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Monday, June 3, 2013

The sun finally came out again...

and the rest of the planting can resume!!

Everything we planted BEFORE the rains
looks really good, and my flower pots 
are filling in nicely!

With our two little grand-daughters
here visiting, I would much
rather see sunshine than rain...

these two city girls come 
to the farm for freedom and fresh air...

It was a busy weekend,
Grandpa Sall finished planting the garden...

asparagus was pickled (wait and see)...

we all went fishing in the Missouri River...

and Grandma mowed, mowed, and mowed...

Forget about flowers and vegetables!!

I get these 12 acres mowed and it's
time to start all over again!!

If it continues to be this wet 
all summer, Grandma better get 
herself a few goats to help with
the mowing!!!


Hmmm, just an epiphany moment
when I found Mr. Goat T in my Flower Pot!

Mr Goat T wouldn't use any
expensive gasoline!!!

and Grandma wouldn't 
be spending every hour of her time
on the doggone lawn mower!...
(she could be blogging!)

Food for thought anyway,
Have a great Monday!!


Beverly said...

First time to your lovely blog. Your granddaughters are beautiful....and those lilacs.....Mmmmm! Enjoyed your photography....especially the barn owl photo!! Great shot!!

Have a lovely day!
Bee Haven Acres

barb said...

Some goats and a pony! Maybe a couple of rabbits too.

TexWisGirl said...

oh, i think 2 goats would be quite comfy there!

your grands are so sweet!

Bonnie K said...

I'm getting caught up blogging and really enjoy your posts. I'm happy that you have had such quality time with your grandchildren.

Michaele said...

Love the photos. And - I hear you on the mowing!

Lynne said...

Twelve acres . . . I'm thinking three goats . . . and with the rain, maybe more.

Gorgeous views . . . happy days for the little girls to enjoy the wide open spaces . . .