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Friday, June 28, 2013

Just One Wish

If  only one
of my wishes
come true...

I would want it 
to be the one
lasts forever...

I could stay busy

The Fourth of July 
would come 
every 3 months

 Every day Sully
would wake me at 7
and I could go 
fetch some flowers...

And the tiller would 
stay busy 
replanting crops
for year-round
fresh veggies!

Dream on,

Thursday, June 27, 2013


Do all little kids 
dream of being musicians...
 rock stars...
or a conductor of a symphony?

I can still remember
standing on the picnic 
table directing my
imaginary orchestra
with my homemade baton
(a skinny scrap of 1970's paneling
wrapped in masking tape for reinforcement)
I was so upset when mom found it
and threw it out!!
She didn't know what it was,
and I was too embarrassed to tell her
what I was using it for.

Lord knows, they made me watch
the Lawrence Welk show every week
 we practically wore out the record player
with Glen Miller....
she should've started me on the 
trombone right then and there!!

 I did get my chance to be in an orchestra...

As fifth graders we got to begin
in C band...

We all got to choose from the school's
instruments to rent, unless your parents
could afford to buy you an instrument!

By the time my turn came up there was 
a french horn and a tuba left!
(another disadvantage of your last name
starting with "T")
 After the band instructor 
gave me quite a lengthy pep talk
on the French Horn,
I decided I would give it a try.

To make a long story short...
I stayed in band all through school
and enjoyed every practice, concert, tour,
musical, and sporting event!
The best thing a parent can do is 
support a child that wants to be in music. period! 

Band and choir gave me a better
appreciation for music...

to this day I would rather 
listen to music than 
do just about anything!

And that is why
I just about flipped out 
when our daughter-in-law's
parents got me a ticket to the 
symphony on our visit to Kansas City!
(first off, I only brought sloppy clothes
because it was just a quick trip!)
the next thing I knew I was shopping 
for symphony clothes!!

This wasn't just a "symphony"
it was the
Lee's Summit Symphony 10th Anniversary
at the 
Kauffman Center

 And it was our beloved in-law, Karl's,
original composition debut
"Celebrate the Collective"
a masterful piece of work
that filled me with joy and amazement!
I knew he was a very talented oboe player
and now I got to experience the full realm 
of his musical genius 

 The music was breath-taking...

 The acoustics were phenomenal...

 I actually changed seats at intermission
and the sound was perfect from any angle!

 I definately recommend 
the symphony if you haven't 
been for awhile

 And a symphony 
at the Kauffman Center
in downtown Kansas City
is the experience of a lifetime!!

 Thank you Karl and Jeanne!!


 A night at the symphony
made this Grandma remember
and realize the importance of music...

And the night shall be filled with music,
And the cares that infest the day
Shall fold their tents like the Arabs
And as silently steal away.
                 ~Henry Wadsworth Longfellow 
My good friend James Webb played 
that left-over Tuba,
and played it better than anyone in the
history of the W.S.H.S marching band...
Good things happen with a 
music-filled heart!

Tuesday, June 25, 2013


Another 3 inches of rain
last weekend 
has us all feeling 
a bit waterlogged 
here on the prairie...

It's hard to keep up with
all the mowing...

I should just get 
a baler!

Then I could hang 
out at the water park,
instead of spending
all my time on the lawnmower!


Hope your summer
is spectacular!!

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

To Market, To Market To Buy a Fat Pig

A Day for Dad...

first we filled
up a basket with 
all of his favorite spices...

then #1 daughter let him pick out
a new garden hat!!

then off to 
the huge City Market
in downtown K.C....

Then we met up
with #1 son and
#1 Grandson
at one of
Kansas City's 
newest hot spots,
The Local Pig....

Fresh meat raised
by local farmers,
homemade sausages and brats...

the best smelling meat market
I've ever been to!!

We didn't get to buy
a fat pig
(the line was too long!)
now we know where
to go for some good 

It was a fun day
Super Sall
was in 
Hog Heaven!!

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Country Cruisin'

Our Grand-daughter's
2 week stay
got extended to 
3 weeks
(due to family work
schedules and travel plans!)

