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Thursday, June 25, 2015

Pickles and Petunias: Pickles and Petunias: Camp Cook

Pickles and Petunias: Pickles and Petunias: Camp Cook: Pickles and Petunias: Camp Cook : My culinary skills are nil... my mother still tries to get me to sit down and look at cookbooks with...

Follow The Fence

Once a year this wide open prairie
sees wagons and riders
along the dirt trails...

the spectators are 
song birds, mosquitoes, flies, and the occasional
ground varmint  brave enough to come
out of their hole...  
OH, and the persistent photographer
(that would be me.)

if you know the country
and have a high enough clearance
on your vehicle...

you can meet up with 
them at a pasture crossing...

But, up in these hills, 
it's a long ride between
and a long scene with no

after they all paraded by me
this little bird sang me a song
and said see you on the other side...

Have a great day...

P.S.  this post is sharing over at
the Run-a-Round Ranch Blog
hop over and visit more posts
filled with fences!
(ha, no pun intended.)

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Winner Winner Chicken Dinner

 At the Gann Valley 130th Anniversary Celebration
there were fun times and games galore...

There were prizes and trophies
for all kinds of winners...

Lollipops were more prized than trophies
in the minds of the little people...
(it's still unclear if this little boy actually
won that lollipop or if he confiscated it 
from his cousin??)

Little Bailey was pretty proud 
of her trophy for winning the girl's round
at the kid's pedal tractor pull..
(especially since she did better than most of the boys!)


This couple was "mighty" proud of 
the cash prize they won for 
the fastest time at the 
four-wheeler Blind barrel race competition...

I think these two gals won trophies
for their skills at throwing Buffalo Chips
(that's right, real buffalo s#*!)
which probably explains why
the gal on the right has her
hand behind her back...
(eeoouck, where's the hand sanitizer?)

There was also a men's category winner...

P.S. that photo bomber isn't a sore loser
he's the game official passing out the trophies
(and a serious one at that)

these couples were winners at the 
bean bag toss tournament....

and last but not least
we have a winner of the 
Kyle Evans Memorial Trailride 
Raffle Drawing...

I'd be smiling too if I just won 
Heritage Rough Rider 22 Caliber Revolver
 with custom made Holster 

(well, my husband would be happier than me!)

Best of all...

everyone that took part in
the Gann Valley Celebration
was a winner just 
because this little community
knows what fun is all about!

Thanks for stopping by today,
hope you have a winning day!

Monday, June 22, 2015

So Far So Good

The storms have been rolling through this country....

Sall told me, "you better go take pictures of the garden,
because it may not look the same in the morning!"

So far, we've been fortunate to miss the bad stuff...

at least somebody listens to me...

prayers are a "good thing"

that's something to keep in mind


and when you can't sleep and are awake at 5 a.m....

grab your camera and look to the east....

every storm passes and leaves 
something to be grateful for.


P.S.  I've spent all day adding another page to Sall's Country Life, a new Face Book Page and a Paypal site...all to sell some videos that I produce.  Please check out the new page and if you're interested in a video of small-town-prairie-life culture purchase my video using the Paypal Buy Now button on the right side bar.  Thanks for stopping by!  Bye Now!!:)

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Happy Tuesday Tag-a-longs

*There ain't a horse that can't be rode;
there ain't a cowboy that can't be throwed.

More scenes from the 
Kyle Evans Memorial Train Ride

*cowboy quip from James P. Owen's book
Cowboy Values, Recapturing What America Once Stood For.

Monday, June 15, 2015

Happy Trails

I followed the trail riders once again...

The Kyle Evans Memorial Trail Ride
started in my home town,
Wessington Springs, SD
and ended 25 miles west 
in Gann Valley, South Dakota

(of course they traveled a lot further
through pastures...
over hills, down cow paths,
and crossing creek beds...)

and I would catch up to them
on some road going no where
to catch a glimpse of a real
wagon train crossing the prairie...

I wished I could wave my magic wand
and turn my trailblazer into 
a Palomino!

Crossing the prairie on the back of a horse
is definitely on my bucket list.

but, for now I will be satisfied 
to stalk the real cowboys and girls
with my camera and try to put
together a trailride photo book.

Some memories just need to be saved on paper, 
not only for the riders, 
but especially for the want-to-be's (like me)
and to challenge the future generations
to keep such a valuable tradition alive!

After a three day trail ride,
the final destination was the 
130th Anniversary Celebration
Gann Valley South Dakota....

It was a beautiful fun-filled 
day for the town,
 people came from 
miles around to enjoy 
food and games and demonstrations
and finally the big dance 
at the firehall!

As for me, 
I will be going through around 3,000 photos
to put together a DVD movie and a photo book
covering the the 2 events.

in the mean time,
check out my Flickr site
to see more photos from Gann Valley
and the Kyle Evans Memorial Trail Ride

Happy Trails!

Friday, May 1, 2015

Some Country Memories

Happy May Day!!

 Mother Nature is teasing us 
with these little
tiny spit-showers here and there.
(did you ever get a spit-bath from your Grandma?)
 Ughh, not pleasant!
That's about all we can get this spring...
We can't seem to buy a good rain shower,
so it's been a daily chore 
to go out to the garden
and hose off Grandma's Mother Nature's spit!!

