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Memory Blocks

Send me your photos…

(by email or snail mail) 
I will copy and preserve
them on a specially
designed wooden block

that you can display and enjoy.

Memory Blocks make great
Gifts for everybody
And any occasion…
Weddings, Graduation, Mother’s Day,
New Baby, or Senior Citizen…
The possibilities are endless

Who doesn’t love to display
Family Photos Old and New!!

Gather your photos
And I will build your memories
With loving care
One block at a time.

 Memory Blocks
are made of solid cedar wood
and measure 3.5"x3.5"x3.5"
the 6 sided cube is covered
with designed papers,
and text
which can be 
anything you desire
from love sonnets
birth dates....

Generic designs include
Mother's Day...

Children's Story Books....

Make it personal
with photos...

 Fond memories
of times gone by
will be cherished
again and again...

Here are some samples
of personalized blocks...

Grab some old photos...
take some new photos...

together we will
capture some memories
and preserve them forever,

friends and loved ones
will love to display this 
block for all to see!

Want to order yours today?

Contact me at:



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Personalized Block  $15.00
minimum of 4 photos
each additional photo $1.00 each
with a maximum of 10 photos

photos will be scanned and worked
with digitally
original photos will be returned untouched

ways to get me your photos:
scan your photos and copy them to a cd
mail me copies of your photos
email me photo files

*Please do not mail any original photos!!

all copies must be good quality photos.

A preview of the block and layout will 
be emailed to you prior to the making
of your one-of-a-kind MEMORY BLOCK.

the entire process takes up to one week
from design to finish!
So order early!