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Monday, December 20, 2010

Happy Winter

December the 21st,
Winter Solstice!
3 inches of fresh fluffy snow today,
 just in time for Christmas! 

Everything on the farm is covered with white!

Winter has arrived...
(first class delivery)

What will we do?????

Snow Angels Anyone???
Ahhh, C'mon!!!


Verde Farm said...

Oh Lisa, this is absolutely beautiful. What a great Christmas week snow. I would say winter came in very nicely. Thanks for sharing these!! :)

Sharon said...

Beautiful Winter pictures, for sure! I am not a great lover of snow, but yours looks quite pretty!

Jackie said...

Morning Lisa, the snow looks very pretty like here but it seems to cause chaos here in the UK !!

I think your photographs and pictures are lovely. Have a good day, Jackie in Surrey, UK.