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that love nature, hunting, fishing, gardening, campfires, crafting, cooking, canning, laughter and living!!

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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Sometimes life just sucks...
I was all set for a picnic, then the wind came up!

Thought I'd do some rock climbing but, my ankles started hurting!

Thought about a swim, but it's just too darn cold!

Oh, well...guess I'll just blog all day.

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

I've always got my eyes open for "any" window of opportunity....yes, I'm very optimistic!

A water-logged garden!! Don't think we'll be planting potatoes on Friday! Steve and I just keep circling the yard, watching the water and the snow banks slowly recede.

The chickens are circling the garden. You know it's wet when a 3# chicken sinks to her ankles.

I hope they wipe their feet before they go back in the chicken house?

Last night's captivating full moon brought us both out to the front yard. Just one of the many pleasures of life in the country.

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Our little tomato plants are looking great. Ummm, I can
already taste their red ripe fruit!!

What a gorgeous day...
Days like this just aren't long enough!
After a hardy farm breakfast of sausage and biscuits and farm-fresh eggs, Sall is out giving the birds their breakfast. Then on to the chickens, cats and don't forget Max.

Sall's busy with his new "heavyhunter" project. Sell, sell, sell!

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Just us girls and Easter eggs! What fun! My two little girlfriends and I spent a couple of hours learning all about the art of dyeing eggs. Just a couple of cracked mis-haps. We ended up with nine masterpieces!

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Okay, so we've had a couple of nice days again and I can finally do some things outside. And my favorite thing to do on the farm (when I can't be in the flowerbed) is to organize. I'm kind of a nut about it, in fact. Everything should be in it's place (thanks Mother). Digging through old junk, sorting out stuff, putting all the Christmas decorations away, having a blast!! Things I haven't looked at since we moved here seven years ago are now looking different to me....why did I keep that? What was I thinking when I decided to save that? So I've decided to put "stuff" on the market. Don't you have a hard time throwing things out that are....well, someone might have a use for it??

This will probably be the closest thing to an outdoor hot tub we'll ever have.
So sad, Steve wants to sell it!

My new favorite word..."VINTAGE"-- adj. 1. Characterized by excellence, maturity, and enduring appeal: venerable; classic. 2. Old or outmoded.
This could pretty much be my epitaph, as everything I own could be classified as vintage! Best case scenario: I make some empty space around here. Clear the space around you and you clear your mind, making room for peace and creativity and eventually finding true meaning (if not for me, this old grinding wheel).

New Grand Baby Girl!

Ahhh, She's here at last. Doesnt' look very happy about it, nor is her big sister too sure about it. But, we can't wait to meet her and spoil her. Everyone is healthy and getting along just great. Zelda Ripley, born March 19, 2010 at 8:50 P.M. in the comfort of home! She weighed 8# 6oz. and 20 inches long. These two girls will keep mom and dad hopping!!

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Pickleman's at it again!...

Finished product....
a sweet & spicy pepper relish that will start your heart on FIRE!
Just a small batch today. Trying to perfect the recipe before we market it. Finding out that imported peppers are too variable on the "heat" scale. This summer we will grow our own to maximize consistency in the spiciness! Also need a name so taking any and all suggestions. We love it over cream cheese on a cracker! Mmmmmm.

Our Grand-daughter, Domino, will be getting a new baby sister real soon. Here's some shots of her before she becomes a big sister. I'm quite sure she will be a "great" big-sister and a very big help for Mom. I know she will keep her little sister entertained, just as she does all of us!

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Some comfort food....

Come on over the cookie jar is full.

Chocolate chip is the favorite around here!

Can you almost smell them?

What is it about cookies, fresh bread, cinnamon rolls, or an apple pie baking in the oven? Those wonderful smells coming from the kitchen can make you forget about a pile of bills, the cat throwing up on your favorite quilt, or even about going back to work on Monday. Another day of gloomy clouds and fog was enough reason for chocolate chippers. After those I baked a loaf of bread, then home-made pizza for dinner. It didn't make the clouds go away, but it sure made the house smell good!!

Friday, March 12, 2010

The Newest Sall

Wyatt Julien Sall Born February 26th....

All Bundled up For a Day At the Park

Proud Daddy

Such a little boy for such a big city!

The Happy Family

Can't wait for you to come to the farm little Wyatt!

Yearning for Summer

Ohhh, this endless relentless ugly winter weather!! This is why S.D. will never be over-populated, who can put up with such brutal weather conditions? My vehicle is once again driveway bound, as the road is only drivable with four wheel drive. I suppose I should be elated with the idea of being stuck inside and getting caught up on inside work, but cabin fever is setting in. All I can think about is sunny weather, green grass, digging in loose black soil, planting flowers, and the smell of new mowed grass!!! Ahhhhh! Instead of posting pictures of today's weather (I've seen enough), think I'll dig out some old pictures of the garden and yard and just basque in the memories.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

March 7, 2010

Woke up to heavy fog this morning....although warm enough to melt some more snow. Spring is definitely looming, even the chickens came out to peck around. Steve is enticing their little taste buds with some dried bread crumbs. So far March is staying mild, no major storms (this is good). Keep on melting!! I want to run in the green grass!!