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Monday, February 28, 2011

Grandpa's Surprise Revealed

Grandpa's hard work
paid off in a big way!

A month ago I blogged
about a surprise he had started
for his Grandson's first birthday....

so now it's time 
for some
show and tell....

Busy as a beaver he's been....

Making these cute little
pint-sized Adirondack chairs.

One made out of 100 year old
douglas fir for grandson, Wyatt
and one made out of oak for Zelda!

Zelda and Wyatt are
 just learning how to walk,
so it's super fun to see them
try to maneuver their little back sides
into these chairs!

Of course, they go at it from
every angle...
and finally SIT.

Little munchkins
love munchkin size furniture!

Great for watching tv
or doing some heavy contemplating....

This is Domino in 2008 sitting in the "pattern" chair
She's loved it since she was a baby!

The pattern chair has some history....
it was mine that my 
Grandfather built for me
around 1965.
Made from mahogany, it's still as 
solid as the day he built it 
and a treasured heirloom
that I will keep forever.

I love that our grand kids will 
also have a special gift from
 Grandpa Sall
to remember him by....

Grandpa's are the best, 
and hold a special place in our hearts!

Me and Grandpa Pete circa 1965.

Always have and always will.

Happy Memories,


texwisgirl said...

Oh, those are precious!!!! Great job, grampa!

Sharon said...

Oh, Oh, Oh! Those are SO cute! The chairs are to cute and perfect for the little people, treasures - children and chairs alike! Grandpa did a wonderful job.

Thanks for putting this up today, I was wondering. It didn't hurt to show the sweeties either!

Buttons said...

They are fantastic what great memories forever. Grampa's are the best. B

barb said...

cute chairs for some cute grands

RachL said...

what a treasure Wyatt has! he loves his Grandpa!

Jackie said...

Hi, chairs made with so much love, I can see from the photographs showing grandpa making them, he wanted them to be strong and safe for his wonderful grandchildren.

Jackie in Surrey, UK.

Claire said...

Oh those chairs are soooo sweet. What a wonderful gift to be treasured and handed down through the generations.
Bet Grandpa enjoyed the whole process of making them, putting alot of love into them as well.

Claire :}