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We're just a couple of country dwellers......

that love nature, hunting, fishing, gardening, campfires, crafting, cooking, canning, laughter and living!!

Ya just never know what I'll blog about next...

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Saturday, August 28, 2010

As September and Fall are approaching closer and closer - 
I am holding on to every warm summer night, every sweet melody of every song bird,
                                 and every lovely blossom just as long as I possibly can.....
 ~Enjoy ~

Ahhhh, beautiful red ripe tomatoes making my mouth water....
Let's do the Salsa!

We love a spicy "sallsa"!

Bring a bag of tortillas,
add some margaritas....
and it's party time!

Pick a bouquet today!

Have a Happy Saturday!!

Friday, August 27, 2010

Canning and Lovin' It

As little Domino pointed out, "the cucumbers are tooo big for pickles Gampa!"
It's official!
cucumber pickling season is over 
and it's on to the rest of the Veggies....
Fall is coming and there is a lot of canning to do.

Now I know you can go to the grocery store and buy canned corn on special and save some money.
But for the price of some freezer bags and some elbow grease,
we like our own freezer corn best!!

Boil it and blanch it and cut it off the cob...
mix it all together with a dab of salt and a dab of sugar...
and you get the taste of fresh sweet corn in the middle of Winter!!

And it's a lot more fun when you have some help!!!

Next is...."Sallsa"....
the tomatoes are coming on like crazy!!

Ohhh, and then we'll be making "Hung Hot" Relish with our hungarian hot wax peppers

Home-canning is a great way to preserve fresh food....

Sall Farm loves making great products out of great veggies!!

Don't ya just love this time of year!!???!!!!!

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Emily's Birthday Today

Best Birthday Wishes to our Emily!
We were lucky enough to spend last weekend with her and her two baby girls.

May you have many more wonderful birthdays and may your children
bring you as much peace and happiness as you have given your dad and me too.
Some day soon you will be looking at these pictures and adding one of your grand-daughter, wondering as we are....where did the years go?
Enjoy every single solitary minute with those beautiful daughters,
you are a great Mom
a great daughter 
and a wonderful woman.
Happy Birthday Emily!
See you soon!

Summer's Bounty

The sun is making it's retreat back and the days are getting shorter....
Where has summer gone?
It's our most productive season, why does it have to be so short??

Just when the flowers are at their finest, the sun starts giving them less attention.
All they want is a little sunshine and some warmth...their time is limited here in the Dakotas. 

August and September are big "harvest" months here in South Dakota.  The combines are running in the fields, and we are running here on our farm.  It's been unusually wet this summer and for the grass to be growing at all this time of year,well, it's unheard-of.  The pickles are at the end, but the tomatoes and peppers have just begun!  So it's salsa and tomato juice time and relish in-between.  No time for slowing down now.
We will be up at sunrise for the rest of the summer keeping up with all the beautiful, bountiful vegetables yet to be harvested.   

Stay tuned for the joys of canning salsa and tomato juice...
and our newest relish,
"Hung Hot"

Monday, August 23, 2010

Our Renegade Visitor

Our little renegade grand-daughter, Domino, came to visit us this weekend.  As always it was a wild time, and  on Monday Grandma and Grandpa are done in.  Not to mention Grandma has a rotten cold!
She kept us on the move all weekend.  With the temperatures hitting 101, it was a good thing we have a little pool to keep cool in. This girl is an outside girl!! She only goes inside if she has to.

Her grandpa kept her giggling in the pool until she was shivering and turning blue....

Her little sister Zelda and Mom, Emily, got to get in the fun too....

Then more renegades showed up....
news travels fast when there's a renegade party in the neighborhood, 
they all show up!!

Little Zelda took a back seat, 
too much action for her...

Fun in the Sun all weekend long...
We did manage to get a little work done, but when the grand-kids are here there's fun to be had!!

Summer-time sweet dreams....

