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Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Crafting Is In-Session

Greetings from the 
frozen tundra
aka: South Dakota!

So COLD...


rarely, does the 
wind not BLOW!


Honestly, I've lost 
the spring in my step,
along with 
my get up and go...

I'd be perfectly happy
stuck in my cave
if only I had nothing 
else to do but
the book work is calling...
 my mother keeps calling...
dishes, laundry, and housework
are calling...
and every two minutes 
a cat or dog wants let out
or let in!

Do they not know
this is my time to hide out...
to paint and draw,
to design and mod-podge!
 to be
All alone in my

 ...with my mind full of ideas 
and my hands full of paint...

 can they not see 
my eyes are glazed over
my mind tuned out...


 Valentines Day is coming,
 I have product to make...

and ideas to propagate!


But, at the rate I'm going,
 my crafty sales
won't be too profitable...

I have a new sign...

Now if I can just 
get the critters
to learn how to read!

How about you?

Are you busy crafting, sewing, or knitting?
Catching up on your reading?
Are you staying warm?

Or are you just 
enjoying hanging out
with your pals?

Thanks for stopping by,
now it's back to some book work,
I'll keep you posted on the 
reading lessons!


Bonnie K said...

I too am trying to make the best of this cold, windy, winter weather. My dog seems to be like minded with your pets that in and out is the only reason for my existence. Stay warm and I can't wait to see the results of your work.

Lynne said...

Knitting and reading for me. Cabin fever has set in.

Nice to put a face with the blog . . .

Karen said...

Love the post, Lisa, I know how you feel. I'm trying to get the stained glass rolling, but for some reason we're really slow this winter. I love your art!

barb said...

I love your lovely creations. But sorry...I love winter too.

Grandma Barb's This and That said...

I like your artwork and your pals. Cute picture of you and the puppy. I have to keep pushing myself to keep motivated. I set a goal for spending 1/2 hour in the basement each day to get it organized so I can find things. I've tried to spend some time reading too.
We are having the same weather here too.

ann said...

I have several projects going on these winter days. Now that I am retired, I do have to make an effort to stay busy, I now can enjoy crocheting or scrapbooking without feeling guilty when I should have been grading papers. Cute pets doing just they should do.

TexWisGirl said...

such cute fur friends. :) it is extremely windy here in NE Tx today - brrr! still warmer than you in the plain states, i'm sure.

Custom Comforts said...

Your puppy is sooooooooo cute and one of your cats looks just like one I had for 17 years. I stared and stared at it wondering if my sweet Biddy came back in another life to live with you.
As cold as it is here in Ohio, I can only imagine how much worse it must be in SD. I surely don't envy you. At least we only get an inch of snow at a time, but 3-5 inches are coming tomorrow, so I guess I'll finally have to get the snow blower out. As bad as it is here, I know others have it so much worse. I'm dealing with the cold by a big winter project that is perfect for this kind of weather and other than going to work, I don't venture out. I love hibernating in my snugly home. Stay warm.