We take care of the land...it takes care of us.

We're just a couple of country dwellers......

that love nature, hunting, fishing, gardening, campfires, crafting, cooking, canning, laughter and living!!

Ya just never know what I'll blog about next...

So visit us often!

Thursday, February 11, 2016

She's Been Hittin' the Bottle

I've been stock piling these
empty whiskey bottles
from the neighborhood pub...
(emphasis on "empty")

thinking ,all the while, 
just what to do with them???

I just knew they could 
be painted and recycled...

and my dream came true!

Now I'm looking at every glass
Whiskey, Wine, and old Medicine BOTTLE
with new eyes...

Let your imagination run wild...

Ever think of old flatware
as jewelry??

Enter, Tim Holtz's vintage silverware print
and bracelets from Prairie Flair Designs...

these bracelets are so cute to wear
are wearing
a necklace too...


Let's get together and "Hit the Bottle"
with some creativity...

When: February 18th at 6:30 p.m.
Where: The Prairie Preservationist

See you soon!

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Old Letters and Lace

Long winter days
can be very inspiring...

snowy white horizons...

shades of ecrus and tans...

seeing snowflakes everywhere...

Long days to think and create
instead of hoe and weed...

the Prairie Preservationist in me 
wants to turn this old frame and vintage fabric and linens
into something wonderful!

Stay tuned...
Happy Wednesday!

Friday, February 5, 2016

Happy Friday

 Some hit the road running...

anxious for every new 
hill to climb,

Some are born for adventure...

and some just get stuck thinking about it.

Happy Friday!

Friday, January 15, 2016

Oh my, it's been awhile

Shame on me...
not one post since 
October 23rd!!
I guess we're due for some 
serious blog "down time"

Grab a cup of tea and let's catch up...

My sister's almost converted me to a tea drinker...
she lost her husband to sudden heart failure
shortly before Christmas,
so I try to drop in on her as much as I can.
She always puts a kettle of water on the stove
and shares her tea with me.
We try to laugh and get her to think positive...
someone to talk to is a good thing
when you are all alone!

I've decided I better stock up on
tea bags, just in case she ever decides
to leave that lonely farm and come visit me!

It took awhile to get the Christmas decorations put away,
but I finally managed it...

the kitchen hutch has a new January look,
Grandma's old silver came out of the box
to share the shelf with my favorite picture of 
the original settler's of the farm we live on.
She would just love to see it and be able to tell
me how she's directly related to the family in that picture!


"THINGS" are just "things"
until you can put a face and a name to it 
then they become MEMORIES,
then they become HISTORY,
then they are ME.

So, as you may guess, Christmas was over-shadowed
with loss and grief this year.
Thank Heaven for grand-children,
especially our two goof ball
Their sweet faces always
bring a smile to our hearts...

Here they are so proud of how well
they set the table...

Unfortunately, a winter storm was heading 
toward the Dakotas and they had to leave 
on Christmas day to beat the storm!
Good thing Santa got here when he did!

Coming from Kansas City, the girls
wanted 3 feet of snow to play in!
Too bad the 10 inches we got didn't 
come earlier...Grandpa piled it up
with the tractor and thought of them!

the snow brought cold temperatures
and it's been frigid and icy ever since...

Traveling back and forth to the new store hasn't been fun!

The fairies from our fairy garden 
changed their address and packed up,
residing in Florida by now I'm sure!

Oh the joy of living a South Dakota winter!

That's why we are tough as nails up here...

This weekend the temp is supposed to drop
to 20 below...

we're making a big pot of
chicken noodle soup
with home made noodles!

Put on your long johns and come join us!
We'll visit about new year resolutions...
happier times to come,
the memories we've made...
and how next Christmas we 
can all meet in 

"Feline Navidad!"

Saturday, October 17, 2015

Opening Day

Welcome Hunters!

I hope you are a persistent HUNTER...

the birds are a little harder to find this year...

the "Rooster Rush"  could be 
a "Rooster Bust"
for some...

but, if you've come to South Dakota
to enjoy a beautiful fall
and take in some Prairie Scenery,
Your bag will be full!

Take a little time to enjoy the scenery today.

Sunday, October 4, 2015

Fall and Fun
Hand in Hand...

the garden is still providing
pumpkins, gourds, and more...

and farmer's are still peddling 
their wares at the market

People's porches are filling up with
orange wreaths, dried shocks,
and silly pumpkin faces...

cold weather crops are

Baking bread warms the heart
and heats up the kitchen...


it was a chilly day at the farmer's market
but who could resist a chilly day
filled with all this Fall Fun?

Wagon loads of FUN!!

Happy Trails...

may your pumpkin stay frost free for
a few more weeks!

Thursday, October 1, 2015

Super Duper

Focus has been on the 
big black pot on the stove 
for several weeks now...

We finished with pickles and moved on
to Tomato Juice and "Sallsa"

Sall has been making some great crates...
"it's all in the packaging!" they say

If we were to promote our
full line of product,
we would have a smart dog
representing our brand,
just like those Bean folks have....

Jazz is up for the job
just as soon as we can make enough
product to keep up with the demand.

If there were just 10 more of me
I might be able to keep up....

I thought I was done canning tomato juice
until somebody mentioned Bloody Marys - 
then I realized I didn't make any spicy batches!!

Back to the stove again...
good thing the grasshoppers haven't 
gobbled up all of the ripened tomatoes yet!

We have been enjoying a super harvest 
this year...
and the grand finale was 
that beautiful Blood red Super Moon!

One more batch of super hot
Bloody Mary mix and
I'm done for the season!

Harvest Blessings to you, friend!