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Saturday, April 20, 2013

Welcome to Iceland

stretching through April...

we are all wondering
if this is South Dakota


last week's storm
gave everything a glassy appearance

and held anything thinking
about budding
in an icy clutch...


the Sall Farm "Get-n-Go"
was a busy spot
as the poor little travelers
had to do something to keep warm...

Goldfinches, House finches,
juncos, sparrows,
and black birds
were all taking
their turn...


even a lonely hen pheasant
passed through,
but she was too
impatient to wait in line...

I think she headed straight
for the restroom and left!

travel conditions are ugly 
these days,
but if you do happen to pass
though our neck of the woods...

forgive our dumb-founded
look of bewilderment..

for this just isn't 
normal spring weather
for us!!

Have a great weekend,



TexWisGirl said...

wow, that is some severe ice and worse for this time of year! hang in there (what else can you do?)

those yellow-heads are so cool!

Grandma Barb's This and That said...

My bird feeders looked about the same...icy and same birds except for the goldfinch and the yellow heads.
Will it ever end?

Lynne said...

No doubt about it! You got dumped with snow and ice big time . . . unbelievable. Love your "fruffled" up Purple Finch! We have had many Redpoles this year but I have never seen a Purple Finch at our feeders. Each day I think winter is over and then more freezing temperature with snow flurries . . . will it ever end!?

Brian King said...

Wow! I'm sure you're tired of it, but the ice in your photos is beautiful! Last year we were quite warm in March, but this year the cooler weather is just being stubborn. We don't have it as bad as you, though.

Melinda said...

I'm sure everyone's Spring has been
a bit on the weird side.

M :)

~Kim at Golden Pines~ said...

Your photos are really stunning, but I know what you're feeling because when we lived in Alaska, I felt it too.

Electra said...

Beautiful photos! We too have snow here, but it's not near as pretty as yours. It's just cold.

Roxi -Coppercurls Designs said...

Awesome photos. I especially like the one with the birds at the feeder and it's snowing. It's just not right I know. We've had temps below freezing at least 2 days per week for the past 3 weeks and this week they are predicting another for Tuesday.And we've had days up to 90! My peonies are nearly 3 feet tall and loaded with blooms. I have to keep covering them. It's just crazy all over.

Ida said...

Oh my goodness you've really had it bad with the "white stuff" lately. I sure hope it's improving for you. - Some lovely photo's though.