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Saturday, August 23, 2014

Pickles Are Priority

 My biggest fans 
are bored with me...

"couldn't she just spend a little more time with us?"

"maybe just one blog bone extra here or there?"

"are those pickles really that important??? REALLY???"

I'm so sorry to keep my followers hanging,
but it has been a gruelling pickle season...

 the pickle patch called both me and Sall
every day for several weeks
I'm happy to report the last pickles
were processed on Thursday!!

that strenuous job of picking cucumbers everyday
 has come to an end in 2014
and the results are on the shelves...

not as many as last year
(it seems age is catching up to me here!)
but, enough to keep our standing orders filled...
and our own pickle cravings satisfied for another year.

 I gathered, I processed, I conquered!

Once again Grandma Bertha would be proud...
and so am I
(if I do say so myself!)

What next??
a short break...
and then it's "Sallsa" time!!
 Hope you are enjoying some fresh
garden produce too...

Sunday, August 3, 2014

Vroom, Vroooom

For a small town of 1100 people,
there is never a shortage of things to do...

this weekend the 4-H County Achievement Days
were going on 
along with
a city-wide rummage sale,
the Prairie Hills Art Show,
the Foothills Classic Car & Tractor Show!

  The sound of thunder, lightening and 
garden-soaking rain woke me up at 5a.m!!
I waited out the short rain storm, then headed
out to the garden and picked a basket full of zinnias....

My Goal:
to fill up as many vintage mason jars
as I can and spread some smiles around town!

I set up my flower cart on the porch
at Sweet Grass and talked cars, flowers, and art
with passer-bys and looky-lous....

In between visits I wandered up and down 
main street with my camera (of course)...

There were some really awesome
cars on display!!

Barney must've been in the 
hardware store buying bullets....

Across from Barney Fife's police car
was this cute little red truck!
Why do old red trucks 
always make me smile??

I bet this guy is careful about 
parking near any beaver huts!!
(now that's some master wood crafting!!)....

I think I would've given this guy
all of my zinnias to sit behind the 
wheel of his gorgeous Pontiac convertible!....

 This old Ford looked most at home
on Main Street Wessington Springs.
It should, because it was originally purchased 
in Wess. Springs in 1964 at Warner Motors.

It's current owner is one of Wessington Springs
adopted good-old-boys...
Now retired from delivering packages,
he probably knows every resident in Wessington Springs,
all of their kid's names, their address, their hobbies, 
and probably their dogs' name too!!

the truck's got a good owner
and a smart one too
(see his motto in the passenger window?)
 He knew every little known fact
about the year "1964"!

Maybe because him and his 
dog spend too many weekends
at car shows talkin' about trucks?

There were fleets of tractors....
John Deeres

Fords too....


 But the cars 
intrigued me the most,
especially the ones 
covered in chrome!

 Usually it's a song that will
spark a memory in my mind...

today it was a Pontiac!

I stood there and staired at the console 
and was over-whelmed by good memories
of my hot-rodding brother.
The day he gave me a ride in his '67 Grand Prix.
I was awestruck by the chrome and the wood
everywhere and then he floored it!!
He was the coolest brother ever!

 Today I had to call him and
remind him of that!

In my family, brothers and cars were 
just part of the landscape...
there was usually always a car or two
in the driveway with legs sticking
out from under neath it or a head 
buried somewhere between a transmission
and a carburetor
usually with oil everywhere
and cuss words flowing profusely!

Oh those were the days! 

Neither of them still have any of their classic cars now,
but I bet this post
will light up some old fires!

 I know I'd love to 
ride down memory lane
in an old classic!

 Pack up my Packard
and I'm down the road...

 My Dad didn't always approve of his 
boys' cars and hot-roddin' ways,
but, (truth be known)
he probably did the same things
when he was a boy!

Thanks for the memories, boys!
p.s. I can't believe I don't have one picture of that 
burgundy Pontiac Grand Prix!! I'm pretty sure it never
sat still long enough for a Kodak moment!!

Saturday, August 2, 2014

Buy a Smile

I'll be in town selling smiles today!!

Zinnia bouquets fresh from our garden...
spread the word 
make somebody smile today!

See you at Sweet Grass!

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

I'm Still Here

I bet you think I gave up on you!!!

I couldn't do that...

I've just been caught
up in a whirlwind called

I suppose I could go into details and
catch you up on all that has had me in it's grips...

like moving my mom into an assisted living home 
(dragging her heals and kicking the whole way!)

dealing with all of Mom's "stuff" 
(and believe me, all 4 closets were stuffed with stuff!)

dealing with siblings that don't want to deal with stuff!
being accused of taking stuff!
Parents, take note!
Deal with your own stuff BEFORE
your kids have to!!

