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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

From Nanny to Granny

My weeks are very busy...
along with cleaning up after our pets and Sall,
I also spend several hours a week
being a Nanny!

Tomorrow we are heading south
to Kansas City for a long awaited
visit with our kids and grandkids!

So, tomorrow I go from
Nanny to Granny!

My regular little goober shoes will
have to do without me and my rules
for a little while....

When I started staying with 4 little 
kids all under the age of 5 
the best thing I ever did 
was find this cute sampler hanging in their house.
Mom had it in her laundry room, 
I quickly moved it to the kid's room
and we read it every day!!

The kids memorized it quickly,
and each of those issues came up regularly!!
Those rules were a life saver.

the next valuable tool I started to use 
was a to-do list.
The kids love my to-do lists!!
Chores mixed with fun
makes the day go much faster.

Chores + Fun...
I think that was one of 
Mary Poppin's rules??
{I always wanted to be her!}

I don't know what Miss Poppins
did with messy eaters,
but I learned to 
chill out 
with beginners!

You learn a lot about patience
when you deal with toddlers all day long!

But the main thing is to keep'em busy
and keep'em happy!!

Sippy cups and blankies and Nedley's
are my helpful sidekicks....

Rules + Lists + Fun = Happy Campers

A SIMPLE formula
for a very colorful DAY!!

Granny's bag is packed and ready....

 Filled with all the necessities....

some sweet treats
tissue for little runny noses
a surprise package
a goodnight storybook
(a spaghetti western,no less)

I love the motto on the back!
Granny Sall's newest rule to live by!

(great big Grandma) Hugs,


texwisgirl said...

Have a fun break!

Sharon said...

1. Drive Safely
2. Take pictures
3. Give lots of hugs
4. Have loads of fun
5. Come back, safe and sound

Michaele said...

Oh what a fun grandma you are!!

Karen said...

What lucky grandchildren you have! I hope you have a wonderful visit and when you get back, maybe the snow will be gone. Have fun!

Buttons said...

Have a great time. Love the list. B