Farm Fresh Friday

Welcome to Farm Fresh Friday
(#3, if anybody's counting)

We are so happy you dropped by...

and excited to share something new and fresh with you!!


This week on the prairie...

 I'm Up In ARMS!
not only has work taken me off our farm
but, while I'm away there's been some
shenigans going on...

LOOK at them, all innocent looking now...

But, don't let their innocent beady eyes fool you!
They're all lettuce eatin' thieves!

With both of us away at work all day,
it seems these little rascals think they 
can help themselves to fresh lettuce salad!

Well, some drastic measures have been taken....

How do you like chicken wire, Sully?

If that doesn't keep'em out of my lettuce,
there will be some bars installed on the chicken coop windows!

I hate to sentence them to solitary confinement,
but what else do ya do with law breakin' chickens??


It doesn't matter if you live on a farm, a suburb, a colony,
a condo,an apartment, a motel, an igloo, or a closet...
we all have access to freshness!!

Local Markets are popping up everywhere
and are getting more popular all the time...

Face it, everybody gets excited
over FRESH!!

Fresh Vegetables, Fresh Flowers, 
Fresh Coffee!!

You name it....
Fresh smells better, tastes better, and IS BETTER!!

Farm Fresh Friday will be here weekly from May through September.

A place to share all things homemade and home-grown.
There is no rule that it has to be made by you or grown by you,
just the fact that it was hand made or grown by somebody
and not mass-produced or imported from Timmbucktu is good enough for us!!

Support your local farmer's market
Show off your kohlrabies 
be proud of your zinnias...
bring us your needlework,
air out your dirty laundry
(well, be careful with that one!)

  Bring it to Farm Fresh Friday...

Summertime is near
let's take in all the freshness we can!!

And while you're at it, grab our button 
and share it with your friends....
Let's spread the word and promote "Being Fresh"

Sall’s Country Life

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Mary said…
My chickens are banned to the coop -- they are naughty! :)
barb said…
put your chickens on a diet and they will hate lettuce...just that easy
I've been wondering if we can have chickens in our backyards here. I live in a pocket village surrounded by dairy, sheep and crop farms. Of course protection would be needed for the foxes I've seen coming in amongst the houses.
Chicken wire is a real handy thing to have around. I've used it to keep bunnies at bay and as a trellis for climbing plants.
The opening day of our farmers' market yesterday was small until more crops are available to sell. I was happy to replenish our maple syrup though and forgot to take some photos - next week!
Bev said…
Lucky chickens ...but not so lucky garden:)
TexWisGirl said…
law-breakin', thievin' fowl! :)

i linked in with the only thing i create 'fresh'. :)
Candy C. said…
I think them thievin' chickens DESERVE bars on their windows!! ;-)
dr momi said…
My law breaking chickens stay in the coop till all the planting is done and fences have been erected LOL1!
Lynne said…
LOCAL . . . FRESH . . . BEST . . .
ann said…
Chicken Jail, for sure. And yes, fresh is best. Hug a farmer.
ann said…
Oh, I am back again. I did check out the little English Cottage. I'd like to visit it. Thank you for sharing it with me.
Brian King said…
Beautiful, Lisa! Your last photo made me smile! That's awesome!
Unknown said…
Our chickens ran right by the lettuce and wiped out my beautiful and oh-so-limited strawberry crop for about a week before I got tough on them (they had to stay in the coop for a few days)until Mr. Fence-Fixer (my husband) could repair things around here. :)
I had no idea chickens weren't law abiding and rule breakers! I guess that explains why I keep seeing my neighbors chickens in the road! :-)

I hope you're enjoying your weekend!!

PS: You're right, 'fresh' anything is always exciting!!
ann said…
I am so glad to welcome as my newest follower of the Garden Spot. I enjoy reading your posts and look forward to seeing your beautiful photography.
CrankyPuppy said…
Thanks for the invite, Sall! I see I'm not the only one with some garden pests right now. ;-)
Anonymous said…
I just love the progression of the color of flower throughout the year... first I have all yellow, then the pinks arrive on the tree blossoms, then the purple of my iris, and now the orange of the day lillies.. Perfect!
Great post! I have to add you to my favorites list! Thank you for taking a look at my current events blog, too and commenting!!! There's so much we have to fight for (and against) these days!
Beth said…
Loved your post - those naughty chickens! We love our animals and we make allowances, don't we? I just discovered your meme and it sounds like fun. I'm going to check out soe of these links. Have a happy day!
Blessings, Beth

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