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Thursday, March 31, 2011

Road Trip Time

Sall and I are
goin' road trippin'....

we're loading
up the truck and heading west!

The Black hills have been calling 
us for several months!

It's time...
well, we're taking the time
and changing the scenery
cause, we're all getting 
a little (lot) tired
of the same old same ol'!


Pine trees and forest here we come!

See you Monday
with a fresh outlook 
and some new scenery!

Have a great weekend, my friends!

The Sandhill Crane

I wanted to post a few more shots
 of the sandhill cranes
I spent about an hour watching
 and listening to them...

I was so surprised to see them
as it's still been so cold
and snowy here!
They are usually the last of the 
large migrating birds to 
pass back through this area.
When you see the Sandhills, usually
you know spring is here to stay.
However, now-a-days I think even the 
birds are confused!

I googled them and found 
that we are very near their
most important stopping point...

the Platte River. Over 450,000
of them migrate each year. 
Learn more here.

I watched and listened
and thought of all my
bird loving blog buddies!
I thought, "I can't wait to share 
this with the gang!"

Enjoy, my friends!
Want to see more? Travel this way,
I'll take you on an adventure!

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Nature's A Real Comedian

The view out my kitchen window
is not exactly posies and butterfly's
Winter just doesn't want to
give up and go away this year....
I've decided to 
quit my belly-achin about it
and go with the flow...

Afer all, it IS spring...
it is March 31st...
it is not 4 feet deep anymore...

and the sandhill cranes have arrived!

Soon the weather will catch up to 
the calendar and, in the meantime,
I'm enjoying the scenery!

Nature is just entertaining us!
We should be enjoying it.

Monday, March 28, 2011

Spring and Hunting

has an informative website in case you are 
interested in a hunting trip to the best
waterfowl hunting spots in the state.

The Spring Light Goose Season 
is open now:
Feb. 12, 2011 - May 1, 2011
Snows, Blues, and Ross' Geese

Last fall we had an excellent opportunity 
for goose hunting as the fields were loaded with them.
Two young friends headed out and got their limits.
They came back to our house
to chew out Sall for not getting up early
and joining them,
and had to pose for some pictures
of their bounty....

the back of Andy's shirt
reads "Flight Cancelled"
so that's what I labelled
this hunting photo collage....

Today it's really blustery out
and I noticed a small group of geese
flying really low over our property.

"Have no fear Geese, today is 
mosaic monday and the only thing 
I'm shooting is my camera!"

Have a happy Monday,friends!

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Sunday, March 27, 2011

Hunting and Heroes Part One

The geese are finding it
as difficult as we are to find
a warm place to settle in.

They were here by the millions last week
and disappeared to the north quickly....
a few days later, blizzard conditions 
were hitting North Dakota and we started 
seeing them heading back south.

A crazy winter for everybody, I guess.

Today we've been watching them again in every direction
circling the cropland and searching for open waters.

 All the geese reminded me of some old
pictures Sall has of his Uncle Clarence
with his hunting party in Southern
South Dakota along the Missouri River
called "The Mulehead"

The Mulehead is quite a historical piece of 
property near Bonesteel, South Dakota (population 350).
Back when Uncle Clarence was hunting there
the Haisch family owned it.

Clarence and his wife Fay hunted 
geese there annually back in the 40's and 50's

Clarence was Vice President of 
the John Morrell Packing Plant in Sioux Falls
and hunted with some well-known 
businessmen of Sioux Falls and one very 
famous man from South Dakota....

Joe Foss

Joe Foss
April 17,1915 - Jan. 1, 2003
was the leading fighter ace of the 
United States Marine Corps during World War II.
A 1943 recipient of the Medal of Honor,
a General in the Air National Guard,
the 20th Governor of South Dakota, 
and the first commissioner of
the American Football League.

Joe and Uncle Sall along with Herb Shoeneman,
Jess Taylor, Billy and Curly Haisch,
Lyle Sheldon, Bob Foster,
Harry Tunge, and Myron Efting
and others that names have been 
lost over the years,
one big happy hunting party.

(Every time I look at the pictures 
I can almost smell the cigar smoke!)

