to charge up...
just keeping everyone fed.

Simpler times...

Making hay when the sun shines...

Thanking Heaven for the sun and the rain...

I love these old buildings....

they always remind me to be thankful!

So glad you stopped by....
Watch your step and thank a farmer today!

Friday, March 20, 2015

Random 5 Friday

I'm joining with Nancy this week
for Random 5 Friday....

This rotten cold won't leave me alone!
It's got me in head lock, but I keep fighting back...

1. My kitchen's getting painted this week 
(even if it kills me!)
I need a lighter brighter room for a change,
something that will work with all of my old blue jars....

2.  There's a big bull sale going on today,
if I can get one coat on the walls I may have
to travel down the road and check it out.

 3.  Sall has been out tilling in the garden this week,
time to think about lettuce and garlic going in. It's supposed
to get up to 70 degrees today, he will be tempted to plant something!!

4.  It was grand-daughter #2's birthday yesterday.
She turned 5! 

5.  I'm smitten with Andy Grammer's music!
Just added 3 of his songs to my play list...
Are you bouncing in your seat yet?

Happy Friday,
(back to my paint roller)

here's a link to Random 5 Friday

Friday, March 13, 2015

Where Did the Week Go?

How can it be Friday already....

my, how time flies!

I hope I'm over this cold soon...
too much time wasted coughing and blowing this week!

My spring cleaning is calling...


Have a great weekend,

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

I've Got Sunshine

 Pretty soon we'll all be 
turning red from the sun...

 so find your 
sleeveless shirts
and your
Bermuda shorts...

and be ready to hit 
the dusty trail
back to summer...

and don't forget to cover your nose
with sunscreen too...

 a nice healthy glow
goes a long way!

you don't want to look like you're
over-cooked now do you?

The days are getting longer,
the sun is getting brighter,
can't wait to get some seeds planted here...
 how about you?

Warm Hugs today,