Vroom, Vroooom

For a small town of 1100 people,
there is never a shortage of things to do...

this weekend the 4-H County Achievement Days
were going on 
along with
a city-wide rummage sale,
the Prairie Hills Art Show,
the Foothills Classic Car & Tractor Show!

  The sound of thunder, lightening and 
garden-soaking rain woke me up at 5a.m!!
I waited out the short rain storm, then headed
out to the garden and picked a basket full of zinnias....

My Goal:
to fill up as many vintage mason jars
as I can and spread some smiles around town!

I set up my flower cart on the porch
at Sweet Grass and talked cars, flowers, and art
with passer-bys and looky-lous....

In between visits I wandered up and down 
main street with my camera (of course)...

There were some really awesome
cars on display!!

Barney must've been in the 
hardware store buying bullets....

Across from Barney Fife's police car
was this cute little red truck!
Why do old red trucks 
always make me smile??

I bet this guy is careful about 
parking near any beaver huts!!
(now that's some master wood crafting!!)....

I think I would've given this guy
all of my zinnias to sit behind the 
wheel of his gorgeous Pontiac convertible!....

 This old Ford looked most at home
on Main Street Wessington Springs.
It should, because it was originally purchased 
in Wess. Springs in 1964 at Warner Motors.

It's current owner is one of Wessington Springs
adopted good-old-boys...
Now retired from delivering packages,
he probably knows every resident in Wessington Springs,
all of their kid's names, their address, their hobbies, 
and probably their dogs' name too!!

the truck's got a good owner
and a smart one too
(see his motto in the passenger window?)
 He knew every little known fact
about the year "1964"!

Maybe because him and his 
dog spend too many weekends
at car shows talkin' about trucks?

There were fleets of tractors....
John Deeres

Fords too....


 But the cars 
intrigued me the most,
especially the ones 
covered in chrome!

 Usually it's a song that will
spark a memory in my mind...

today it was a Pontiac!

I stood there and staired at the console 
and was over-whelmed by good memories
of my hot-rodding brother.
The day he gave me a ride in his '67 Grand Prix.
I was awestruck by the chrome and the wood
everywhere and then he floored it!!
He was the coolest brother ever!

 Today I had to call him and
remind him of that!

In my family, brothers and cars were 
just part of the landscape...
there was usually always a car or two
in the driveway with legs sticking
out from under neath it or a head 
buried somewhere between a transmission
and a carburetor
usually with oil everywhere
and cuss words flowing profusely!

Oh those were the days! 

Neither of them still have any of their classic cars now,
but I bet this post
will light up some old fires!

 I know I'd love to 
ride down memory lane
in an old classic!

 Pack up my Packard
and I'm down the road...

 My Dad didn't always approve of his 
boys' cars and hot-roddin' ways,
but, (truth be known)
he probably did the same things
when he was a boy!

Thanks for the memories, boys!
p.s. I can't believe I don't have one picture of that 
burgundy Pontiac Grand Prix!! I'm pretty sure it never
sat still long enough for a Kodak moment!!


Michelle said…
I do love that old, turquoise truck!
barb said…
Who doesn't love a classic vehicle? Great pictures and memories here.
Melinda said…
Great memories.
We enjoy looking at the oldies
and remebering. Lots of fun.

M :)
Lynne said…
Wonderful photos . . .
Thank you for stirring up memories!
TexWisGirl said…
gotta love the classics. love that old ford pickup!!!
Bonnie K said…
What a wonderful post! My parents usually come out for Cool Deadwood Nights and it is the same with us. There is something about an old red pickup! Thank you for the wonderful photos. I didn't know Wessington had such a nice car show. We will have to try and get there next year. I'll be sure to get some of your flowers.
Connie said…
Dear Sweet Lisa Sall,
I am blown away with your blog!
You certainly have an eye for the camera. Your Good Friday post made my heart skip a beat. The fact that you have this goal to fill as many Mason jars to give as gifts, tells me that you have a big heart and the bits of nostalgia with your black and white photos is so refreshing and Americana.
I'm hooked, reel me in.
Your newest follower,
Dina Lettre said…
What a fun way to spend the day! LOVE those old Ford trucks.
Helen said…
I've been to the Wessington Springs car and tractor shows in 2012 and before. Great pictures you took.

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