We take care of the land...it takes care of us.

We're just a couple of country dwellers......

that love nature, hunting, fishing, gardening, campfires, crafting, cooking, canning, laughter and living!!

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Friday, May 31, 2013

Country Life and Lilacs

 Yesterday we were in
Lilac Heaven....

They picked me a bouquet
and surprised me
with it!


Grandmas love
flower bouquets!

They spent the morning outside 
washing rocks in their 
birthday suits...

(good thing we live in the boonies!!)

swinging and teeter-tottering,

playing in their tent.

enjoying the country life!!


I hope they remember these special
because I sure will!!


Lilac Bouquets,
Have a great day!

Thursday, May 30, 2013

Prairie Scenes

I have this Mary Engelbreit
print hanging in our guest bedroom
(the room our grand-girls are staying in)

Everyday Magnet: If You Pray For Rain

I didn't have my camera,
or my patience tonight at 7:30
(when Grandpa and I were 
thinking of bedtime)
and the 5 year old is out
in the driveway
squishing her toes in the mud puddle!!

She found an old brass
towel ring (which is now her crown)...
to go with her neon pink princess dress!!

There she stood in full princess attire
in the middle of a mud hole.

It was quite a site,
and Grandma was too pooped
to run and get her camera!

(If I could speak German
I know I would've sounded
just like my Grandma!!)


15 days ago we were all praying for rain...
the dust was flying,
and talk at the coffee shop
was all about DROUGHT!!

Two weeks and 3plus inches later,
farmers are wondering if they'll
ever get back into the fields
to finish planting.

It's raining again tonight,
my lawn will need
to be put up like hay
when it finally stops raining.

The pheasants are loving it...

Roosters are gorgeous this time of year!
These two are so busy
trying to impress a hen,
they didn't even see me.

The sun will shine again soon
and of course the wind will come to 
dry everything out too...

 I am liking the view again,
it's much greener,
and green means promise!


and for those of us that live on the prairie,
PROMISE is better than DROUGHT.


 I am grateful for the rain,
the green grass,
 the wild asparagus,
the water for the wild birds,
promise of a successful garden,


I am grateful for the mud
and the 10 muddy toes I was
hosing off at the 
end of another 
crazy day 
with 2 wild and crazy girls!


Wednesday, May 29, 2013

The Young and The Restless

All dressed up
and no place to go!

Their snack break lasted
about 15 seconds...

until they had Grandma
searching for a teapot


 The tea party ended
in some kind of argument??

the little one running back to the house
yelling "I'm going to my house"

the older one yelling,

Five minutes later they're 
coming out in different outfits...

one is the Mommy,
the other is the baby
(in her pajamas)

It's like a Soap Opera
all day long!!

to be continued....

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Remembering With Flowers

Last week Sall and I attended
his sister's funeral...

such a sad occasion,

Sall's sister, Nicky, lost her battle with cancer
 at the age of 67...

Like my husband,
she too had a green thumb,
her and her husband's yard
was always picture perfect enough
to do a full spread in
"Better Homes and Gardens"

a couple of times she would
send HUGE hydrangeas home 
with me
(enough to share with mother too)
Nicky always asked about
my mom and would send
her love and her flowers...

I will miss my chatter-box
and every time I look
at a hydrangea I will think of 
her and her sincerity, generosity, 
and thoughtfulness!! 

On the way home Monday
we stopped at the greenhouse
to get our starter plants for the 
summer growing season...

Max had to give up the full back seat...

I crammed plants into every 
nook and cranny of that car!!

He was not impressed...

But, I had plans for all of those flowers


Sall's cumuber plants took up 
the whole back space!

And down the road to home
we went...
the car smelling
like a greenhouse,
and me planning
my flower beds
the next 80 miles...

Little did I know, I would have 
two big helpers to get 
them all planted!!

Today me and the grand-girlies
delivered and planted flowers
to "Nana"

we had a great time
learning the flower names
and planting them 
 in her pots...

