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Monday, April 29, 2013

Spring At Last

Eighty One Degrees (F.)
here finally!!

and boy
did we have fun
in the yard 
this weekend...

Just walking around the farm
we see so many things
that need to be done...

Ever have that
too many things to do,
where do I begin??


If only that bus load
of troops would show up!

we could have this 
place "ship shape"
in no time...

what are you waiting
"Get to work!"


"Hey You, follow me over here
and bring a rake!"


"Keep it MOVING now, 
daylight's a wasting!!"

 "We need some dirt over here!"

by the end of the day
Sall got his onions and garlic planted,
I raked and hauled off 3 wheel barrows
full of rubble,
filled some holes with dirt,
mowed some grass, 

Planted some little
happy pansies in one of my
pots near the house!

It was a very productive

and this morning 
we were all reaching 
for the aspirin bottle!!

Except for "Mr. Large and In Charge"
He was up bright and early
and ready to start all over!

Have a great Monday,

Monday, April 22, 2013

A Pathetic Earth Day

April 22nd...

Earth Day....

"for cryin' out loud
I should be out planting

instead, I'm stuck inside
watching another
from my 
living room window...

the temps are warm enough,
half of it is melting
and half of it is 
sticking to anything
it lands on...

it did make 
for a pretty

especially with
my newly refurbished
leaded glass in the picture...

Sall took out the 100 year old 
window and replaced it 
with double-paned insulated glass

he framed the original
leaded glass 
and hung it back in
place so it looks
original and feels a lot 
warmer than 100 years ago!!

 So, while the snows are 
swirling around outside,
I was warm and cozy
making blocks!

Orders have been coming
Mother's Day,
Father's Day...


I've blurred out the pictures,
but I gotta say...
some really cute blocks
are getting sent out this week!

Some lucky souls
are going to be very surprised
when they see their 
treasured memories
captured on a cube


hearts will be touched
when they read the
sentiments meant for them
and only them...

It's made being 
stuck inside in late April
quite enjoyable!

I can just imagine how these
memory blocks will open the doors
to a past filled with happy memories
and joyous times with loved ones!   

even if it is Earth Day
and blizzarding outside
and, yes, PATHETIC...
for April 22nd!!

my passion is (for now)
making "Memory Blocks"
and as soon as this snow melts...
I'll be planting
me some PETUNIAS!!      

Happy Earth Day!

Saturday, April 20, 2013

Welcome to Iceland

stretching through April...

we are all wondering
if this is South Dakota


last week's storm
gave everything a glassy appearance

and held anything thinking
about budding
in an icy clutch...


the Sall Farm "Get-n-Go"
was a busy spot
as the poor little travelers
had to do something to keep warm...

Goldfinches, House finches,
juncos, sparrows,
and black birds
were all taking
their turn...


even a lonely hen pheasant
passed through,
but she was too
impatient to wait in line...

I think she headed straight
for the restroom and left!

travel conditions are ugly 
these days,
but if you do happen to pass
though our neck of the woods...

forgive our dumb-founded
look of bewilderment..

for this just isn't 
normal spring weather
for us!!

Have a great weekend,


Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Birds and Buttons

Thank goodness for blogs 
and BLOCKS!!

or this weather 
would drive me to the 
crazy house!

More snow is expected tonight

I'm following these seagulls
to the ocean...

I don't know what they were thinking 
when they stopped here??

this was taken a few weeks
ago before a foot of snow
and ice and sleet 
hit the neighborhood.

The poor little birdies
in the yard have been through
it all this spring...

Sall keeps throwing them
bird seed...
they eat it up like crazy!!

As for me,
I'm staying inside
working on blocks
and waiting for summer...
cause I can see

Button up...        
And have a great day!

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Snowy Birthday 2013

This has been 
one of those winters...
a winter
that won't give up,
a winter that's competing
with the Energizer Bunny...
a winter that leaves for a couple days
and then returns to harass us
like a bad penny!

I had a bad feeling
that my birthday would be 
snowy this year...
this was totally uncalled-for!

As Sall and I were trying 
to shovel our way out
of the end of our driveway
to go to work this morning...

The ducks, geese and pheasants
were all flying around
looking for food 
and probably wondering
about heading back south!

I know I was wondering
why I even got out of bed this morning...

the cats were content
watching the snowy day from inside...

Last Saturday it was 68 degrees out
and I cleaned all the shovels and 
rubble off the front porch...
What happened???

 At least we still have electricity...

we got ourselves unstuck... 

Sall was able to get to town
to buy me a steak dinner...

the sun popped out 
as he fired up our grill tonight

and it looks like there's
 hope for this Birthday after all!

49 and Feelin' Fine
If ya ask me, I'm still 29!

Happy snowy Birthday!

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Memory Blocks For Mama

Sharing Memories 
with Mom
for Mother's Day...

I've been busy creating
"Memory Blocks"
for Mother's Day...

First digging through
old family photos...

then on the internet
for anything "mom" related...

then I put my found treasures
through several
photo processing programs

First: "very VICTORIAN" 
for the Mom who loves Fancy Flowers


Second:  a fun and whimsical
"Retro style"
for a more 
Modern Mom who
chuckles at "traditional"...

These are the two I'm displaying
for Style Choices...
I will take orders for customized blocks
with a photo of your Mom!!

Email me a picture or two and
I will add them to the design of your choice.

Blocks shown here are $10.00 each
Add $1.00 per photo added into the design
A special message can be added to the 
bottom side for an additional $1.00.
(Shipping charges will apply,
sorry, USA only)

I found some really fun pictures at home
and will be sharing some good memories
with a few Moms I know...
Do you suppose my mom will
even recognize herself in this picture?

Don't want to ruin any
surprises here but,
it's just too much fun!!

Mother's Day is just 
around the block!
(get it?)
would love one
of these!

 Send me a snapshot
and tell Mom
how awesome she is!!

(So she can tell everyone 
who visits her kitchen!)

if you are interested

Email me at:
for more information


Sunday, April 7, 2013

Making Blocks

With Sall away
visiting the kids,
I can have some
real quality-creative
time alone!!
(well, "alone" with Max, 3cats
and 4 chickens!)

I've been glued to the computer
Memory Blocks
for Mother's day!

Sooooo many ideas...
Soooo little time!!

Today I was back and forth
from the office to my work bench
and managed to do some 
redecorating around the house too!
(see how much I can accomplish
 when there's not a man around?)


of course, I haven't fixed 
anything worth eating
since he left either...

but, my dining room
shelf looks fabulous
with the black and white
blocks I made!

I even managed to 
redo the nook above
the kitchen sink...

now I'm ready for
flower season!!


Our house will be fresh
and clean when Sall
returns from N.Y.C...

and I'll be ready 
for some good cooking again!!

(missing you, honey)
Hugs from the whole crew,

Saturday, April 6, 2013

Perfect Night Sky

It was a beautiful sunset...

 Me, Max,
Maddie, Lucy and Socks...
holding down the fort.

We watched the geese
fly over the house...

they were flying late!

 Time for chickens and geese
to be tucked in safe for the night...


Maybe something riled them up??

Maybe it was just a perfect
night to fly!

Hugs from the prairie,

Friday, April 5, 2013

Frequent Flyers

 A short layover
in south hand county...


time enough to refuel...

sample the local
corn varieties....

 I suppose they chat 
about the weather conditions
and any predicted 

and then it's off
again to
fly the friendly skies...

Have a safe trip!
Send me a postcard??