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Friday, February 28, 2014

Anyone Else Ready To Go Topless?

Friday already??

Cold again???

Let me Rant....

Oh, forget it...
 nobody listens to me anyway...

And who wants to listen
to pointless Ranting anyway??

A little more snow won't kill me...

There will be plenty of sunny days
and topless rides in the country
in June!

Thanks for stopping by today!

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my random 5: 1: it's Friday, 2: it's cold again, 3: nobody listens to me, 4: ranting is pointless, 
and 5: topless is the way to go in June in the country.

Thursday, February 27, 2014

Patiently Waiting

A little birdie told me...

"Hang in there, Girl!"

"Spring will come,
when it's ready"...

as anxious as I am 
to get outside and play,
I am enjoying  the time spent
at my computer learning 
more tips and tricks on Photoshop,
editing videos, and creating
memorable photo
collages and blocks...

 With more cold and snow
coming this weekend...
I'll try to be content
and keep listening
for more 
good advice from birdie!

Patiently yours,

Friday, February 21, 2014

You're It


that's my "Friday Find"....

from digging through
piles of photos
and mounds of files

I still can't locate 
the picture I'm thinking about,
and the distraction
of thinking about how
I could lose such a great picture
is making me feel lost in my own house!

Now with that off my chest,
lets head to the barn...

I miss seeing the 
chickens out and about...

The other day Sully (our rooster)
decided to get out and enjoy some sunshine.
He found himself
cornered against the garden fence!
Jazz (the pup) is quick to 
engage anybody in a little game of tag,
but, Sully wanted no part of it.

After I picked him up and checked 
his wings and feet, he let me put
him back inside the coop for some R. and R.

And speaking of LOST,
has anybody heard if 
and when spring is coming?


Thank goodness I found the
Spring issue of Cottage
in the mail box today...

it's time to lose myself in 
a good magazine...
Catch ya later!

  I'm linking up with Kim Klassen
for Friday Finds today!
I use Kim's textures all the time
and have too many to keep track of.
There are at least 6 different ones in the three
top photos of this post. 
Kim shares free textures every Tuesday.
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Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Growing Too Fast

What Form!


Fast as Lightning! 

Able to pounce on snow
like nobody's business!!

and a 
Gifted Pain-in-the-Neck!

 Sweet, but annoying....

"get your own stick, Doofus"

He won't admit it, but, Max hasn't
had this much fun since our Josie passed!

They are the best of buds,
even if he does growl about it!

Thanks for checking in today...
Hope your day finds you with a 
  good friend by your side!

Woof (Hugs),

Saturday, February 15, 2014

Double The Blessings

A beautiful sunny day...

and a baby shower...


(now that's DOUBLE Blessings!)


Some old friends of ours 
are going to be grand-parents again...
this time, it's twins!

A girl and a boy...

Which meant 
"Memory Block x's 2!"

It caught me off guard, because
I thought I had another week to make 
a block.
Then, yesterday I checked on the date
and the shower was actually today
and the mom posted about
the babies 

the story of my life...
uninformed, a day late, 
a dollar short, yada, yada, yada!
(note to self: check in on FB more often!)
Anyway, have no fear...
I put my creative mind in third gear
and pumped out two blocks
for Mommy-to-be
and made it to the shower
before the guests had dispersed!

 Mommy-to-be looked gorgeous,
surrounded with gifts
pluming with pink and blue tissue...
oohs and ahhs at every
tiny onesy she held up!
at one point I thought I was seeing double....

decorations made from diapers...
yep, there were two cakes made of diapers!...

and "real" food 
made by Sweet Grass...

muffins and scones
fit for queens and princesses...

A lovely shower
for a beautiful family...

All anxiously awaiting
double blessings in April!

Unless, of course, it's two babies!

This girl better enjoy her leisure time now,
in a few months she won't know what 

 Best Wishes, Laura,
put your feet up and let those
little ones grow into healthy little 
pickle eaters
(just like their Grandpa!)

The Salls

Friday, February 14, 2014

Happy Valentine's Day!

Love is in the air
here on the Prairie...

sweet thoughts
your way 
dear friend...

  I even wrote it in the snow
for my better half this morning...

 We have a date planned...

Dinner at "Sweet Grass" tonight!

 Here's a little something 
you can download and print out
(in case you forgot to get
your Valentine a card?)

a vintage postcard from South Dakota!
(With a little artwork from yours truly)

Have a GREAT day!!

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Spread Some LOVE

 I'm feeling hopeful...

 The big storm missed us,

and the ROBINS
are moving in!

Soon it will be time
to start thinking

Spring can't get here fast enough...

it's time for some 
fresh new photos of 
green pastures and new barns!

I'm hoping I can make room
for new creations
hint, hint...
 "These are for sale at SWEET GRASS"

Maybe you should take your

Support your local artists
spread the LOVE!

(just an idea.)