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There's Hope in March

Now that February is finally over I feel there is light at the end of the tunnel. Is that sunshine?? Winter time in South Dakota has a tendency to drag on. I wouldn't recommend it to Californians or Floridians! It's strictly for those of us who like to hide out in our sweatpants and pajamas 6 months out of the year! The best part about that is the time you get to spend indoors  binge-watching television or  in my case, getting back in touch with my creative side! Oh, I've had my moments, It's not  been easy being cooped up in a rental house that's garnished with teacups, doilies, and pictures of someone else's grandchildren. (Hey, it's warm and a roof over our heads, I'll never complain!) It really is a good lesson in empathy if nothing else. My guests will get the royal treatment from now on! Anyway, I digress... Today on March 1st, the sun has come out and I'm fin

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