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Monday, August 21, 2017

Total Eclipse a Total Miss

I kept waiting for it to get dark...
it didn't.

I wished the rain storm away...
it stayed.

My Cheerios box was ready and waiting,
but it was only gonna get soggy if I left it outside...

What a disappointment,
this total eclipse turned out to be...

But, in a summer of total drought,
what would you rather see...
Rain drops 
a Crescent shaped light
through a pinhole
in a cereal box?

We were happy to be on the path
of the rainstorm this time.

I'll put my cereal box away,
in 7 years I'll pull it out
and try it again!

Take care of our planet,

Sunday, August 6, 2017

Oklahoma Is Calling

My country road companions...

they are missing me
 almost as much as I am missing them,

an adventure has 
taken me to Oklahoma,
(yep, "where the wind comes sweeping down the plains")

the country scenery is much like my homeland...

Big Blue skies are the norm,
except for the occasional tornado coming through...
also like home!

Native American Heritage,
Nature Preserves,
the signs are all there
except there's no "Wall Drug"
on Route 66!

My nest has been in South Dakota for 53 years,
do you think this old Dakotan can step out of her
box and move from one prairie to another?

The jury is out on this one yet,
but with a little luck the Sall's 
may be in for a much milder winter this year!

Stay tuned,

Friday, June 9, 2017

The Future of RASDAK

They couldn't wait!

Our grand daughters are here for their annual summer stay
at Sall Farm...
I told them on day one that we will be in town
doing a paint job at a Church for a while,
and a big Bicycle Trek is coming to Wessington Springs
on Thursday!!

All week long questions...
who is coming??  What day??
why do they ride bikes??
on and on and on

They spent their days in town getting to know 
the neighbor kids and getting to know 
the layout of the town.

I told them we were painting right across from 
the house where I grew up!
And how I rode my bike to the swimming pool
every day...

I must say it made my heart smile 
to see history repeating itself
in watching them screaming down the street
having the time of their life in my hometown!!

Every morning this week they race up 
to the donut shop to buy me a donut...
(also their excuse to go buy candy!)
After the candy and donuts quickly disappear
they're asking when the bikers 
are coming??

Well, Thursday finally came 
and we went out to greet them!

Eight miles out, the W.S. Volleyball team
gave them some hometown hospitality
and thought of everything a cyclist might 
need after riding 86 miles!! Whew...

They started streaming in around 3:00 p.m.
One, two, 4 at a time
down highway 34...

With another 8 miles to town yet,
they got some refreshing encouragement
and carried on...

it was a hot and grueling ride,
I can't imagine, after an 80 plus mile day
in 90 plus degree weather - 
dealing with a bunch of kids
for a Bike Rodeo...

But this brave guy did it.

Michael is a league cycling instructor 
and conducts these educational bike rodeos
for kids all along the RASDAK Route.


But, he set up the course
and gave them a lot of great tips...

And they took it all in...

Thank you RASDAK and Michael,
you've created some future
cyclists that will remember
this fun summer experience the rest of their lives!

I know our Grand daughters wanted to
ride all night long...

I think if Grandma had a bike,
we would've been packing up gear 
for a ride to Woonsocket!!
(hint, hint, Grandpa!)

The helmets finally came off at sundown 
 and bedtime stories 
were about bicycle rides from Kansas City
to the Black Hills...

Follow your dreams,

P.S.  Thanks to the Wessington Springs Ambulance crew for
the bike rodeo and the free helmets!

Follow RASDAK as they continue across the 
State of South Dakota on FACEBOOK!

Sunday, June 4, 2017

Hooked on Photography

This old cupboard door


is now a great place
to hang your hats, jackets,
or your camera gear!


Chalk painted and repurposed,
it's joining the collection at 
my new studio...

Classes and Workshops
coming soon!

The Prairie Preservationist
is settled in and ready to Paint and Create!
Let's D.I.Y!

Friday, June 2, 2017

Earth & Sky

There's no better place 
than South Dakota


the Earth & Sky

with it's mountains and forests...

lakes and rivers,

canyons and prairies,

South Dakota can boast
being one of the best states in the nation
to enjoy the great outdoors!

We love every chance we get to 
share a little piece of our world
with our two granddaughters....

This summer we took a little road trip
to Chamberlain to show them the new "Dignity" statue

Of course they were all over it,
turning it into a water slide and a giant safe 
in their own little BIG imaginations!!

Overall, I think they were just as 
impressed with the 50' steel statue
as Grandpa and I were!

We spent a beautiful morning walking the grounds
at the Lewis & Clark Information Center
near Chamberlain, South Dakota
taking in some spectacular views 
and hearing it all through
the view of a 7 and 9 year old...
it doesn't get much better than that!

Memorial Day has come and passed,
let the summer road trips begin!

Travel Safe,

Saturday, May 20, 2017

Creative Space

 Creative time is short
around my house...

that's why, when I get
that urge,
I like to have at least 
3 projects going at once...

last week my workshop
was running at full capacity...

I finally got the bottom half
of a friend's cupboard chalk painted
to match the top half we painted a year ago!


It turned out great 
and looks awesome 
in her home!

Black is the new oak!

and Chalk Painting
is my new favorite thing!

Choosing colors is the toughest part...

So many colors, so little time...

Cupboard - Black over walnut

Shelf - Blue over Gray

another shelf - White over Red and Blue
(why did I not get a picture of that one? hmmm)

Wait till you see what I do 
with this old Red and Blue Cupboard door!

 Stay tuned...


Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Garden Time

April is almost over...

time to clean out the potting shed

the May flowers will be arriving soon!

along with manure, weeds, backaches
and dirty fingernails...

I can't wait,
how about you?

Friday, April 14, 2017

Waking Up to Spring

They started showing up early in March...

 and every day we would watch...

some days, from dawn till dusk...

Wherever there was food to eat, you would see them
come down to feed by the thousands...

they love our South Dakota corn fields...

and any open water they can find too...

 March is a good time of year to find the
flocks on the prairie, 

I hope Spring is finding you!

Easter Blessings Friend!

Friday, September 23, 2016

Art 101

  I love...

I love to make it...

I love to create it...

And I love to admire it...

Daughter Emily's work in gallery in Kansas City

We love to watch our kids
gain momentum in the ART WORLD
as they create the most 
amazing pieces of art
all across the U.S.

Son Eric's 90"x84" Acrylic & Spray Paint on Canvas

 They continue to learn and explore,
traveling all over installing massive
and colorful works...

Daughter-in-law's 35'x35' Textile Art hanging in Brooklyn N.Y.

Using their talents 
to make the world 
a more beautiful place...

As I visited our local school last week

I was pleased to find a vibrant ART DEPARTMENT
A young and talented Art Teacher
and students intently working on some awesome projects!

As we live in a small rural town,
I was afraid I wouldn't find an art room at all???

See... I believe just as "good sportsmanship"
 is important to learn,
so is creativity!

A creative mind can change the world,
or at least create a way to make it brighter!

Have a beautiful weekend,