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Thursday, March 25, 2010

Okay, so we've had a couple of nice days again and I can finally do some things outside. And my favorite thing to do on the farm (when I can't be in the flowerbed) is to organize. I'm kind of a nut about it, in fact. Everything should be in it's place (thanks Mother). Digging through old junk, sorting out stuff, putting all the Christmas decorations away, having a blast!! Things I haven't looked at since we moved here seven years ago are now looking different to me....why did I keep that? What was I thinking when I decided to save that? So I've decided to put "stuff" on the market. Don't you have a hard time throwing things out that are....well, someone might have a use for it??

This will probably be the closest thing to an outdoor hot tub we'll ever have.
So sad, Steve wants to sell it!

My new favorite word..."VINTAGE"-- adj. 1. Characterized by excellence, maturity, and enduring appeal: venerable; classic. 2. Old or outmoded.
This could pretty much be my epitaph, as everything I own could be classified as vintage! Best case scenario: I make some empty space around here. Clear the space around you and you clear your mind, making room for peace and creativity and eventually finding true meaning (if not for me, this old grinding wheel).

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barb said...

Love that vintage out of old utensils and I Cialis in that tub! The photos are great, I could use some of those backgrounds. Would be any photographers dream. And seven years already, you've got to be kidding!