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Sunday, October 31, 2010

Mosaic of Thankfulness

It's mosaic Monday this first day of November...
~~ 25 days until Thanksgiving ~~
I'm celebrating the next 25 days
and sharing some "thankfulness"
Spread the word...share the gratitude,
 and announce your appreciation!!

Today I'm Thankful for my loving husband and his green thumb....
Look at all the wonderful, healthy stuff he has grown
 on this little farm of ours. 
That's a lot a food!! 
Delicious, home-grown, pure, natural, 
no-chemicals-added food.

That's a lot to be thankful for!

Support your local market 
and make it a happy Monday!

I am joining Mary over at Little Red House for Mosaic Monday
I hope you'll follow along!

At first cock-crow the ghosts must go
Back to their quiet graves below.
~Theodosia Garrison

Happy Halloween my friends,
 I hope to still be here in the morning!!


Saturday, October 30, 2010


As I get ready to put away the jack-o-lanterns, I think about what is beyond that....  

Thanksgiving, of course. 
You know, the holiday that Americans slip in there just to get a good meal 
while they're shopping till they drop for Christmas.

The Christmas stuff has been out for two weeks already in the stores.
(C'mon people can we just live in the moment, please?)
This has been a beautiful Autumn and I am THANKFUL!  

Today I am dedicating this post to a great summer and fall.....
(Tomorrow, I will be deciding where the Christmas tree is going to go.)

Remember all the way back to March??

Our tomatoes were just little sprouts.

In May we always get anxious for warm weather, 
so we headed south for Kansas City
where it's warm and the flowers are blooming like crazy!

By May 21st, our lilacs were in full bloom and the asparagus
patches were exploding!!

Walleye fishing was excellent...
guess what's on the menu in May at Sall Farm?

In June our iris are finally blooming, only a month later than our daughter's in Kansas City.


We were thinking of abandoning the whole garden plan...but we didn't...

Good thing, because the cucumber plants grew and grew....

And developed into some awesome Sall Farm Deluxe Kosher Dill Pickles!!

It was a pretty good year for produce too!

We weeded,tilled, harvested and enjoyed another great summer in South Dakota.

Autumn in South Dakota is a rare thing...it seems like it usually goes from summer to winter.
But, this year was the exception....
The elms, cottonwoods, and maples had time to really steal the show this year!
I'm grateful for the time I had to enjoy it with my buddy, Max.

And so, from flooding rains to cool frosty mornings...
seasons come, seasons go....

I'm just happy to have a farm I call home

What will you be grateful for this Thanksgiving season?

Enjoy a peaceful weekend my friends,


Friday, October 29, 2010

Pheasants and Fence Posts

What a nice day for a pheasant hunt!

We had friends from Kansas City and Sioux  Falls
 at the farm today to do a little hunting.

The sun was out melting the snow.
I decided to tag along and take some photos.
You can never have enough pictures of old fence posts....

Or old trees....

Or old...m....never-mind!
Sall keeps reminding Mark how old he is,
(it's an inside joke)

Proud hunters...
young Max even got his first two birds, yeah!!!!

the collage.....

Thanks for stopping by Sall Farm!!
Be Safe.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Bouquet Blues

The prairie sunsets are so beautiful here, there really should be a law against
enhancing them on your computer!!

I guess I'm just a little sad after the wind and snow came 
and robbed me of all the beautiful Fall color.

So tonight, I sit here playing with all of my summer flower images...
and soaking in all the color I can before everything turns to black and white!

I think I just made my first texture.....


This was taking about 20 flower pictures and collaging them all on top of each other in Picasa.
Then I layered it over the image of the teapot.
What do you think?

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Enjoying My Golden Days

It was a cold and blustery night at the Sall Farm! 
The wind howled all night, I thought the poor house was going to blow apart.
This morning we woke up to, yep, you guessed it, SNOW!!
My little trailer of excess pumpkins now has a thin blanket of snow on it.

Sall's friend came from the Black Hills
 to help with a building project.
He asked me if I'd watch
 his girls for the day.
Naturally, I love kids and baby-sit all the time,
 so I said "sure"!!!
And besides his girls are so cute
 and well-behaved.
"We'll have a fun time
 while you two go to work!!"


