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Sunday, February 20, 2011

Monumental Mosaic Monday

Monday February 21st
It is George Washington's
Birthday today! 

Our founding father

Americans are taking the 
day off and celebrating
President's Day

I am taking the day off
to get ready for "Tax Time"!

since it's another blizzard day,
I'm dreaming of summer vacation
and the beautiful Black Hills

The above photos with our name on
are my own from 1997.

We live 250 miles from 
the beautiful Black Hills of South Dakota
 home of
famous "Mt. Rushmore"
the ultimate Presidential Monument

I've enjoyed countless
 summer vacations to the hills and the monument.
I highly recommend it to anyone!!!

I found the photos (in the above collage)
and the following excerpt
in a book about South Dakota
"Black Hills Beyond All Expectations"

"When people think about U.S. presidents and Rapid City
they automatically envision George Washington, Thomas Jefferson,
Theodore Roosevelt, and Abraham Lincoln -- the distinguished
faces that look down from high atop Mount Rushmore.  However, in 2000,
more commanders-in-chief began making 
appearances in the city's historic downtown area, 
thanks to the City of Presidents project.
In fact, on strategic street corners along Main Street and St. Joseph Street,
 residents and visitors now come face-to-face with life-size
 bronze sculptures of the nations's most notable leaders,
 from George Washington and John Adams to John F. Kennedy and Ronald Reagan. 
 Ultimately, by 2011, the first forty presidents will be
 represented with statues created by some of
 South Dakota's most renowned sculptors, 
who plan to add four presidents each year-
two from the country's earliest days and two from more recent times-
 for the duration of the ten-year project.
 The sculptures feature the chief executives
 wearing period clothing and include inscriptions 
that describe each man's character and greatest accomplishments."

Okay, now this post is sounding
like a tourist advertisement...
but you have to agree
it would be a great destination
to spend "President's Day"!

God Bless the USA
Have a Monumental Monday!

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gail said...

Beautiful photos and a beautiful destination...I hope to come your way someday.
Thank you for your kind comments and for visiting!

Sharon said...

Very nice post! Great photos!!! I like their plan of adding bronze statues of the past Presidents!

Snap said...

Great post for Presidents Day! Well done!

Lavender Cottage said...

A nice tribute for your Presidents' Day. A number of years ago, the powers that be, decided we should have a holiday in Ontario on Monday as well and call it Family Day.

Jeri ~ said...

I agree - it would be a great place to spend President's Day!! I visited Mt. Rushmore when I was very young and would love to go back some day. This is a great President's Day post!! BTW-I am your newest follower!

Verde Farm said...

I so want to see Mt. Rushmore--I know it would be breathtaking. What a beautiful state you live in! I have it on my list of must see places :)

Queenie said...

Beautiful post and photos...I'd love to visit there...you are lucky to live so close :)

Vee said...

I love this post! Thank you.

Beth said...

You have inspired me. Now I will have to do a post of our trip to Mt Rushmore and Sylvan Lake. I loved, loved that trip. I will do it again some day. What a great post. Thanks for sharing.

heyBJK said...

Love your photos of Mt. Rushmore! Awesome! Great post!

Pondside said...

Enjoy your day off - don't spend it all working on tax prep!

barb said...

Remembering our many trips to the Black Hills, I still have the pair of indian dolls I spent my precious money on in 1967.
And the time we took our New York brother-in-law to see the monument and it was too foggy to see the faces. We all just stood at the railing looking at...nothing, ha.

Veronica said...

I just love your header pic...so vintage and the colors are wonderful! Thanks for the follow!

Michaele said...

I've never seen Mt. Rushmore photographed that way. Nice.

Mary said...

Oh, I would love to see Mt. Rushmore one day! And it must be wonderful to come upon those sculptures in the town. Thanks for sharing at MM!