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Monday, May 6, 2013

Good Old Country Charm

I haven't done 
a "Barn Charm" post 
in a long while...

now that the countryside
is turning green,
I feel like 
barn hopping again!

What a joy it is just be out 
and about amongst 
the green grass
and the singing meadowlarks...


It's been a busy springtime
here for me...

my little block shop
has been turning out some
fun blocks filled with memories...

Graduations and Mother's Day
have been keeping me tied up....

after this week is over
I want to bring 
some of my country charmers
to the work table...

This collage of my 
dad, our barn, dad's siblings,
and a classic old truck
were my first experiment...

I mounted this on a 12x12 
board and WOW
did it turn out cool!! 


A series of 
"Farm Charm"
is on the horizon

and soon to be 
available for purchase
in my Etsy Shop!

Now all I need is a week's
worth of rainy days 
to stay home 
and work on it!!

Rain is the word this week...
Have a 
my friend!



Lynne said...

Happy your new creating endeavor has brought you some visitors. All the best . . .

Brian King said...

Fantastic barn and your collages are awesome! Nice work!

barb said...

Wow! Great work. I love it all.

Bev said...

Love that barn!!

TexWisGirl said...

you're a crafty soul!

Loretta said...

Great Job, love love love your collages!! Have a Happy Monday...
Kitty & Loretta XX

cherry said...

love, love, love ... hugs