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Saturday, July 20, 2013

Wish You Were Here

How about a road trip?

(Source: Internet Photo)

It is July 20th already...
you know, vacation time???

Summer is passing me by, 
and we haven't been anywhere,
nor do we have any plans
for sporting down the highway
to a fun destination...

(what a bummer!)

So this post is dedicated
to the dream...

of summer "R and R"

 It looks like we'll
be stuck in "work mode"
till the end of summer...

a road trip will 
definitely be needed by fall...

until then, some scenic trips 
to town will be as restfull
as it gets around here!

Here's a picture postcard
to you from me
on my 
"Summer Vacation"....

If   you  happen
to motor west
or more particular

be sure to take

the back roads...

take your time...

and stop and enjoy the scenery!

You'll make some
mighty-fine memories
and bring home some
extra pretty pictures!

Happy Motoring my friend...
Send me a postcard from your
summer vacation,


Country Gal said...

We don't go on any vacations now since we have lived here . We were campers with tents and all back in the day but it feels like we are camping right here every day with the nature and beauty we have in our valley ! Wonderful photos . Hope you can get a vacation in the fall ! Thanks for sharing . Have a good day !

Lynne said...

I went on a brief motor trip with my daughter and grandson yesterday. The sights were not pretty like in your post but during and in the returning we were gifted with giggles and laughter, treasured memories of past times and shared wishes and dreams for the future. A day trip in the car provided all of the above and more . . .

TexWisGirl said...

love the hollyhocks in the last shot!

happy pickling!

barb said...

We are planning a little holiday next weekend...cabin by the lake with the whole family. C'mon up, we may have an overcooked weinie left over.

ann said...

The back roads are always the best. Love the old tractor. Our gardens take up a lot of time and don't like to be left home alone,do they?