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Thursday, March 24, 2016

Things Are Looking Up

If you try to be really observant...

and stop and listen once in awhile...

If you can try to be a little positive...

Look up!  

"Chin up"  My parents would say,

Look on the bright side!

If you can do that,
there's no telling 
what good things 
you will find!

Good day, friend!

Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Visions Of Gold

Our two goldens are
bored with me...

Max: "Will she ever stop 
taking pictures 
long enough to give
us some love and attention?"

Jazz: "She just keeps finding 
more stuff for that store of hers!"

I tell them, "somebody's gotta
keep the dog food bowls full!"

Jazz and Max, "AURRRRoooouuuuuuf!!!"
that was "Ladder for sale!" in dog talk.

venture down this country road
and you will find 
me and my dogs taking pictures
in between walks and playing fetch...

as long as there is food in the bowl
and water in the pond,
life is good.

Happy Wednesday,
Jazz and Max

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Thursday, March 3, 2016

On The Move

Some scenes from
our neck of the woods....

Flocks of geese here and there...

Barns slowly crumbling to the ground

When there are no more barns
to capture,
I will head out with the geese...

North or South
it doesn't matter....

as long as I have my partner by my side.

Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Happy March

Several Seed Catalogs in the mail...

I'm ready.

 Geese and Ducks flying over

I'm ready.

65 Degrees on Saturday... I'm so ready for spring...

5 inches of Snow on Monday...I wasn't counting
on shoveling!

Me and my garden tote
are back inside...

the garden tote turned into
a kitchen caddy...

and I went back
to my computer.

Happy March,

Sall's Barnwood Caddy
will be listed on our website soon!
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Tuesday, March 1, 2016

South Dakota Snow

We are covered in white stuff once again!

South Dakota snow can drop 
down upon us right 
up into April.
When april rains should 
be the norm, we can get
a foot of snow!

at this time of the season
I prefer to keep my nose
inside and just make art
or at least try to 
keep up with my sister
and make 
artsy things...

she came up with these
little twisted bundles of pure sweetness...

She's calling them South Dakota Rain

(yes, but what about the 5 inches 
of snow outside you say?)

I guess she's thinking SPRING,
and RAIN
that come 
with springtime...

Like a bowl of Easter Eggs...

from my Twisted Sister...
"South Dakota Rain"
to make bracelets, 
decorate almost anything,
or just leave in a bowl as eye candy!

Happy March!

SD Rain now available on our website
1 spool = 1 yard = $3.00 US

Take A Leap

Our Temperature took a leap
this February 29th...

Saturday it was a gorgeous 65 Degrees
the geese were flying
the ducks were landing...

the only snow left was the remnants of the deep drifts
shaded from the sun...

Today we took cover inside,
(Hubby in his studio - me in my office)
while it snowed all day
sometimes total white-out conditions!

 I've been wanting a new top
on this old piano bench...

I wasn't wishing for a blizzard
to get it done, however!

But I do love it when he
can stay busy in the studio.
My builder
can be pretty creative
when he wants to be...
(the bench and rustic tool tote will
be up for sale in our new store!)
check it out here:
by the way the temp is 15 degrees F tonight!

Bring on March!