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Monday, May 31, 2010

Holiday and Hangin Out

Abundant Asparagus this season. If you see a vehicle parked on the dirt road this time of year, ordinarily there's someone down in the ditch picking asparagus. My husband has his own asparagus route he takes on a regular basis.

Max the wonder dog, eagerly waiting for somebody to throw anything....

I've never seen a DOUBLE Clematis before. This one is in Gloria Fastnacht's yard. Not yet fully open...how beautiful!! I'll be on the look out for one of these to plant in my yard!

Too wet to work in the garden today...we're actually praying for some wind and heat to dry things up!! Go figure, right? It seems we live in the land of extremes. Extreme cold, Extreme hot, Extreme Wind! But, where else would we rather be?? (Besides the beach!)

Sunday, May 30, 2010

A Day of Rembrance

A beautiful day at Prospect Hill...

Dedication to Dad

Two days of hard labor, getting the yard in shape for Memorial Day Weekend.
No company coming to enjoy it with...just a tradition passed down by my Dad, to have the yard mowed and trimmed, flowers planted and flag flying. There was usually always a picnic planned, games to play, and a bonfire by the patio by the end of the day. My dad put many hours of hard work into the yard, it was his pride and joy, and we all enjoyed it very much!

Today I sit back and relax and enjoy my own yard and think of good memories of my Dad.
28 years ago today we lost him to a sudden heart attack. Every Memorial Day when everyone else is honoring those who served our country, I am remembering my hero.
A Father, a Brother, A Son, and a Veteran....
I love him and miss him very much

Ron Tiede
January 30, 1930 - May 30, 1982

For 28 years now, I've planted up these special planters and take them to the cemetery. It's always so beautiful (will post pictures later today).

If Dad were here, we'd be playing horse shoes now.

Friday, May 21, 2010

Over the River and Through the Woods

What a fun week this has been...
Our little Domino came home with us and spent her first week away from home.
The first night was a little rough, but she's been having too much fun to get homesick.
Busy,Busy,Busy...and Grandma's been even more busy watching over her, I haven't had time or energy to run a camera. So here she is on her last night at Grandma and Granpa's by herself...totally pooped out!!!

I'm afraid our cats will be glad to see Domino go home, so they can get a little attention again.
Maddie is snuggled up in his new bed ( the folder box) as his is being used by little miss Domino.

A beautiful week of sun and warm temperatures... the lilacs are at their prime.
The porch furniture came out of storage today, Lucy took advantage of it.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Together in K.C.

What fun, to see everybody....babies Zelda and Wyatt get to meet...and Wyatt gets to meet Grandma & Grandpa Sall and Uncle Beniah and Auntie Em! One big happy family!

The Dad's

Wyatt meets Grandpa Sall!

The wild one was ready to party!

Finally everyone's together.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Even the duck decoy refuses to go outside!!!

Rainy, dreary, cold, wind, puddles....why do we live here????

Sunday, May 2, 2010

On my days away from Sall Farm, I spend time with these 3 wild ones! Now I know why they say kids keep you young! We play alot! It's a whole new concept for me, because I never had brothers and sisters my age to play with. I just pretended and kept myself busy all day. These three have the luxury of siblings to fight with and play with all day long!

Riley holding one of their new kittens.

My little friend Ridge gave me a dandelion....he said "here,aLisa" (that's what they call me) you deserve this. I smiled and accepted his flower that he said are beautiful. I thought they were beautiful too when I was 3. And I remember picking many dandelion bouquets!