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We're just a couple of country dwellers......

that love nature, hunting, fishing, gardening, campfires, crafting, cooking, canning, laughter and living!!

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Friday, December 31, 2010

POP Goes the Champagne

Suddenly it's become crystal clear to me
 that another year has ended!! 
Yikes, where does the time go?

Is it already time to make those ridiculous resolutions (again)?  

I resolve never to make another resolution 
for the rest of the year!

There, I got that done with....

Now, on to a fabulous, outrageous,
 prosperous, and healthy 2011!!!! 

Have a Safe and Happy New Year's Eve 
My Friends!!!!







Brrrr, it's still cold!





Cheers to the coming year,
may it be everything you dream of!

Blizzards and Blooms

Happy December 31st!

The last blizzard of the year is still 
raging outside my window....

I was going to be brave and venture out
for some live shots.
But, Sall quickly talked me out of it.
He's so sweet!

So, here's our view to the west at 10:00 a.m.
I know, it looks like it's dark out!!

We aren't getting all that much snow,
it's just blowing sideways and making
visibility a real problem.

It will be interesting to get out and see 
all the drifts when it's over!

Meanwhile (back inside),
 I'm really getting anxious for
my amaryllis to open. It's getting closer!!
A little sunshine would help I'm sure.
It sits on my kitchen windowsill, 
where we monitor it daily while doing the dishes.
(My winter excitement!)

I love having amaryllis in the house in January!
It's the best way to get my flower fix, 
Spring time is a long ways away!

These were some beauties
I grew from previous years....

Even a white amaryllis in the middle
of winter is beautiful!!

I'll be keeping you posted on this year's beauty!
I've forgotten what color I bought, 
so it'll be a surprise for all of us!

Now it's nap time...(so I can stay up till midnight).

What are you doing New Year's Eve???

Thursday, December 30, 2010

Blizzard 2010

So much for party plans for New Year's Eve!
This is the view down our country roads today.....

The infamous "Sall Pass" has been 
shut down for a week already.
Now, we're worried about our only other
 road "out" getting shut down also!!

Oh well....
the wood burner is going and there is plenty of food,
we'll ride out the storm and 
watch 2011 howl on in with all it's fury!

You know the old saying....

"When life hands you lemons, make lemonade?...."

I'm making snow globes!

Warm wishes....

Monday, December 27, 2010

Christmas and Threes


We had the best time this Christmas....

Three little ones all opening gifts....

Learning how to walk

and stealing our hearts.....

Three days of Christmas....

Three different homes and celebrations....

We really loved sharing our Christmas with our 
families in Kansas City!!!

Thanks Everybody!!

And now it's over....

(What a relief!)

Back to our quiet farm...
Peace and Goodwill to all,

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas Dear Friends!
How time flies when you’re having fun! We had a pretty crazy year with                                                                                                                                                                       extreme weather conditions, oodles of pickles, two new grand-babies, and busy with all of it.  Steve still keeps busy with building. I help out a family of six with baby-sitting and house-keeping.  Our garden did pretty well after it survived a flooding spring.  The Sall Farm pickle kitchen was steaming hot and pickles were coming out our ears!!  A banner sweet corn crop…Steve hauled corn to Custer, SD and the local market and to Woonsocket. It’s always a successful year if the garden can produce enough for three counties!! Ha! 
We were happy to have all the kids here a couple times this summer. Eric and Rachel and little Wyatt are a little more accessible in Kansas City again, so we get to see them more again.  Beniah, Emily, Domino and little Zelda are happily residing in Kansas City and stay busy with jobs and all things family!! We are anxious for the whole gang to be together in K.C. for Christmas.  Three little ones walking and crawling will be a lot of fun!! 

That was the letter we sent to friends
 and family spread across the U.S.!
The typical Christmas letter that keeps us
 in touch and sends the message 
of peace and goodwill and Merry Christmas to all!

This is a special message to all of my new found blogging friends....

I can't tell you how I've enjoyed making new connections across state and continent lines!!
Blogging has changed my world for the better,
and I just want to let each and every follower and visitor know
how much I appreciate you!!! 

The  pickle farmers in South Dakota
want to wish you, each and all a Very Merry Christmas!!

We will be here all winter long
dreaming of another pickle season...

Trying to stay warm and sane,
until the last snow melt....

And yes, I will be blogging about it all...

My heartfelt gratitude for your kind words
and inspiration....
my cup runneth over!!

May we continue this friendship...
laugh, and learn and grow together!

And all find each day is just one after the other
but, just a little more interesting in the form of a "Blog"!!!


Tuesday, December 21, 2010

There Is A Star That Shines Tonight

I just heard a wonderful new Christmas song
that literally stopped me in my busy tracks!!

Now, ever so often (maybe, every 3 years)
 there is a new Christmas song that I'll hear on the radio
and think "WOW, I'm adding that one to my list of good ones!!"

