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Thursday, January 30, 2014

Wake Me Up When It's Spring

Happy Thursday!

it's another cold day on the prairie...

I'm dreaming about summer...

hot days and green grass...

and this song is in my head...

Words we dreamers can relate to,
don't you think?

Have a great day, 
and thanks for spending a little 
time here at 
Sall's Country Life,
(where dreams keep us warm
on a cold wintery day!)

P.S.  Here's a link to "Wake Me Up" by AVICCI
click HERE

Saturday, January 25, 2014


I forgot to tell you her name!

It took us a while.
We studied her personality
for a few weeks 
before we could put a name 
to the cute little face!
She's a sweetheart...


a handful...

very entertaining...

a pest...

she's smart too...

That's her name..."JAZZ!"

 She's growing so fast,

This pretty white snow 
is gone now 
and turned into dirty
drifts of mud in the yard,

Three cats and two dogs 
that's 20 dirty paws
in and out all day long!

That's about all that
happens at the Sall House
Out - In - Wipe - Scrub
Out - In - Wipe -Scrub...

Have a Happy Saturday!

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Crafting Is In-Session

Greetings from the 
frozen tundra
aka: South Dakota!

So COLD...


rarely, does the 
wind not BLOW!


Honestly, I've lost 
the spring in my step,
along with 
my get up and go...

I'd be perfectly happy
stuck in my cave
if only I had nothing 
else to do but
the book work is calling...
 my mother keeps calling...
dishes, laundry, and housework
are calling...
and every two minutes 
a cat or dog wants let out
or let in!

Do they not know
this is my time to hide out...
to paint and draw,
to design and mod-podge!
 to be
All alone in my

 ...with my mind full of ideas 
and my hands full of paint...

 can they not see 
my eyes are glazed over
my mind tuned out...


 Valentines Day is coming,
 I have product to make...

and ideas to propagate!


But, at the rate I'm going,
 my crafty sales
won't be too profitable...

I have a new sign...

Now if I can just 
get the critters
to learn how to read!

How about you?

Are you busy crafting, sewing, or knitting?
Catching up on your reading?
Are you staying warm?

Or are you just 
enjoying hanging out
with your pals?

Thanks for stopping by,
now it's back to some book work,
I'll keep you posted on the 
reading lessons!

Sunday, January 12, 2014

January Wishes

I wish I could say I've 
been "Holed Up"
in a sweet little cabin in the woods...

Just me and my guy...
and my golden retrievers
(Max and Jazz)

Watching the snow from inside 
a cozy and warm 
woodsy cabin
filled with old quilts 
and the scent of  cedar
burning in the fireplace...

I wish I could say
I'm just sipping tea and enjoying a good book...

Unfortunately, my January has been just 
as busy as ever...
work, work, work...

Why can't a person 
just hibernate one month 
out of the year?

Bears do it!

I need to be a bear!

Hope you are keeping warm
this winter!