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Sunday, October 4, 2015

Fall and Fun
Hand in Hand...

the garden is still providing
pumpkins, gourds, and more...

and farmer's are still peddling 
their wares at the market

People's porches are filling up with
orange wreaths, dried shocks,
and silly pumpkin faces...

cold weather crops are

Baking bread warms the heart
and heats up the kitchen...


it was a chilly day at the farmer's market
but who could resist a chilly day
filled with all this Fall Fun?

Wagon loads of FUN!!

Happy Trails...

may your pumpkin stay frost free for
a few more weeks!

Thursday, October 1, 2015

Super Duper

Focus has been on the 
big black pot on the stove 
for several weeks now...

We finished with pickles and moved on
to Tomato Juice and "Sallsa"

Sall has been making some great crates...
"it's all in the packaging!" they say

If we were to promote our
full line of product,
we would have a smart dog
representing our brand,
just like those Bean folks have....

Jazz is up for the job
just as soon as we can make enough
product to keep up with the demand.

If there were just 10 more of me
I might be able to keep up....

I thought I was done canning tomato juice
until somebody mentioned Bloody Marys - 
then I realized I didn't make any spicy batches!!

Back to the stove again...
good thing the grasshoppers haven't 
gobbled up all of the ripened tomatoes yet!

We have been enjoying a super harvest 
this year...
and the grand finale was 
that beautiful Blood red Super Moon!

One more batch of super hot
Bloody Mary mix and
I'm done for the season!

Harvest Blessings to you, friend!

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Home Canning

A bountiful harvest
all summer long...

first it was pickles, pickles, and more pickles!

there was a short break
(that I really don't recall,
must've been high on vinegar and dill!)

the tomatoes started coming in,
and there was not much time
for anything else but 
makin' juice and "Sallsa"!

the jars are packed and stacked...

Got chips?

Have a great Tuesday,

P.S.  Want to sample a Sall Farm Deluxe Kosher Dill Pickle?
Come to our Grand Opening at THE PRAIRIE PRESERVATIONIST
Wednesday Sept. 23rd 10:00 - 5:30
357 Dakota Ave.
Huron, South Dakota

Making Memories

Gann Valley, South Dakota
Population: Unknown...

that is,
everyone I asked 
had a different count!
But the numbers they gave me
ranged in the 10 to 20 category
not 10 - 20 "thousand"
just 10 to 20!

But when the town of 13 (or so)
decides to have a celebration...
they come in droves!

 "The little town with a big heart"

They open their streets and their yards
to anyone who wants to have a 
fun day and enjoy a little
old fashioned community spirit...

I captured as many smiles as I could
and gathered them all together
in a 20 page photobook and a 20 minute video...

the DVD is $15.00
the Book is $45.00

If you would like to order one or both
contact me directly or order online with a credit card
just hit the buy now button on the top right.
Also we will have copies at the courthouse
and at Ken's Station to purchase.

Thanks for the memories,

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

The Garlic Farmer

Drive down the road,
at least 21 miles from anywhere....

and you will find the Sall's 
busy at their "Country Life"....

This time of year the garden 
is top Priority!

we grow and sell
our own PICKLES....

Dill....Chili Peppers...
and Garlic...

This is my handsome husband
proudly holding just one 
of many bundles of 
the garlic crop...

Our largest ever,
it was a good year for
growing garlic...

and with garlic cloves this big,
it will be an extra good batch
Sallfarm Deluxe Kosher Dill Pickles!!

(better get your order in early!)
Happy gardening,

Wednesday, July 15, 2015


When in doubt, 
stop and listen....

When the world around you is crazy,
find a quiet place...

When you think nothing is clear,
focus on the simple things...

slow and steady wins the race,
but, just remember...

life is not a race.

stop and smell the prairie grasses
and let the world pass you by...

the view is bigger and brighter 
from the prairie.

thanks for stopping by,

Saturday, July 4, 2015

Happy Independence Day America!

Happy Independence Day...

the summer scene
is quite beautiful... 

my flowers are flourishing...

the garden harvest is just beginning...

and my faithful companion
is enjoying every minute....

Happy Birthday America...

and to all my Yankee Doodle followers...
Have a safe and happy 4th of July!

Thursday, June 25, 2015

Pickles and Petunias: Pickles and Petunias: Camp Cook

Pickles and Petunias: Pickles and Petunias: Camp Cook: Pickles and Petunias: Camp Cook : My culinary skills are nil... my mother still tries to get me to sit down and look at cookbooks with...

Follow The Fence

Once a year this wide open prairie
sees wagons and riders
along the dirt trails...

the spectators are 
song birds, mosquitoes, flies, and the occasional
ground varmint  brave enough to come
out of their hole...  
OH, and the persistent photographer
(that would be me.)

if you know the country
and have a high enough clearance
on your vehicle...

you can meet up with 
them at a pasture crossing...

But, up in these hills, 
it's a long ride between
and a long scene with no

after they all paraded by me
this little bird sang me a song
and said see you on the other side...

Have a great day...

P.S.  this post is sharing over at
the Run-a-Round Ranch Blog
hop over and visit more posts
filled with fences!
(ha, no pun intended.)

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Winner Winner Chicken Dinner

 At the Gann Valley 130th Anniversary Celebration
there were fun times and games galore...

There were prizes and trophies
for all kinds of winners...

Lollipops were more prized than trophies
in the minds of the little people...
(it's still unclear if this little boy actually
won that lollipop or if he confiscated it 
from his cousin??)

Little Bailey was pretty proud 
of her trophy for winning the girl's round
at the kid's pedal tractor pull..
(especially since she did better than most of the boys!)


This couple was "mighty" proud of 
the cash prize they won for 
the fastest time at the 
four-wheeler Blind barrel race competition...

I think these two gals won trophies
for their skills at throwing Buffalo Chips
(that's right, real buffalo s#*!)
which probably explains why
the gal on the right has her
hand behind her back...
(eeoouck, where's the hand sanitizer?)

There was also a men's category winner...

P.S. that photo bomber isn't a sore loser
he's the game official passing out the trophies
(and a serious one at that)

these couples were winners at the 
bean bag toss tournament....

and last but not least
we have a winner of the 
Kyle Evans Memorial Trailride 
Raffle Drawing...

I'd be smiling too if I just won 
Heritage Rough Rider 22 Caliber Revolver
 with custom made Holster 

(well, my husband would be happier than me!)

Best of all...

everyone that took part in
the Gann Valley Celebration
was a winner just 
because this little community
knows what fun is all about!

Thanks for stopping by today,
hope you have a winning day!