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Saturday, November 9, 2013

A Hunting We Will Go

 Greetings from the field, friend!

Pheasant field, that is...

I said my hunting days 
were not over yet,
that was an understatement!

I've been out a few times
now with an area 
Hunting Lodge
taking pictures 
of their hunter clients...

The hunters can focus on the hunt
and I focus on them
and whatever else
I see that makes 
a South Dakota Pheasant Hunt

I try to keep my eyes open
and my head low
(if you know what I mean)

It's always wise to stand next
to the seasoned hunters...

some of these clients 
have been coming out
annually for 6 to 10 years.


They all come for 
a good hunt...


time off with friends...

They start early
and have a 5 star lunch
delivered to the field...

Tai Pheasant Wrap
and Corn Chowder
was prepared by the chef this day

Chef Richard makes 
some awesome desserts...

 After their lunch
they pose for a few
snapshots with buddies...

Then it's back to the hunt...

After about 6 hours
of walking,

they get to head back 
to a fancy lodge
where there's 
a massage therapist waiting
along with cocktails,
a 6 course meal,
big screen tvs and huge 
leather sofas...

I come home, throw a frozen pizza in the oven
and start downloading 5 to 6 HUNDRED photo files!

The editing process goes all night sometimes!
The next day they get a slideshow DVD to take
home to show the family...

It's a great feeling to see them
appreciate the photos and tell
me they can't wait to show
it to their kids!

I hope my pictures
have a little part in keeping
the tradition of Pheasant Hunting
going for many more generations!

Thanks for stopping in,
I'll share some more hunting photos
again soon!



TexWisGirl said...

sounds like they get a very cushy and enjoyable experience, complete with digital photo album. :)

Dawn said...

Great pics, and. It looks likeeveryoneenjoyed the hunt. The pheasants in our area are about extinct due to coyotes it is rare for us to see them anymore.

Custom Comforts said...

Sounds like a good time for them, both on and off the hunting fields. Sounds like a lot of work for you - sure hope there's some extra cash in it for you.
Sorry to see you have snow already. Burrrrr. Makes me shiver.

Lynne said...

I love seeing and hearing about the pheasant hunts. Excellent photos!

I was in Grand Rapids Michigan yesterday and as we were driving out of the city there was a pheasant dodging traffic in a main thoroughfare. Poor dear!

I look forward to more of your pictures.

barb said...

Great pics. Taking a photographer along on a trip is a novel idea.

Country Gal said...

Talk about luxury hunting . Back in the day Dad and I just used to hunt with his buddies get our game and go home no lodge and fancy lunch lol . Awesome photos and good idea of the DVD for then of their day ! Thanks for sharing . Have a good day !

Bonnie K said...

I would sooo love to do that! If you get a chance please look at my family hunting photos from last October. There is just something about capturing the moment with photos. Your pictures are amazing. Thanks for sharing.

Andee said...

Beautiful shots! I love the one with the pheasant flying. I'd be scared to take pictures with all those guns shooting.

Melinda said...

Sounds like you are a busy gal.
Go ahead and keep the snow there!

M : )