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Friday, July 26, 2013

Play Time

As close as we live
to the Missouri River,
it's a wonder
why we don't go there 
more often!!

If Max had his
say about it, 
we'd be there every day!!







Yeah!! Even the flowers
cheered for him on his
fetching skills!...

Hope you have 
a joyfilled, relaxing 


Saturday, July 20, 2013

Wish You Were Here

How about a road trip?

(Source: Internet Photo)

It is July 20th already...
you know, vacation time???

Summer is passing me by, 
and we haven't been anywhere,
nor do we have any plans
for sporting down the highway
to a fun destination...

(what a bummer!)

So this post is dedicated
to the dream...

of summer "R and R"

 It looks like we'll
be stuck in "work mode"
till the end of summer...

a road trip will 
definitely be needed by fall...

until then, some scenic trips 
to town will be as restfull
as it gets around here!

Here's a picture postcard
to you from me
on my 
"Summer Vacation"....

If   you  happen
to motor west
or more particular

be sure to take

the back roads...

take your time...

and stop and enjoy the scenery!

You'll make some
mighty-fine memories
and bring home some
extra pretty pictures!

Happy Motoring my friend...
Send me a postcard from your
summer vacation,

Friday, July 19, 2013

Sharing Some Country Pride

It's the busiest time of the year
here at Sall Farm!

Sall is busy
building and remodeling...

mowing and weeding 
just doesn't let up...
the Sall Farm Garden
is ready to give us our
best crop of pickles EVER...

can I just rest my fingers
for this post 
and let the pictures 
do to talking???


Pickling Season
are a lot of work,

very gratifying work!

at the end of the day
I can enjoy a bit of rest
while I sip on a glass of this
and share it all with you!


 Fighting famine...
sipping wine...

Life is good!

Thanks for stopping by!

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Some Summer Lovin'

ain't summer grand?


Hope your skies are blue...

your bloomers are vibrant...
and  y'all are havin' fun in the sun!


Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Brookings Art Festival

South Dakota's Finest
2 day Art Festival...

Brookings, South Dakota...

200 Top National Artists
42 Gourmet & Ethnic Food Booths
11 Antique & Collectible Booths
22 Historic Displays & Old West Booths

This is the one, folks!
The one we would travel 100 miles
to see the latest and greatest,
crafi-est, hottest, trendi-est,
funnest art show 
in our fine state!!

And this year
I got to do it all by myself,
just me and my Canon!!

It was a little soggy when I first arrived,
with a few clouds lingering and some 
drippy drips falling from the sky...
some of the vendors were wondering 
the same thing as I was (I'm sure)...
are we gonna get rained out today or what??
eventually, we all agreed the rain was done 
and it turned into a beautiful, cool day to 
enjoy some art, food, and music in the park!
I actually had a boxing match with 
myself to get passed the corndog stand!
Good Grief, Corn Dogs and Cheese Curds??
They know the way to this girl's heart!!
I ended up at the Stir Fry Stand
(all vegetable and low fat blah,blah,blah)
and, it was delicious!!

What a treat it was to be able to stroll
and cajole through hundreds of booths
on my own, nobody pushing me
or moaning and groaning
(yes, I actually heard some fellows
groaning from the pain of following
their spouse through a jewelry booth)...
 I certainly hope she groans with equal intensity the
next time he wants to watch a football game 
on the family t.v.!


I haven't been to this art fair
in quite a number of years,
and I  enjoyed
every minute!
Here are some of my highlights...

Unique to Antique
Sturgis, South Dakota
Furnishings, Jewelry, Accessories

 Another temptation
was Mastel's 
Blooming Onion!!

they were lined up for it...

The manly men,
you know,  (the ones groaning
about jewelry shopping) were all
lined up for a cool collector's mug
of old fashioned soda pop!

I think just standing
in front of a booth 
called Wild Bill's
made them feel better!

this person statue
was about the coolest
thing in the park!

What do you think...
statue or person??

Here's a closer look...

the blue eyes give it away!
 (I'm still at a loss as to male 
or female slugger?)

And as for my favorite booth...

this one takes the honors...


I loved the unique artsy jewelry,

the trendy style of blending old
with new...

the authentic displays 
brought together a perfect match
and made me want to get out 
the plastic to take it all home with me!


So I splurged on a funky little
bauble for me...

a fun necklace...

A pretty little 
locket for 
a picture
of the grands....

An uppercase 'L' for "Lusty"...

and a crown 
for the queen of picklin'...

(oops, did I say lusty? 
I meant Lisa!)
 Just talkin' to
those gals made
me dip into my sassy side!

Two fun gals
and one Funky Booth
check them out 

Such a fun festival!

this South Dakota Girl
needs to do it every year!

How about next year
we make it a date?
See you then!