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Friday, March 30, 2012

A Country Morning

Sunrise at the farm...

The farmers are
gathered at the 
coffee shop
for morning headlines

The early birds like
gather for
morning updates...

Everyone's discussing
today's weather...

A heavy cloud bank 
coming through

75 by this afternoon...

Looks like a fine day for
getting some work done...

Plenty of things to 
do outside...

Guess I'll get to work on that garden...

The birds are singing to me,
hope they don't mind if I work
while they perform!

Keep a song in your heart...

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Since I've Been Gone

I finished my paint job,
and today it feels good to be home again!

Nine days of painting at somebody else's house...
all I could think about was how nice it 
would be if someone was doing my 
spring cleaning!!

The wind has been howling (what's new)
for the last couple days,
but today might be the day I've been 
waiting for to hang out sheets 
and wash some very dirty windows!!

Here's a little recap of the last two weeks
since I've been away...

Spring is here to stay and it feels and smells wonderful!...

Some of the migrating geese have 
chosen their spots to set up and nest...

The cranes have arrived...
we spotted them on a foggy day,
feeding in last year's corn field...

We took a little road trip to Kansas City...

Our grand-daughter turned two,
all of her little friends showed up
and at the end of the day
Grandpa and Grandma
looked about like this old sedan...

The girls were excited
and we all had a great time!

Trees were blossoming in K.C., the forsythias
 were about done!  Strangely though, our yard
is just as green as down there and our lilacs
are pushing their luck this early!!

Signs of spring everywhere...

Time to bring some freshness indoors
and hike down a country road without a coat!!

Spread some sunshine today!


Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Geese Fly By

The huge flocks are gone...

With 80 degree temperatures
in March,
I wonder what 
the poor birds are thinking??

Monday, March 19, 2012

Spring Road

Winter has passed...

and now the 
road is leading
us to 
warm weather,
tilling and tending gardens,
mowing the grass,
controlling the weeds
swatting the bugs!


Spring At Last!

There is joy in every season
but the joy
I find in Spring
lifts me up
like none other!!

Thanks for stopping by today,
enjoy your day!

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Sunday, March 18, 2012

And The Winner Is...

I'm a day late in picking a winner
for our Anniversary Giveaway!

Sorry! I worked all day Saturday painting
and was too exhausted!

So tonight before we settled in 
I set it all up...
very official like!

I put the names in a bowl,
held it over Sall's head
and he drew out the winner....

Nancy Claeys
you are the lucky winner!
Please email me your address
so I can send you your prize!

This morning we took the camera out
to capture some of the spectacular wildlife
I've been seeing on my way to work all week...
I've been driving 36 miles one way to this paint job
and seeing all kinds of birds, pheasants and deer.
 As usual it was tougher than you know what
to get a great photo of anything alive!
They were either too high, too fast or just plain
out of sight!
The wind blew all day and kept 
most of the birds tucked in...
another 80 degree day today
INCREDIBLE for March!!
We enjoyed a day off
(even if it was super windy)

I will try to post some more of today's
photos this week, one or two a day,
without the commentary...
It will be another week 
of 10 hour days painting
and I'm just too tired to type
at the end of the day!

Hope you all have a great  week...

Hey, Spring begins on Tuesday!!
So why does it feel like Summer already??

Congratulations to Nancy
I would love it if you'd check out her
beautiful blog...
She keeps it loaded with 
great photography
and other fun and interesting stuff!!

 Happy Spring from 
Sall's Country Life!
Thanks for being here!

Monday, March 12, 2012

Mosaic Monday

I started a big painting job today
my arms are weak,
my body is tired,
my head is stuffed,
a spring cold
is trying to keep me down
my will is strong
and tomorrow I will
paint, paint, paint!

tonight I'm wishing I had 
the energy of a two year old!

A Beautiful warm week is 
in store for us,
70 degrees will feel like summer!

Enjoy your week...
if you don't hear from me
it's because the medics
are trying to pry the paint brush
out of my cold hand!


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Sunday, March 11, 2012

Sunday Scavenger Hunt

I'm playing along with
Ashley for 

this week's items are:

this was a late afternoon
that's what makes it fun - 
no, long processing sessions
just grab the camera
and go shoot some pictures...

I already had four out 
of five all taken in the last two days...

can you believe chocolate was the 
hardest one?

Sall was happy, cause he 
got some fresh chocolate chip cookies
out of the deal!...

Here's what I found 
all fresh from our farm...


Splish, Splash a ROBIN taking a bath
in a puddle in our driveway...


Spring preparations include
changing the light bulb in our 
antique lamp post....


Naturally, I got a little carried away
with the chocolate entry, 
I just couldn't help myself!


Mr. Cool....

And Last...


the Spring Spectacle....

Thank you Ashley for hosting 

I hope you'll hop over and enjoy more
of the participants entries!

Relax and enjoy what's 
left of the weekend!

They're Back!

Spring Has Sprung




Are Back!

The Spring Spectacle
is ON!

About a week and a half
than last year!!

Our skies are full
of snows and blues...

swarms of them 
gleaning the fields...

Heading North in

Thousands of geese
passing through....

It's a wonderful sight!

They know it's spring
and now so do I!

to see last year's arrival,
click on  

Have a wonderful Sunday
any signs of Spring in your neck of the woods?

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