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Monkey Faces

What a character!
What do you suppose she will grow up to be? 
 Whatever her life's pursuit, she's sure to leave people smiling!!
That's our little Domino and we can't wait to see her and her little sister,Zelda, and cousin Wyatt very soon.
They are all growing and changing so fast!!
Life just moves too fast...
We should all just slow down and enjoy life more!

Ponder this from your porch....

Stop and smell the flowers....

Take your best friend for a walk....

Play like your a kid again.....

Be glad of life because it gives you the chance to love and to work and to play and to look up at the stars.  ~Henry Van Dyke

Sweet Dreams.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Pickle Pride!

"The Best Pickle You'll Ever Try"

This was taken a couple years ago when our grand daughter, Domino, was one.
We'll have to hurry up and get another shot of her soon, before her next birthday.  Our little pickle spokesperson will be 3 this September.  


Originating from my German Grand-Mother's Dill Pickle recipe and tweaked by my Norwegian/English husband, we think we have a mighty fine tasting dill pickle!!  But, "that ain't all folks!"....
My husband the carpenter came up with this great crate idea.  We both love all things old and antique, we actually have a few antique wooden crates.  They were the inspiration behind the limited edition Sall Farm pickle crate.  Each one made by hand and individually numbered to make it really unique and collectible.  He builds the boxes out of South Dakota pine and puts individual wooden slots inside to hold 6 of our quart jars.  Then, (and this is the fun part)....he fire-brands our Sall Farm logo on each crate and fire-brands the year it was made!
How "Hot" is that??  

We love high-quality, high-test, products and are proud of  the foods we grow and the pickles we produce...
Now just like fancy chocolates come in a gold embossed box,
Fine Wine comes in a velvet pouch,
Our fine pickles come in a hand-made, fire-branded, wooden crate!

Corn For $ale

Our boy, Max, always has one eye open and ears tweeked for ANY intruders!  Between him and Farmer Sall, our sweet corn patch has stayed well protected this year.

It's been a nightly regimen to walk out to the corn for an inspection and just shoot the gun (in case anyone out there has got any visions of eating sweet corn, this usually scares them away).

So, Sall's plan to plant and harvest sweet corn to sell has actually worked out this year!

He's been hauling it to local stores for a couple of weeks now and there's still more coming to maturity.
Yesterday he got his biggest order!!
200 DOZEN!!  I call it crazy! He was thrilled and ready to start picking.
He gave me the night off, while he took the pickup out to the corn patch.  Dressed in long sleeves and long pants and sprayed down with OFF, he stayed out there for 2 hours and picked 75 dozen.  You can do the math...that's 7.5 ears of corn per minute!!  He's a corn pickin' machine.  I'm sure if he wouldn't have had to maneuver around the pumpkin vines that have spread into the corn, he could've done better.  Our farmer neighbors were picking the other 125 dozen and he's heading to Custer, South Dakota at dawn.

900 ears of corn!

Just another day at the Sall Farm!
Sweet Dreams.

Monday, August 16, 2010

Worn Out and Wordless

I think hard work has gotten the best of me...
too tired for words!

If you have nothing to say, say nothing.
Mark Twain

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Lazy Sunday

I can't ever remember being this sore! My legs ache, my back aches, my arms ache...it's time to call it quits.
NOT!! About 2 more weeks left of pickle season. Tomorrow morning it's back to the pickle patch.
What a workout! Stretch - Pick - Stretch - Pick - Bend - Pick - Squat - Pick - Stretch - Pick - and do about  400 reps times 13 rows (front and back) make that 26 rows.... I could be making a video of this workout and selling it on FitTV!! Move over Zumba Dance!

Sall and I picked the whole crop yesterday, that's why I can barely move today.  But, I still managed to get a batch of our new "Hung Hot Pepper Relish" made.  That's a breeze, compared to a batch of pickles! So it was a  day off, a day to recuperate.

Here are a few pix to honor the day of relaxation....

Sweet Dreams!