 I'm sure, after the dust settles 
everyone will be speaking again
and the hatchet can get buried in the nest
until the next big hubbub rolls around.

Speaking of disasters...
did you happen to catch my hometown on the national news??

Little Wessington Springs had a huge tornado
blow through town!
It wiped out and/or destroyed approximately 28 homes!
Three businesses were flattened
and zero injuries!!

So many people we know have been affected 
by this tragedy!  

What a blessing that no one was hurt,
everybody took the warnings seriously and
took immediate cover as this storm 
swept over the south east side of town!

here is a link to an early story by CNN
there have been many follow-up stories since 
the storm hit on June 18th, if you are interested 
you can google Wessington Springs tornado to see more coverage!

My last post goes way back to May 5th...
that was around the time my Mother took ill 
and we were scheduled to take a trip to Iowa
to see the kids before they moved!

That weekend trip was the last time I remember
feeling relaxed!

We had the best time "away from it all"...

We went to my favorite store...
Sisters Garden...
It's an Iowa version of Junk Gypsies
Love, Love, Love...

The kids are moving to New Mexico next...
oh, how I'm gonna miss Iowa 
and it's quaint antique shops...

Between episodes of Junk Gypsies
and my visits to Iowa's Sisters Garden
I was inspired to do my own little art show
at Sweet Grass...

Nothing major, just a fun day of showing off
my sister's bags and pouches and some 
of my own original canvases to friends and customers
on the front porch of the coffee shop!
(I could definitely do that more often!)

I would love to be a regular at the Farmer's Market
in a little bigger town...
selling art and flowers 

Anyway...amongst all of the other drama and chaos
we took on two more "little tornadoes"
their names are 

 they stayed with us for two weeks
after school got out!

We had tons of fun,
some good giggles,
and even learned how to ride  a
bike without training wheels!

Grandpa kept'em busy and wet
out in the garden!

Oh my, what a busy summer
this has been...


Next post I'll 
fill you in on the bathroom remodel we did
(just in time for the big 4th of July bash)
the saga of the crop sprayer 
spraying on a windy day and 
killing our cucumbers, tomatoes, flowers, etc!!
and my unfortunate case of carpal tunnel and bone spurs...

oh yes, "life" just keeps happening 
at the Sall Farm!

Y'all come back now!

Hugs from the country!!

Monday, May 5, 2014

Tablescape Treasury

We were invited to take part
in the 2nd annual
Festival of Tables,
a fund raiser for the
Wessington Springs Senior Center...

This was such a fun event...

the table hostesses came
from all over
to decorate beautiful tables 
and share their flowers, their china,
their best silver, crystal stemware,
creative centerpieces, 
napkin folding skills,
and decadant desserts 
with the whole community...

enjoy the many photos 
I took of all the tables...

there were picnic themes and Christmas themes...

a lot of thought and creativity went into
every table...
don't you love the mason jar candle?

Clever little touches and 
dainty little details were at each
lovely table...

this table was filled with cheer...
a pansy plate on a polka dot placemat,
funny little bunnies and umbrellas,
 look,even indivudual bouquets
and chocolate-covered strawberry
on a "flip-flop"

Happy - Happy - Happy!

and if finding fun vintage things 
makes you happy,
this table is sure to delight...

Decorated with antique lanterns 
and vintage oatmeal prizes this table
brings back days of old and 
good memories from mom's house...
see the pumpkin pie?

Something I gave up on was the folded napkins...

the napkin Christmas trees put this
table over the top!

These two hostesses
brought some Christmas cheer to the party,
complete with vintage punch bowl!

 Elegance reigned at these masterpieces...

the 3 foot Rose and Wisteria centerpiece
was a real show piece and made 
this table the perfect setting for 
a 95 year old Elegant ladies day!

 There were roses and tulips...

linens and doilies...

everything absolutely sparkled!

 The desserts were as extravagant
as the tables....

this one was three stories high...
(must be nice to be a professional pastry chef)
It was provided by our local bakery and coffee shop...

 Somebody took extra care
to design their cupcakes
to match their rose teapot...
(how beautiful)

With a stunning red and purple table
and a dessert fit for a Queen,
The Red Hat Society Ladies
showed us they still know how to
light up a party...

and what a delightful party it was...

local musicians sang and played 
though out the whole luncheon...

Music, flowers, and fancy dishes...
 it all makes for
happy hostesses, and delighted guests

and finally a picture
of my table and my guests,
Dorry and Marilyn.
It was a treat to share with you...
Sall's Gamebird Ironstone dishes,
Mother Erdy's Ruby Red Glasses,
my new placemats and napkins,
and my thrown-together-from-the-garden center piece.

and thank you to all the volunteers
that helped put this fund-raiser together
for the Senior Center.