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Saturday, February 15, 2014

Double The Blessings

A beautiful sunny day...

and a baby shower...


(now that's DOUBLE Blessings!)


Some old friends of ours 
are going to be grand-parents again...
this time, it's twins!

A girl and a boy...

Which meant 
"Memory Block x's 2!"

It caught me off guard, because
I thought I had another week to make 
a block.
Then, yesterday I checked on the date
and the shower was actually today
and the mom posted about
the babies 

the story of my life...
uninformed, a day late, 
a dollar short, yada, yada, yada!
(note to self: check in on FB more often!)
Anyway, have no fear...
I put my creative mind in third gear
and pumped out two blocks
for Mommy-to-be
and made it to the shower
before the guests had dispersed!

 Mommy-to-be looked gorgeous,
surrounded with gifts
pluming with pink and blue tissue...
oohs and ahhs at every
tiny onesy she held up!
at one point I thought I was seeing double....

decorations made from diapers...
yep, there were two cakes made of diapers!...

and "real" food 
made by Sweet Grass...

muffins and scones
fit for queens and princesses...

A lovely shower
for a beautiful family...

All anxiously awaiting
double blessings in April!

Unless, of course, it's two babies!

This girl better enjoy her leisure time now,
in a few months she won't know what 

 Best Wishes, Laura,
put your feet up and let those
little ones grow into healthy little 
pickle eaters
(just like their Grandpa!)

The Salls


barb said...

Oh boy! ( and girl) Cute blocks.

Bonnie K said...

Wow, that is a double blessing. Congratulations. I know what you mean by time creeping up. I'm always a day late and a dollar short.

Lynne said...

I liked the "best pickle eaters" wish . . .
All the best for the twins . . .

Country Gal said...

Oh what wonderful news HOORAY ! Two babies in April WOW ! are they ever gona have their hands full lol . We wish the best for them all . Lovely post and photos . Thanks for sharing . Have a good week !

Karen said...

Hi Lisa, I can't tell you how many times I've done the same thing and barely had time to wrap the gift since it was hot off the sewing machine. But homemade gifts are The Best. Twins! Oh, my, how blessed they are!

Laura Parish said...

Lisa, this is AMAZING! You are so talented. I love how the block sides are all incorporated.

Melinda said...

Wowzers! Many blessings to the
Love those diaper cakes.

M : )

TexWisGirl said...

so sweet. bless their growing family!

Nancy said...

Your blocks are adorable -- I know mom-to-be will treasure them in years to come. :)