These pots are sure to flourish
as they were all 
planted with "LOVE"

For 31 years I have been taking
flowers to the cemetery with my mother to remember
my father on Memorial Day...

this was the first time we 
had so much fun!!

I think we just started a new tradition!

We decorated my Dad's grave at the cemetery,
we remembered loved ones lost to us...
including Aunt Nicky, Great-Grandma Erden,
Little Dee (the dog) and most recently
Truck (the cat)
we planted Nana's flowers for her,
we toured Shakespeare Garden...

We threw in a quarter
and said 
"Let's do this every year!"

Happy Memorial Day!
Lisa, Domino, and Zelda

Monday, May 27, 2013

Stormy Weather

We woke up to
lightning bolts and rain
this morning...

so much for a day 
of play outside today!

the wind, mud, and rain
kept us all yearning
for sunshine...

the rain did subside 
for an afternoon
asparagus hunt....

Which made for a 
memorable meal
this holiday weekend...

More rain is in the forecast this week...

I hope we aren't stuck inside
all week!

Maybe we better
go shopping
for galoshes!

Happy sloppy wish washy day,

Saturday, May 25, 2013

Better Days Ahead (I hope)

It's Memorial Day weekend?

Where has the time gone????

This working for a living
is a real drag...
Why can't everyday
be a holiday....

 at least for the next two weeks,
this Granny is on vacation,
and us girls
are going 
to have some
crazy fun on the farm!

after painting the 
insides of three houses
and a church...

this time off is 
greatly appreciated!


  Like the rain that has come 
 saved the landscape...

 this time off
 spent with
my grand-girlies
will save my spirit!

we will pick 
a bouquet of lilacs
I will remember 
my father...


And we will
make new memories
 of mud pies 
picking dandelions
 and giggle time!

Relax and enjoy your weekend!

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

A Prairie Survivor

Are you sure 
the clue said 
"in the grass"?

On land 
in water?....

what kind of grass?...


What do we need an 
immunity idle for anyway?...

Let's get out of 
those yellow throats
are watching us...

 It's a good thing
Survivor is over...

  I can get
back to finding
hidden treasures
on the prairie!!

Like common yellow throats,
Mallards, Pheasants,

Have a happy day,

Monday, May 13, 2013

Dear Graduate

Dear Nephew,

on your High School Graduation...

High School 
was a ride in a wagon
to "Real" Life....

Remember the good times...
keep in touch with your
old school friends....

these are the memories
that will carry you
through some rough roads ahead!!

Most of all....

Be You!!

Source: fbcdn-sphotos-a.akamaihd.net via Sherri Bruce on Pinterest

Aunt Lisa

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

You Can't Buy This

Close your eyes
stay in the moment...

Breathe deep...

Go ahead and just

Roll in it...

Life just doesn't 
get better
than this!!

 The sun is out,
the grass is green, 
he just filled my food bowl
and she just put 
that tick medicine on me...
Life is good!

Stay in this moment
and enjoy
the rest of your

Monday, May 6, 2013

Good Old Country Charm

I haven't done 
a "Barn Charm" post 
in a long while...

now that the countryside
is turning green,
I feel like 
barn hopping again!

What a joy it is just be out 
and about amongst 
the green grass
and the singing meadowlarks...


It's been a busy springtime
here for me...

my little block shop
has been turning out some
fun blocks filled with memories...

Graduations and Mother's Day
have been keeping me tied up....

after this week is over
I want to bring 
some of my country charmers
to the work table...

This collage of my 
dad, our barn, dad's siblings,
and a classic old truck
were my first experiment...

I mounted this on a 12x12 
board and WOW
did it turn out cool!! 


A series of 
"Farm Charm"
is on the horizon

and soon to be 
available for purchase
in my Etsy Shop!

Now all I need is a week's
worth of rainy days 
to stay home 
and work on it!!

Rain is the word this week...
Have a 
my friend!