The girls and I have been hangin' inside all day
 and loving each other's company.

Our Max is so polite,
he gave up his pillow 
so she could be comfy!

"It is just for a day, right?"

Everybody takes their turn and, not one fight!
They're such good kids!!!

The cats snoozed pretty much all day too.
They certainly aren't going out on a day like today.

Find a soft pillow, and have a great day my friends!

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Broom Hilda

The Halloween/Fall decorations have been up for awhile but,
I forgot one special little witch!!

She gets stored in a separate place from the rest and I forgot all about her
until today.

Little Broom Hilda is a "Smoker" from Germany.
No, not a tobacco smoker,
(although that could explain the missing teeth)....

You place a little cone of incense under her pot 
and the smoke comes up around her arms. 

The camera couldn't catch the thin line of smoke.
But, believe me she is melting in her own pot of bat stew!

Aughhhh, I'm melting!!!!

Happy Halloween All!!!

Wining and Winter

The wind is howling today, only blowing 50 mph gusts!!
Makes me think of you know what....

That means it's time to start thinking about
my winter survival kit.....

 Some good reading material....
{I cleaned off my desk yesterday and found a subscription to Country Garden}
That will be fun to look at when the snow's flying!

For Heaven's Sake,
stock up on wine!

My candle drawer is pathetic....some old birthday cake candles and 
three votives won't last long!

Need lots of firewood...
I'll put that on Sall's list.

 That should get me through another long winter on the prairie.

What happened to the flour, sugar, and lye soap????
I know, my priorities are a little screwed up!
This is a little house on the prairie but
we're no Ma & Pa Ingalls

A glass of wine by the fire and I can survive anything!

Be warm, my friends!

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Countrified Mosaic

Phewwww, what a weekend....
I think I logged about 18 hours of blog time!!
On Friday I joined up with Tootsie and her Flaunt Your Flowers Friday Party.
What fun that was...I love flowers, so it was a "must" for me.  Unfortunately, now we are going into Winter here and I don't know what I'll have for flowers to flaunt again next week??? Yet, another challenge.

Anyway, I don't know how many times I lost myself in all the Flower posts.
There are soooo many great photographers and gardeners out there. 
I found myself overwhelmed with ideas and inspiration...so much that I bounded out of my chair, grabbed my camera and went outside to take pictures, lots of pictures, 100 gigabytes of  pictures!!!!  And then I remembered it was cloudy and raining and cold and windy!  I came back inside...my hubby asks,"what are you doing?"  I answered, "nothing" and went back to the computer.  So much for inspirational photos today!
Maybe tomorrow though?

I do want to share a couple of the great blogs I found this weekend....
If you get a chance, pop in on them and see for yourself.
http://redwillowlisa.blogspot.com/  Lisa is a photographer from Canada,
her photos of nature, etc. are breath-taking...
I love that her name is Lisa and she has a cat that looks just like ours!!
With all that in common, maybe karma will send some of her talents my way too???LOL
http://krensgarden-karen.blogspot.com/  Karen is a fun gal from Wisconsin.
I was literally laughing out loud reading her posts.  The photos are gorgeous, and 
wait till you see their backyard!!!

So in all the visiting and admiring others' great blogs, I realized tomorrow is Mosaic Monday.
Hmmmm, what to mosaic???  I was suddenly blank, empty, knock,knock, nobody home blank.
I browsed through all my files of pictures (all 1248 of them)
Still Blank...
Fall, Flowers, Fall, Sunsets....uh uh! Nada! 
My mind felt like a wet noodle, I was seeing ghosts of pumpkins in my head.

I'm tired of hunting pictures, but I did another collage anyway...

That one was for my husband and his buddies.  I'm sure they'll appreciate it.

Then a glimpse of hope....

An old barn, and an old weed....

Some fun on Corel Paint Essentials

Ahhh, that's pretty....

More fun with Piknic....

Let's switch over to Picasa

these are okay, but how about.....

Mixing it up a little?

Yes, I think I've got it!!

Happy Mosaic Monday!!
and thanks a bunch for stopping by my blog.

Now click on the "mosaic monday" button
on my sidebar and beware of mosaic meltdown!