This one is by Sheryl Crow
There is a Star That Shines Tonight

I immediately searched Playlist.com
 with no results. But, I did find it on YouTube
Please pause my usual blog music player
 and enjoy this wonderful Christmas song.
It touched my soul and just made me stop and think....
of the unfortunate folks out there that don't have a roof over their head, much less a tree to trim with fancy ornaments. The ones that would give anything to be baking a batch of cookies for their children instead of worrying about how they are going to eat today.  The dutiful soldiers that are over seas missing their families
 so we can all enjoy freedom.
  The hospitalized veterans that don't know how they can pick themselves up, to start all over with a missing limb.

Such beautiful lyrics....

While we wait for freedom's bells to ring throughout the world
The Christmas wish remains the same of every boy and girl
That when that glorious sun does rise and melt away their fears
That you'll be home this time to stay and waiting by the tree

Peace on earth and in our hearts
That love ring out, ring near and far
Oh, and lift the weary and the weak
Keep you near this Christmas Eve

There is a star that shines for you and me

Hug your family and appreciate everything you have!
Christmas time is a special time to share your blessings.

Monday, December 20, 2010

Happy Winter

December the 21st,
Winter Solstice!
3 inches of fresh fluffy snow today,
 just in time for Christmas! 

Everything on the farm is covered with white!

Winter has arrived...
(first class delivery)

What will we do?????

Snow Angels Anyone???
Ahhh, C'mon!!!

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Kids and Christmas

Christmas and kids....
it just doesn't get any funner!!!

Letters to Santa 
and playing Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer
over, and over, and over.....

I always think that the best and 
most fun Christmas's involve children.  
 It's been many years since I've
 had a bunch of little kids around!
I have 7 nieces and nephews,  
that are all grown now but,
 I still remember those darling little kids 
and opening presents on Christmas Eve!

They all grew up so fast!  
What happened to those days when we could
con them into doing the dishes or foot rubs to open up presents??

Now they are all grown with babies of their own.
Hopefully, they will remember the fun we had
with them, and continue the foot rub tradition.
(Aunt Lisa may have to visit on Christmas Eve again!)

Now I'm a Grandma of 3 little ones and Christmas
is fun and exciting all over again!
(I'm just a little grayer and a little plumper)

Domino's First Christmas
This was our first grand-daughter, Domino, in 2007.
Her little sister, Zelda, and little cousin, Wyatt
will both be celebrating their 1st Christmas this year!!

Domino is 3 already,
and has been a rootin'-tootin' wild child right from the start!
This year she's all about Toy Story and 
Grandpa and Grandma are prepared!

with our 3 grand children,
and the 4 little ones that I baby sit,
I had quite a shopping list this year!
And oh, was it fun, shopping for toys!!!

Today I got them all wrapped
then went to making that easy-peasy
puff corn that I was talking about in an earlier post....

The recipe is simple....
melt a tablespoon of oil with 2 bags of white chocolate chips
I crushed up 4 candy canes and mixed it in with the chips....
then dump mixture over 1 bag of puff corn in a LARGE bowl 
and stir, stir, stir!!!!
Then lay it all out on wax paper to cool.
Here's the finished, sweet, addictive stuff....

Now would someone please come over and help
me eat it??

Merry Christmas and for goodness sake,
Be Good!

Have some fun and join us!!

Sharing Words On Canvas

Just three simple and very important words
at Christmas time and every time!

Spread a little JOY today,

Friday, December 17, 2010

The Farm House Christmas Tour

Well I'm not going to have anymore scheduled parties at our house!
Because, the very first one I scheduled brought on our first blizzard!!!
So, to avoid anymore bad weather, I'm only inviting guests into
our home via the computer.
Of course surprise visits are still welcome and preferred!!

With that said...
Welcome to our home!
I still have boxes of decorations up in the spare bedroom
that I draw from on an on-going basis.
But, for the most part, our home is decorated enough.
Have a little look-see for yourself.....

The kitchen...
the gathering place....

It's a little eclectic, but it's all country.

Americana on the hutch....
the ironing board Santa welcomes all who enter our door!

From this angle I caught Max peeking around the corner.
He's wondering what the heck I'm taking pictures of today??

"I'm blogging again Max"


This is my "niche" above the kitchen sink...
it's my answer to useless cupboard space that is too high to reach.
I removed 3 cupboard doors,
and now it's my niche!
It's usually filled with a seasonal display all year round.
Now, it's filled with some French country!

Now onto the living room...

We live in a small 4 square farm house so there's not a lot of space!
My village sits on top of the bookshelves, Santa's everywhere, garlands strewn about....
it all makes for a warm, sparkling, and cozy environment in the winter time!

My "Attic Baby" Santa gets a special place on the couch
 until the grand-kids come,
then he goes up on a high shelf. 
 That's real sheep's wool on his coat and beard.

Again the space issue always makes for a challenge when shopping for Christmas trees.
I like decorating my artificial skinny tree, it fits the room!
Sall never has anything nice to say about my skinny tree,
he prefers the real thing!

There's no surprise when it comes to our decorations...
it's all about the pheasant!
Pinecones and Pheasants
Fruits and Berries
on outdoorsy theme that we both agree on!

Some close-up shots of the ornaments....

Fake, faux, artificial...I don't care, I still love my pheasant tree
and all of it's beautiful adornments!!!

All right Max, it's time for a coffee break.....

Have a pleasant day...
and if you're bored you can surprise me with a visit.
I'll leave the coffee pot on!