There's Hope in March

Now that February is finally over
I feel there is light at the end of the tunnel.
Is that sunshine??

Winter time in South Dakota
has a tendency to drag on.
I wouldn't recommend it to
Californians or Floridians!
It's strictly for those
of us who like to hide out in our sweatpants
and pajamas 6 months out of the year!

The best part about that is the time
you get to spend indoors 
binge-watching television
in my case,
getting back in touch with
my creative side!

Oh, I've had my moments, It's not 
been easy being cooped up in a rental house
that's garnished with teacups, doilies, and pictures
of someone else's grandchildren.
(Hey, it's warm and a roof over our heads,
I'll never complain!)

It really is a good lesson in empathy if nothing else.
My guests will get the royal treatment
from now on!
Anyway, I digress...

Today on March 1st, the sun has come out
and I'm finally feeling the hope and contentment
that spring is just around the corner and
we'll be getting back to the comforts of home
in just a couple more weeks!!
This morning on Instagram, I see Magnolia is selling
tulips at the Silos in Waco!!
(note to self: pick up some nice faux tulips at Hobby Lobby!)

Now where was I going before tip-toeing in  the tulips??
Oh yeah,
So, yesterday I sat down at my computer
and revisited my digital files...
Cottage Arts
 Escape and Scraps
oh yes,  and Oscraps

I found these websites years ago
when I was doing Make-and-Take Craft Classes
at my store "The Prairie Preservationist"

Well, that was in my days before I found INSTAGRAM...

IG has taken me not only away from my blog
but to a whole other galaxy if you know what I mean
(and if you are on Instagram, YOU KNOW what I mean)

Our kids kept telling us how popular Instagram is...
then when my sister got hooked,
well then I had to jump
on the bandwagon as well.

Now I have 4 accounts and have to admit
am overwhelmed most of the time,
but what a joy to be overwhelmed by so
much inspiration and so many positive posts.
(I tend to follow artists, conservationists, and dog-lovers
you know, the GOOD SOULS on this earth!!)

Alright enough rambling about Instagram...

Until yesterday, I've been a little perplexed!
 I just don't have any new and exciting photography
to share on my instagram accounts...
10 Degrees and blowing snow just don't
lend themselves to quality photography...
There's no birds to watch in the rental backyard.
The dogs chasing a squirrel or two I suppose would
make an entertaining video, but then there's that problem
of me in my pajamas! 
The neighbors in town don't need to see that!!

My hard drive runneth over with 1000's 
of pics. So why not pull them out, dust them off
and pair them with some new digital elements and backgrounds?

Do you have some time to learn something fun and 
not so new??
Click on over to Photoshop and download you
some happiness.
Photoshop Elements is how I create these fancy
little collages I call "Sanity Savers"

and now I just send them to my phone so I can share them
with my Instagram followers!
this is 4:4 (4:5 is best)
to post on my feed...

Or 16:9 size is perfect to share on my story...

I've even been toying with making my
own frames in PNG format,
all done in PS Elements, SO FUN!!

 Remember Sully, our rooster?  Gosh he was a beauty!!
Now he's ready to put into some digital art,  
So now you know that I am over the moon with
digital graphics and making eye-candy to share on
and remember IG is linked to FaceBook
so it's easy to share on both 
with just one click of the SHARE button!

 If you have any questions about what I've
shown in this post, please don't hesitate to ask questions
in the comment section.
Oh and one more tip, check out the graphics fairy
for fun and FREE downloadable graphics like
the lady on the moon, the tulips,
and the teacups all shown above.

Hoping the Sun is shining in your part of the world.
Have a Peaceful Sunday,


Barb said…
Pretty cute. But I am still using a flip phone.
Bonnie K said…
Like you I have tons of photos. I've never been on Instagram. You blog intrigues me. I'll have to look into it. Thanks food the winter inspiration.
Michelle said…
I’m on instagram, but don’t post all the time. I need more photos!

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