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Monday, March 21, 2011

Some Sprucing Up For Spring

Just in case this change of seasons
has inspired you to do some
changes in your home....

I wanted to reintroduce you
to the creative world 
Uppercase Living

I just love their stuff
and decided to become
a representative.

The online catalog is chock 
full of chic ideas and 
even easy-to-do kits.

It's wall art like none other
I just thought I'd share some pics....

the first one is the design
I installed in my Mother's apartment.
(that's right it peels off with no paint damage)
It changed the whole room
see it by clicking on the Uppercase Living tab
at the top of my blog

This framed rooster is 
an easy peasy kit to do yourself.
So fun ~ So Country!

There are hundreds of 
great quotes, designs, and embellishments
to create 
something really unique
and all "YOU"!

My favorite thing is to
have your own photo
blown up so you can 
apply it to any surface you please!!
Mount it on cardboard and frame it 
like this example....

or mount it directly on your wall
(remember it's reusable to stick where ever!)

Isn't that a cool idea?

I've met so many talented artists
in blog land....
Digital artists and Photographers
can turn an image into
gallery art!
Let your imagination go wild!

Here's the link to my personal website:
browse through the products
or register and order right there
it's simple and fun
Something new for Spring!!!

Have a great day!


A Rural Journal said...

Lots of great ideas. Love the vines going up the wall. :)

The Wife of a Dairyman said...

Your house looks great with those ideas! and it looks like it's so easy to do it yourself!

Sharon said...

I always thought it might be nice to have cattails in the corner of my bedroom.

My "Hazel" will be here in the morning and shine this place up!