The geese proudly hung on the side 
of the old truck.
"It was a good hunt, men!"

I love these old pictures...
Men and Hunting,
doing what they love, 
the comradeship,
great memories and stories they 
all surely passed on to their grand-children.

I know that Uncle Clarence who passed away in 1983,
was a huge influence in a certain young boy's life.
Sall looked up to and admired his uncle as
if he had also won the medal of honor.
To this day he loves to hunt and
talk about Clarence and the boys
shootin' at the mulehead!

That was many years ago,
I wonder if they are in heaven flying beside the geese now?
R.I.P. men
your legacy lives on.

Have a great week, my friends!

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Friends Of A Feather

It's been a little boring around here 
the last few days....
not much happening
on the ground.

It's a different story if you look up.

The birds have been arriving.
Feathered friends 
all flocking together and heading north.

The meadowlarks are here...
tough to see, but their song is loud and clear.

Today the yard was full of sparrows, gold finches,
house finches and 
black eyed juncos....

Sall filled the feeders and
accidentally spilled some thistle
by the front door...
as long as there were no predators
in the area, they were quite 
eager to come right up to the door
and clean up the spilled seed!

They did not know there
was a crazy bird killin' machine
on the other side of the door!

Maddie's mouth was watering 
when I told him to go back to his nap
and leave the nice birds alone.

And he did.

Sweet dreams dear friends.

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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Remford Slough

Hope your week is moving along
carelessly with no major jams!

Birthdays and Blessings

We've been blessed with 3 beautiful
grand children!

This month the babies turned one year old!

Wyatt Julien's birthday was first 
cake and presents, Grandmas & Grandpas
it was a pretty special day!

Three weeks later
Little Zelda celebrated
her First Birthday....

Grandma and Grandpa 
weren't able to make it
to her party,
How terrible!
I'm sure that's what
she was thinking....

We promise to be there for your 
next birthday, Zelda!!

She's our quiet little "thinker"!


is a pretty special day...
if this guy hadn't been born 
way back when...

none of these cute little
faces would've even happened!!

thank goodness for small favors
and "the Pickleman"

We all love you
"Super Sall"

Happy Birthday to my better half!
May there be many, many more!

Monday, March 21, 2011

Barn Charm 25

Winter is slowly slipping away 
here on the prairie ~  
blankets of snow melting 
revealing fields, hay piles, and junk piles...
The barns tower over it all 
all year long
strong and sturdy
they are to the
prairie what light houses
are to the ocean vessels.

These old barns have seen many blizzards...
guided many farmers with a rope tied to it's door
or the light shining from the loft.
If only these barns could talk....

I wonder if Richard Whately was a farmer?

Time to visit some barns...
old, new, empty,
or home to the herd...
they are all
a great part of American history.

Hope you are enjoying
some great spring weather where you are,

and Barn Charm #25

thanks for hosting, Tricia!

Also sharing with Lisa Gordon and her Creative Exchange.
Creativity and artistry abound  -  Thanks Lisa!

Some Sprucing Up For Spring

Just in case this change of seasons
has inspired you to do some
changes in your home....

I wanted to reintroduce you
to the creative world 
Uppercase Living

I just love their stuff
and decided to become
a representative.

The online catalog is chock 
full of chic ideas and 
even easy-to-do kits.

It's wall art like none other
I just thought I'd share some pics....

the first one is the design
I installed in my Mother's apartment.
(that's right it peels off with no paint damage)
It changed the whole room
see it by clicking on the Uppercase Living tab
at the top of my blog

This framed rooster is 
an easy peasy kit to do yourself.
So fun ~ So Country!

There are hundreds of 
great quotes, designs, and embellishments
to create 
something really unique
and all "YOU"!

My favorite thing is to
have your own photo
blown up so you can 
apply it to any surface you please!!
Mount it on cardboard and frame it 
like this example....

or mount it directly on your wall
(remember it's reusable to stick where ever!)

Isn't that a cool idea?

I've met so many talented artists
in blog land....
Digital artists and Photographers
can turn an image into
gallery art!
Let your imagination go wild!

Here's the link to my personal website:
browse through the products
or register and order right there
it's simple and fun
Something new for Spring!!!

Have a great day!