Mommy called to 
ask if we were up for it...

I said, "it's up to the girls?"
"If they can handle it, so can I"...

Of course, they're so busy
having fun, they'd stay
all summer if they could!!
(and if Mommy didn't have to work,
so would she!)

So here I am 
at day 16...

Domino (our 5 year old)
drew Grandma's portrait on the

"That's you, Grandma!!"

A "little" scary,I thought,
but at least 
I'm still smiling!

Unfortunately, we've had 
far too many cool rainy days
have been cooped up inside...
(thank goodness, for t.v.!)

 there's nothing better
than a good 
old fashioned
Country Drive
for a change of scenery
and get those
loony tunes out of your head!!

Here's what we all saw
as we sang about
149 rounds
Old McDonald Had a Farm...

Wild Phlox...

Great Blues...



with a quack, quack, here
a quack, quack there
here a quack
there a quack

 "Ooops, I guess they heard us!"


 There they go...
quack, quack!!

Just about every bird
in the neighborhood heard 
us coming from a mile away...

the horses didn't mind our
lame imitation of their 


 This blue wing teal was content
to keep swimming along....

With all the rains
we've had lately,
it was good to get out
and see someone appreciating
all the water...

Cause this Granny is ready 
for some sunshine 
and more outside
Play Time!

My feathers are ruffled,
and I'm starting to walk funny...
but I think I can last 
a couple more days???

I'll let you know,
if I survive Thursday's
water park excursion!!


Monday, June 10, 2013

Out Comes the Sun

Happy Monday, Friend!

Someone finally
shut the rain off...

the sun is out,

the flowers 



We will be playing

what have 

Make it 
a good one,

I'm joining Mary
for Mosaic Monday
(I've Missed Her!!)
stop by for some inspirational
photography and collages!

Thursday, June 6, 2013


I Just saw this sign
on the 
Prairie Homestead Facebook Page...


the caption read,
"Does your homestead need one of these?"


My answer:

Happy Thursday
from our little
Home on the Range!


Wednesday, June 5, 2013

The World's Only!

Mission Accomplished!

Grand-daughter #1 wanted 
a "real" Bow and Arrow
in the worst way!

What better place 
to find one 
than in
Mitchell, South Dakota!

the heart of the prairie,
the place where "real"
cowboys and Indians
fought with bullets and arrows!


 The gift shop across the street 
from the "World's Only" Corn Palace
offered up a 
more than adequate
selection of Bows and Arrows!

In fact, Grandma was quite
befuddled in choosing the 
appropriate weapon 
for her sweet princesses!

I suppose girls these days
can be princesses one day
and warriors the next?

(I'm sure Grandpa will be proud!)

Two bows and six arrows...
$12.98 later the girls 
got their warrior weapon
of choice and we were 
off to Walmart!

We practiced a few times outside...
(trust me there were no cowboys in sight!)
and then we were satisfied to 
get back in the wagon car 
and ride to our next stop....

What a fun day,
Ice Cream and Hamburgers
at the Zesto,
racing carts with Nana
through the aisles at Walmart,
and getting Bows and Arrows!!

Life is Good!

Monday, June 3, 2013

The sun finally came out again...

and the rest of the planting can resume!!

Everything we planted BEFORE the rains
looks really good, and my flower pots 
are filling in nicely!

With our two little grand-daughters
here visiting, I would much
rather see sunshine than rain...

these two city girls come 
to the farm for freedom and fresh air...

It was a busy weekend,
Grandpa Sall finished planting the garden...

asparagus was pickled (wait and see)...

we all went fishing in the Missouri River...

and Grandma mowed, mowed, and mowed...

Forget about flowers and vegetables!!

I get these 12 acres mowed and it's
time to start all over again!!

If it continues to be this wet 
all summer, Grandma better get 
herself a few goats to help with
the mowing!!!


Hmmm, just an epiphany moment
when I found Mr. Goat T in my Flower Pot!

Mr Goat T wouldn't use any
expensive gasoline!!!

and Grandma wouldn't 
be spending every hour of her time
on the doggone lawn mower!...
(she could be blogging!)

Food for thought anyway,
Have a great Monday!!