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Monday, February 28, 2011

Grandpa's Surprise Revealed

Grandpa's hard work
paid off in a big way!

A month ago I blogged
about a surprise he had started
for his Grandson's first birthday....

so now it's time 
for some
show and tell....

Busy as a beaver he's been....

Making these cute little
pint-sized Adirondack chairs.

One made out of 100 year old
douglas fir for grandson, Wyatt
and one made out of oak for Zelda!

Zelda and Wyatt are
 just learning how to walk,
so it's super fun to see them
try to maneuver their little back sides
into these chairs!

Of course, they go at it from
every angle...
and finally SIT.

Little munchkins
love munchkin size furniture!

Great for watching tv
or doing some heavy contemplating....

This is Domino in 2008 sitting in the "pattern" chair
She's loved it since she was a baby!

The pattern chair has some history....
it was mine that my 
Grandfather built for me
around 1965.
Made from mahogany, it's still as 
solid as the day he built it 
and a treasured heirloom
that I will keep forever.

I love that our grand kids will 
also have a special gift from
 Grandpa Sall
to remember him by....

Grandpa's are the best, 
and hold a special place in our hearts!

Me and Grandpa Pete circa 1965.

Always have and always will.

Happy Memories,

Birthday Boy

Being One is so much FUN!



Being King for a day ROCKS!

Our "Little Boy Blue" turned ONE...

Happy Birthday Wyatt!

Hope your day is 
filled with puppy dog tails,

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

From Nanny to Granny

My weeks are very busy...
along with cleaning up after our pets and Sall,
I also spend several hours a week
being a Nanny!

Tomorrow we are heading south
to Kansas City for a long awaited
visit with our kids and grandkids!

So, tomorrow I go from
Nanny to Granny!

My regular little goober shoes will
have to do without me and my rules
for a little while....

When I started staying with 4 little 
kids all under the age of 5 
the best thing I ever did 
was find this cute sampler hanging in their house.
Mom had it in her laundry room, 
I quickly moved it to the kid's room
and we read it every day!!

The kids memorized it quickly,
and each of those issues came up regularly!!
Those rules were a life saver.

the next valuable tool I started to use 
was a to-do list.
The kids love my to-do lists!!
Chores mixed with fun
makes the day go much faster.

Chores + Fun...
I think that was one of 
Mary Poppin's rules??
{I always wanted to be her!}

I don't know what Miss Poppins
did with messy eaters,
but I learned to 
chill out 
with beginners!

You learn a lot about patience
when you deal with toddlers all day long!

But the main thing is to keep'em busy
and keep'em happy!!

Sippy cups and blankies and Nedley's
are my helpful sidekicks....

Rules + Lists + Fun = Happy Campers

A SIMPLE formula
for a very colorful DAY!!

Granny's bag is packed and ready....

 Filled with all the necessities....

some sweet treats
tissue for little runny noses
a surprise package
a goodnight storybook
(a spaghetti western,no less)

I love the motto on the back!
Granny Sall's newest rule to live by!

(great big Grandma) Hugs,

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

A Birthday Surprise

What is BIGGER than a breadbox........

and will fit in a shop vac box........


Remember the 

Well, Grandpa's Surprise gets
the big REVEAL
this Saturday!!!

Little Wyatt (the Douglas Fir Tree)
will LOVE it!

Happy Wordless Wednesday,

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Monday, February 21, 2011

Some Barn Charm

"Address Unknown"

I found another creative meme in blog land...
Tricia started "Barn Charm" at Bluff Area Daily
I was so happy to find it and all ready to join
in some good ol' barn stompin fun!
Got there tonight, and nobody there!
HELLO!! Anybody home? 
(I'll keep checking in, hopefully she's just busy)

So then I found Lisa Gordon's

Hop on over and check out some really good photos.
 If you love photography like I do,
you'll be pleased you stopped by! 

Warm blessings,

P.S. edited to include Tricia's correct link to this week's Barn Charm Meme, Yeah!!!

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Monumental Mosaic Monday

Monday February 21st
It is George Washington's
Birthday today! 

Our founding father

Americans are taking the 
day off and celebrating
President's Day

I am taking the day off
to get ready for "Tax Time"!

since it's another blizzard day,
I'm dreaming of summer vacation
and the beautiful Black Hills

The above photos with our name on
are my own from 1997.

We live 250 miles from 
the beautiful Black Hills of South Dakota
 home of
famous "Mt. Rushmore"
the ultimate Presidential Monument

I've enjoyed countless
 summer vacations to the hills and the monument.
I highly recommend it to anyone!!!

I found the photos (in the above collage)
and the following excerpt
in a book about South Dakota
"Black Hills Beyond All Expectations"

"When people think about U.S. presidents and Rapid City
they automatically envision George Washington, Thomas Jefferson,
Theodore Roosevelt, and Abraham Lincoln -- the distinguished
faces that look down from high atop Mount Rushmore.  However, in 2000,
more commanders-in-chief began making 
appearances in the city's historic downtown area, 
thanks to the City of Presidents project.
In fact, on strategic street corners along Main Street and St. Joseph Street,
 residents and visitors now come face-to-face with life-size
 bronze sculptures of the nations's most notable leaders,
 from George Washington and John Adams to John F. Kennedy and Ronald Reagan. 
 Ultimately, by 2011, the first forty presidents will be
 represented with statues created by some of
 South Dakota's most renowned sculptors, 
who plan to add four presidents each year-
two from the country's earliest days and two from more recent times-
 for the duration of the ten-year project.
 The sculptures feature the chief executives
 wearing period clothing and include inscriptions 
that describe each man's character and greatest accomplishments."

Okay, now this post is sounding
like a tourist advertisement...
but you have to agree
it would be a great destination
to spend "President's Day"!

God Bless the USA
Have a Monumental Monday!

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Saturday, February 19, 2011

Can We Move On

There is a time for departure
even when there's no certain place to go. 
                                                                           Tennessee Williams

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Farm Friend Friday

Just over the hill, some friends of ours
raise cattle, sheep, pigs, goats, and
Sunday morning we had 
the chance to get up
close and personal
with all of the above!

Years ago elk were native to this area,
but now most of eastern South Dakota
is devoted to farming... crops, 
and raising cattle or sheep.

This rancher raises them for their
meat and also sells the antlers 
they shed in the spring.

It was a real treat to see this
animal roaming on the prairie...

They are so large and graceful!

After introducing ourselves
to the elk, one of the rancher's
daughter's Taryn, came out 
and invited us to 
tour the rest of their farm.

Riding the family pet, Clayton,
she yells,
"Follow me!!"

Tyra the youngest joined us 
and the two sisters couldn't wait to show 
us their newest farm friends!

Over the fence and into the barn they went...

while I waited,I mingled with 
the "other girls" in the pen...

This one told me how
well the rancher's daughters
take care of them!!

The rest agreed, these girls
are hard workers
and are always on time
with their meals!!

All three sisters help with chores
and are active in 4-H!

When Taryn and Tyra brought
out two baby goats,
it was pretty obvious
they love being farm girls!!

I couldn't help smiling 
at these happy little sisters
who are so proud of their animals!

Sisters who share 
a special bond
friends forever....

Thanks for sharing
your farm friends with us!!

And thank you to Matt and Dulcy
for raising 3 sweet girls!

Have a great Friday!

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