The garlic and onion crops
have been surviving well...

and just this morning I noticed 
some apple blossoms!!

I've been so busy around here lately,
it's time to stop and smell the roses 
stop and take some more photos!!

Speaking of photos...
have you been digging through
your photographs...
deciding on which one
to have made into a 16"x20" canvas??
Remember to give me a comment to enter your name in my drawing

My last post has all the details
check it out!!
Pick out a photograph (your own)
and say "Hey, sign me up!"
either here
on face book
on instagram
email me...
contact me some how and your IN!!

and just in case you aren't into mounting
your own photography,
you can buy mine at Sweet Grass
in Wessington Springs!

Here's my latest piece....
"Greener Pastures"

There is something about this scene
that reminds me of happy childhood days
"eating out" at the local cafe
Aggie's Cafe.
There was a huge picture of some Herefords
hanging over the corner booth...
Mmmm, Aggie's french fries and those
cows watching over me...
Life was good!
(if I don't sell them, they'll be in my
kitchen...nothing says country
like a couple of cows and a windmill!)
Anyway, these two heifers are available
to purchase and are on display 
at our local coffee shop!

Thanks for stopping by and taking
a little side trip down memory lane with me!
(anyone hungry for french fries?)
Have a great weekend!

P.S. Since there's a Fence between those cows and us,
I'll be entering this post in Theresa's Good Fences #58
link to it here for more great blog posts with fences!!

Thursday, April 23, 2015

A Little Gratitude

 Awhile ago I got an email from
an online canvas printing company
I'm really bad about not trusting every 
free offer I see, but this one 
really panned out in a good way...
this representative said he saw 
my blog and liked my photography
and thought they would be 
a good fit for 
Sall's Country Life
(yeah right, I bet they tell that to everyone!)
Well, anyway, 
after checking them out
to see if they were legit,
I decided to take him up on his offer
and ordered me a print!!
Well it was as good as he said it would be
and it didn't cost me a dime!
(sometimes you do meet an honest representative!)
So in exchange for the free canvas print
all I have to do is give them a review 
on my blog...keep reading please...
and boy would I ever like 
to give them a GREAT one!
A quality print to hang on my wall...

Fast shipping right to my door...

 and here's the best part...
(I hope you're still here)
A Discount coupon to share
with anyone reading this!!

Yes, that's 35% off for anyone 
that want's to click over to 
and type in this coupon code:

Okay, but don't click yet...
they also are letting me 
GIVE-A-Way a free canvas 
to one lucky winner!

Yep, your picture blown up on a 16"x20"x.75"
wrap-around canvas print 
just like the one I received...

So here's the deal...
let me know in a comment HERE
if you want your name in on this drawing!
let me know on facebook 
if you want your name in on this drawing!!
let me know on instagram
if you want your name in on this drawing!!!

I will be drawing one lucky winner's name 
on May 22nd 
every time you give me your name in a comment
I will throw it in the hat!  
Good Luck!
and don't forget about the 35% off coupon
to use anytime from now until June 15,2015

So there you have it:
 A great company
a great offer
and I'm sharing it with my 
great followers!
Have a great day,

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

A Brief Update

 The days get away from me...
every day I want to sit down 
and post some pictures
and blog about something

but then another chore appears
and hours later...
no blog post
and the chores keep on coming!

today is the day...

I just have to share these magnificent trees!

We took a Sunday drive to a friends 
house by Willow Lake...

His yard is lined with
these giant beauties...

 Silver Poplars
planted back in the 20's...

 They just leaned 
every direction
each branch extending
in the most fearful ways
as if trying to grab 
onto the next tree's limbs!

it was a fun little trip,
and the dogs enjoyed the 
tour of all the trees and buildings...

We finally got a little rain
(if you can call 30/100ths that)

the Christmas cactus got
to come out and get 
a fresh rain shower....

I think the wind has blown
9 days out of 10 here
with gusts up to 50 m.p.h.

The wild plum bushes are blooming
on the prairie...

I dressed up and braved the wind
and the ticks to go get a picture
of ours...

the wind had taken it's tole
on the field bushes already...

hardly any petals on these poor flowers...

Miss Nosey wasn't going to
let me go out to the trees 
without her!
("great" more ticks to pick!)

We have one tree closer to the house
and more protected from the winds...

 It was just starting to open it's blossoms...

 I grabbed one of it's branches
to take to a warmer spot!

This is it as far as live flowers,
I'm so hungry for some color...

last night the frost did in
our lilac bushes
 That makes two years in a row now!

Anyway, between a couple painting jobs...
painting our own kitchen and dining room...
a little more done in our workshop/studio...
filing the @#$&* taxes...
the usual cleaning, laundry, yardwork, etc.
we have managed to get away for a little fun
a trip to the Opera House
to see a real live Cowboy Laureate
and hear his cowboy poetry...

which was a real treat for a couple
of old prairie bums!

And speaking of old...

since my last blog post, I turned another year older!

just another day on the prairie
is what it was,
but this delicious carrot cake
from Sweet Grass
(our favorite coffee and sweet shop)
made the day a lot

Which reminds me...
tomorrow I will be posting 
something sweet for all of my followers,
friends, visitors, occasional commenters,
anonymous peekers, and face book stalkers!
So tune in tomorrow for something special.
You like FREE don't you?
Happy Wednesday,