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that love nature, hunting, fishing, gardening, campfires, crafting, cooking, canning, laughter and living!!

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Saturday, November 30, 2013

I'm Full

I'm full...

full of 
corn casserole...

 How can anyone resist 
food this good...

Prepared by the 
best chef's in the WORLD....

 I'm even too full for cookies...

But, who can say 'no'
to these two
goober shoes?

Lucky for me,
we live on the prairie
and we can take
long walks to work
off some of that corn
and stuffing, 
potatoes and gravy
cookies and pumpkin pie...

Anyone up for 
another lap
around the farm?

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

The Turkey Count Down

Yes, the turkey is thawing,
and I have some thoughts...

Tis the season
to be thankful...

as the great feast and house full of company
draws near,
I try to be mindful of what really matters...
family and friends.
(they come for the love and the laughter...
not to see my clean house!)

I hope you are having fun
preparing for a joyful get-together
with your peeps...

Life's too short to stress about
dust bunnies,
cranberry sauce,
 and gravy with lumps!

Just sayin'


Monday, November 25, 2013


My field photography gig
is just about done...

the cold temperatures
are wearing on me
the groups of hunters
are getting smaller...

It's time to head 
south along with the 
smart ones!!

 The hunters are outfitted for it...

Under Armour, Wool, at least 3 layers
of good warm clothing
don't forget 
a couple of hand warmers
in each pocket!!

This time of year 
even the Pheasants
are smart enough to 
hide under some heavy brush
and hang tight....


They'll only fly if one of 
the hunter's crazy dogs
rousts them out!!

This weekend gave me 
a chance to tag along with
Sall's huntin' buddies...

A couple of their wives walked
along for a very chilly hunt...

They managed to get a few birds,

and we finally managed
to get the annual photo
on "the car"....

It was a beautiful day for hunting
(if you were dressed for it)

and there was plenty of wildlife
to enjoy...

I was not properly dressed
for the cold weather
and was seriously ready
for some cinnamon schnapps 

The black berry bourbon
was sufficient...

now just direct me to 
a warm sofa by the fire!

Happy Hunting friend,

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

A Wintery Hunt

They made the rounds...

Sall and his brother and brother's grand-son...

as Determined hunters,
they even made it around TWICE...

I trailed along once
and nearly froze my cheeks!

That's what fearless hunters and soldiers do...

fight to the finish...
no matter what the conditions.

In this case it was bearing a ZERO degree
wind chill just to see a rooster!

and then missing the shot
because their fingers were too
cold to pull the trigger!

Slightly disappointing, 
but we didn't send them
home empty handed...

Enjoy the pickles, Guys!
and hope you enjoyed 
your Veteran's Day Hunt!

Saturday, November 9, 2013

A Hunting We Will Go

 Greetings from the field, friend!

Pheasant field, that is...

I said my hunting days 
were not over yet,
that was an understatement!

I've been out a few times
now with an area 
Hunting Lodge
taking pictures 
of their hunter clients...

The hunters can focus on the hunt
and I focus on them
and whatever else
I see that makes 
a South Dakota Pheasant Hunt

I try to keep my eyes open
and my head low
(if you know what I mean)

It's always wise to stand next
to the seasoned hunters...

some of these clients 
have been coming out
annually for 6 to 10 years.


They all come for 
a good hunt...


time off with friends...

They start early
and have a 5 star lunch
delivered to the field...

Tai Pheasant Wrap
and Corn Chowder
was prepared by the chef this day

Chef Richard makes 
some awesome desserts...

 After their lunch
they pose for a few
snapshots with buddies...

Then it's back to the hunt...

After about 6 hours
of walking,

they get to head back 
to a fancy lodge
where there's 
a massage therapist waiting
along with cocktails,
a 6 course meal,
big screen tvs and huge 
leather sofas...

I come home, throw a frozen pizza in the oven
and start downloading 5 to 6 HUNDRED photo files!

The editing process goes all night sometimes!
The next day they get a slideshow DVD to take
home to show the family...

It's a great feeling to see them
appreciate the photos and tell
me they can't wait to show
it to their kids!

I hope my pictures
have a little part in keeping
the tradition of Pheasant Hunting
going for many more generations!

Thanks for stopping in,
I'll share some more hunting photos
again soon!