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Monday, April 30, 2012

A Barn Style House

About 5 miles from our farm,

(as the crow flies)....

is this charming farmhouse

that I've admired for many years

I remember it before it was RED,

that was a very long time ago...

The story goes that the son took on a wife...

a wife with some ideas of her own!!

Soon after the daughter-in-law moved into the 
barn shaped house it was painted RED...

 Other improvements also came about...

like flowers in this old kettle every summer...

The old tattered farm got freshened up,
cleaned up, and I'm always amazed at 
the immaculate lawn every time I drive by!!

This farm is definitely something to crow about....

Isn't her rooster mailbox the coolest??

(That sister of mine is 
quite the farm girl!!)

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Gardening Business

  I spent the afternoon 
at one of my favorite places...

Shakespeare Garden

The annual spring meeting was held...

the agenda was filled
with progress reports, budget reports,
old business, new business,
blah, blah, blah...

I just like to be in the garden...

where the birds are singing 
and talking about how it used to be
a jungle here before 
the "Board Ladies" took over!

I like to imagine this 
garden when it began??

and wonder if it's founders,
Clark and Emma Shay,
(in their wildest dreams)
ever thought it would 
turn into such a beautiful and well-kept place.

Thank goodness for meetings,
agendas, and reports.....

and the "Board Ladies"

Because without them...
this place would still be a jungle!

and NOT 
my favorite place for TEA!!!

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Sunday, April 29, 2012

My Sunday Best

Although my lilacs didn't have
a chance to blossom fully....

the asparagus harvest is showing great signs...

of a bountiful summer...

and yesterday's sky
put it in writing....

May your bounty be near 
and your year filled with sunshine!

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Saturday, April 28, 2012

Flowers For Leontien

Flowers for Leontien...

Inhale their beauty...

 feel their magic....

Good thoughts go to Leontien today and
every day she fights the ugly battle of Cancer!

Another Dreamy Saturday

Happy Saturday....

In case you need to be reminded,

"don't forget to put


on your To-Do List today!"

Friday, April 27, 2012

Friday's Fences

My submission for Friday's Fences....


#1.  Simplicity, a fence to
cling to and whistle a tune on....


#2.  Complicated, and necessary!
 I heard some Mooing and Snorting
 from the other side of this fence.....

I see 6 different fencing elements here...
how many can you count??

(iron gate, railroad posts, barbed wire, woven wire,
hog panel, and electric wire)
Whew, this farmer is efficient!

There are more fences 
over at Jan & Jer's, please visit!

Rooster Leads Protest to Save Buddies

We live deep in the heart of cattle country....

surrounded by herds of 
Beef Cattle...

Neighbors' herds in every direction
are multiplying this time of year...

Calves popping out 
in fields day and night

With all of this excellent
corn fed beef all around us,

"why is  
this familiar white meat 
on the grill???"

demand an answer!!!"

(Sorry, Sully!)

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Ya Gotta Keep'em Fed

Sall Farm has been a busy place
with an extra man around the house...

My Honey-Do List
has been getting shorter!

As long as I keep the food
coming, I haven't even
been hearing any complaints....

My oven has been busy...

and honey butter on homemade
bread makes 

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Earth Day 2012

Raking and pulling

tilling and killing...

We are
preparing the garden for 

the day it will be 

safe to put new plants and seeds 

in the ground!

Don't you just love to 
wile away the hours in your garden?

Every day should be Earth Day 
as far as I'm concerned....

Happy Earth Day!!

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Breakfast With Friends

Got a cup of coffee?

Ever had coffee with a 
couple of clucksters??....


Life is better when shared with a friend...

from Sall's Country Life

Friday, April 20, 2012

Prairie Gangs

The neighborhood gang is up to no good...

hanging out on the corner,
scaring the good birds!

If they don't start leaving 
 the meadowlarks and the robins 
alone, I'll be making 
blackbird pie!

I thought they'd see it my way!

Bye, Bye, Blackbird!

Sharing with Fridays Fences

Sunny days are in the forecast....

It's time to clean some windows 

I love sparkling clean windows
at my little house on the prairie....

paper towels and elbow grease
make the leaded glass sparkle...

and the views more pleasant....

Hope your view is sunny today!!!

Thursday, April 19, 2012

The Work Is Endless

What would you do if you
had the chance to have 
an ambitious 18 year old boy 
come stay with you for a couple of weeks?

Well, I 
got out the leather gloves
and garden tools
and introduced him
to a garden plot that looks 
like a jungle!!

Sall's nephew is here for a couple 
of weeks to "help out"...

Fortunately, for him we've had 4 days 
of rain, so we haven't totally over-worked him

Unfortunately, for him when the sun did come out
there was an endless sea 
of 4 foot dead brush that needed up-rooting....

The two of us
tugged and pulled all day long...
we created huge piles 
of debris with yet more to remove!! 

Thank goodness, 
the wind died down that evening...

when Sall got home from work
they gathered around with
water hose, rakes, and pitchforks
lit it up!!!

The following day neither of us could hardly move...

my muscles were screaming at me
"you dummy, 

I've decided there's 
one smart person on this farm....

All he ever needs is a soft place in the shade,
a bowl full of food and the scent of a pheasant
to chase when he feels like it!!

If only my life were that simple!

But, would the pay off be as rewarding?
(I'll think on it)...

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Monday, April 16, 2012

Prairie Calm

The sun is setting 
in our neighborhood

I love the way 
it makes the old barn glow....

the winds have died,

tonight we are calm...

a warm blanket will feel good...

get tucked in for 
a cool night my friends...

and Sweet Dreams.

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