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that love nature, hunting, fishing, gardening, campfires, crafting, cooking, canning, laughter and living!!

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Friday, February 20, 2015

Digital Expression

Who says you can't
teach an old dog new tricks?

every day there is something new to learn...

I, for one, plan on keeping up 
with the pups when it comes 
to learning (keeping up with technology)!

(But, between me and you)
the Old Stuff 
is still the best...

Don't even try to stop me,
I'm on a roll...

mix'in it up

you'll find me in the studio...
thanks for letting me ramble,

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Looking Westward and Upward

Just when I start complaining
whining about a long winter....

 and start envying those
that are living south of here
(you know the ones...
those dessert dwellers  and
beach combers!)

Just when I'm on the edge
and ready to seek sunshine...
HE gives me this!
"Okay, you got my attention, God."

I'll go unpack my suitcase
and count my blessings...
Thanks for stopping by today,

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Blowing Cold Ain't Fun No More

One of my favorite

(A home-body, that's me
always have been 
always will be)


when it comes to the middle of February,
and the forecast says
windchill advisory...
I could pack up a bag or two
pretty easily!

Blow the snow off my car
and head south!!

Anybody with me??

I'll be the one chucking
my snow boots into the ocean,

Monday, February 16, 2015

It's An Annual Event

Happy President's Day, America!

It's also the 
25th Annual Farm and Home Show
in our town...

Farmers and Towns-People
all come to see
local businesses at their
exhibit booths in the school gym
(most businesses are closed up today)

what are you doing this afternoon?

finish up those chores...

 there is no school today...

so load up the kids...

 Make sure they have
clean overalls on...

 and head for town...

I'll see you there!!

Saturday, February 14, 2015

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

More Happy Stuff

 Our temperature is dropping
back down to single digits...

keeping it positive around here
is more challenging
when its cold and blustery!

 I thought I needed a sign
to tell me...

I miss the ol' boy
crowing every day,
but so grateful he's not
freezing out in our old shack
of a chicken coop...

He's always been my other
favorite subject 
out here on the prairie...

 I played around this weekend
with Photoshop
and images from the farm 
and came up with this little 
framed piece....

I love the RED frame!
(picked it up at the thrift store for a few dollars
and gave it a new coat of color then sanded it 
to give it some charm)

Cold, windy days keep me locked up.
But, I do love challenging myself with
new art projects...

I saw this Mayfaire Brand Biscuit
idea in a catalog, and thought I'd try it with
my own images....

Here is a full resolution image
of my version
If you would like to download and copy
one for yourself, feel free!
I'm feeling kind today!

FREE 1500x1500 pixels image

Now you just need to find 
a great cheap bargain frame 
and some RED paint!!

Have a Happy,Lovely,Wonderful Day,
(see, I'm trying!)

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Some Barn Lov'in

By now you know how
much I love old barns....

and I love to photograph
these dieing old pieces of Americana...

something about them
sitting on an abandoned piece of property,
rotting away, with just a few lucky raccoons
taking advantage of their worn and torn walls

they served their purpose well
but, the modern farmer no longer
has any use for them
(poor barns)
too small for today's monstrous equipment...
in the way of the growing fields of corn and soybeans...
"the farmer has to feed the World y'know!)

If I had a few million bucks stashed away
I'd save the barns and let the world 
feed themselves.
(just say'in)

Where was I??
the other day I see my neighbor doing this...

First thought: "there goes another old homestead!!"

Second thought: "I wonder what he is going to do with all that wood?"

Well, I'm glad I stopped to visit with him,
cause it turns out he was happy to share some with me...

He would love to see somebody come and
salvage these old buildings,
but for now they are just attracting
skunks and other varmints from the prairie...

I quickly went and got my crow bar and hammer
and went to helping him tear down the old garage...

Much to my dismay, that tearin' down business
is a lot tougher than it looks!!

So, I went and told Sall about it...
I know he's gonna faint when he sees these
gorgeous Douglas Fir 2x12's!!!

He did.
he fired up the tractor 
and we headed down the road...

Unfortunately, there were only a few
that were still halfway straight and didn't have a crack down the center
(I guess the little garage has been leaning for quite some time)

But, I still managed to rip off quite a bit
of old barn lapp-siding 
or Car-Siding (as Sall called it)
it will work great for some art projects 
I have been dreaming of...

 The back side is just as pretty
as the front side
I would say!

I gave it a little bit of paint
(it's original white color)
and had these vinyl words stashed away
waiting for the right piece to stick them on...

In this Home
we are REAL
We do 2nd Chances
we show GRACE
we say Sorry
we give HUGS
we do FAMILY
we do LOVE

Sounds like something our ancestors
would've said right?
And it was probably the way they
lived on that little old homestead down the road....
working hard at feeding themselves.

Stop and hug a barn today,

Monday, February 2, 2015

Flying High

It finally happened...

the moment arrived 
when the eagle 
flew over me 
and my camera was in the 
seat beside me!!

Do you know how 
many chances I've
missed because the camera
was at home, or way in the backseat,
or the eagle was along 
the Interstate and 
we were driving by at 75 mph!!

This time I was by myself,
I was able to quickly pull off the road
into someone's driveway
and snap away....

That eagle just 
kept flying back and forth
over the road...
as if he was telling
me to "hurry up and get your shot,
I'm HERE!!"

I was so excited about
the eagle, I forgot to put 
the car in park!!
I dang near rolled into the farmer's gate
when I noticed I was moving.  OOops!
That's probably why
(to my disappointment)
my shots were blurry...

I cropped it and made all the 
adjustments I could...
this is the best I could do 
on a cloudy day and with a gate coming at me!! 

Oh well....

everything is better with
a Kim Klassen texture and some words
added to it,

I hope there's a next time!!