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We're just a couple of country dwellers......

that love nature, hunting, fishing, gardening, campfires, crafting, cooking, canning, laughter and living!!

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Friday, April 14, 2017

Waking Up to Spring

They started showing up early in March...

 and every day we would watch...

some days, from dawn till dusk...

Wherever there was food to eat, you would see them
come down to feed by the thousands...

they love our South Dakota corn fields...

and any open water they can find too...

 March is a good time of year to find the
flocks on the prairie, 

I hope Spring is finding you!

Easter Blessings Friend!

Friday, September 23, 2016

Art 101

  I love...

I love to make it...

I love to create it...

And I love to admire it...

Daughter Emily's work in gallery in Kansas City

We love to watch our kids
gain momentum in the ART WORLD
as they create the most 
amazing pieces of art
all across the U.S.

Son Eric's 90"x84" Acrylic & Spray Paint on Canvas

 They continue to learn and explore,
traveling all over installing massive
and colorful works...

Daughter-in-law's 35'x35' Textile Art hanging in Brooklyn N.Y.

Using their talents 
to make the world 
a more beautiful place...

As I visited our local school last week

I was pleased to find a vibrant ART DEPARTMENT
A young and talented Art Teacher
and students intently working on some awesome projects!

As we live in a small rural town,
I was afraid I wouldn't find an art room at all???

See... I believe just as "good sportsmanship"
 is important to learn,
so is creativity!

A creative mind can change the world,
or at least create a way to make it brighter!

Have a beautiful weekend,



Thursday, September 22, 2016

Lovin' Fall

Hang in there,
my pretties...

Can you have too many apples?

the orchard oriole
has been leaving us a few 
good ones...

Garden time will soon end...

Huntin' time is getting closer...

Don't let the cold winds
freeze up your spirit...

Keep on shinin',

Sunday, September 18, 2016

Preserving Fresh and Red Ripe

I empty the table off
and he fills it right back up!!

The best tomato crop ever!, he claims...

I blanch them,
     turn them into "Sallsa"...

turn them into some
awesome Bloody Mary Juice...

and ,yes, photograph them!

the blanching process
makes them look like
an underwater masterpiece...

Day after day,
bushel after bushel,
our pantry is filling up...

After a long day of processing and preserving,

I put my feet up and 
chill out with a cold one...

After standing between the sink and stove
for 7 hours,
my favorite spot calls to me
and it's time to 
sit down and relax!


Thursday, May 19, 2016

A Birthday Post

Every farm needs a good dog!

Sunday our Max turned 13 years old...

We think he's a GREAT dog!
Happy Birthday, Max!

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

My Favorite Kind of Magazine

pages filled with lovely pictures...

stories from artists telling how they create...

Story headlines like: "Happy Scrappy Cakes"
"Scraps of Encouragement"

are my kind of stories to read...

Starting this month 
the Prairie Preservationist 
is carrying two of
the Somerset magazines
in the store...




Pick up a copy soon,
you won't be able to put it down!

I'm sending a special package
to a special textile artist in our family...

Fabric in a fat quarter,
a gourmet soup mix,
a book filled with creativity,
and a little South Dakota rain...
She's gonna love it!

and she'll be "sew" surprised!

Happy Tuesday,

Thursday, April 7, 2016

A Good Thing

Our garden is the birthplace
to all of our 
home canned goods...

home made dill pickles,
fresh and spicy tomato salsa,
rich and healthy tomato juice,
sweet relish like none other,
and Hot Hungarian Pepper chutney...

and my husband's garlic
is a key ingredient to all of it...

Every year he plants the half we didn't
put into the recipes...

400 cloves planted last weekend,
and more to plant...

it's going to be a great year!

Monday, April 4, 2016

Silos and Blue Sky

I love a beautiful blue sky,

don't you?

Some puffy white clouds,

and I'm almost in heaven...

or somewhere near 
the chicken coop...

if anyone in heaven is
please protect our lilacs
from freezing!

we cleaned out
some weeds from 
behind our barn
and uncovered
a pile of posts

The sparrows and finches
kept a close 
eye on us
as we did
some spring cleaning
around the farm...

I love spring cleaning
as long as it doesn't include
a dust cloth!

Sending happy clouds your way,

Thursday, March 24, 2016

Things Are Looking Up

If you try to be really observant...

and stop and listen once in awhile...

If you can try to be a little positive...

Look up!  

"Chin up"  My parents would say,

Look on the bright side!

If you can do that,
there's no telling 
what good things 
you will find!

Good day, friend!