Happy March

Several Seed Catalogs in the mail...

I'm ready.

 Geese and Ducks flying over

I'm ready.

65 Degrees on Saturday... I'm so ready for spring...

5 inches of Snow on Monday...I wasn't counting
on shoveling!

Me and my garden tote
are back inside...

the garden tote turned into
a kitchen caddy...

and I went back
to my computer.

Happy March,

Sall's Barnwood Caddy
will be listed on our website soon!
find it Here:


barb said…
I love that barnwood caddy.
Melinda said…
It is still "that time of year."

We don't blink a lot here because we never know what we might find.

M : )
Country Gal said…
The end of February felt like spring was here then March came in like a lamb and then like a lion with snow and ice storms , all has calmed down now and temps are to rise so spring just might push old man winter out for good now . Lovely photos , Thanks for sharing , Have a good day !

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