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Thursday, February 17, 2011

Farm Friend Friday

Just over the hill, some friends of ours
raise cattle, sheep, pigs, goats, and
Sunday morning we had 
the chance to get up
close and personal
with all of the above!

Years ago elk were native to this area,
but now most of eastern South Dakota
is devoted to farming... crops, 
and raising cattle or sheep.

This rancher raises them for their
meat and also sells the antlers 
they shed in the spring.

It was a real treat to see this
animal roaming on the prairie...

They are so large and graceful!

After introducing ourselves
to the elk, one of the rancher's
daughter's Taryn, came out 
and invited us to 
tour the rest of their farm.

Riding the family pet, Clayton,
she yells,
"Follow me!!"

Tyra the youngest joined us 
and the two sisters couldn't wait to show 
us their newest farm friends!

Over the fence and into the barn they went...

while I waited,I mingled with 
the "other girls" in the pen...

This one told me how
well the rancher's daughters
take care of them!!

The rest agreed, these girls
are hard workers
and are always on time
with their meals!!

All three sisters help with chores
and are active in 4-H!

When Taryn and Tyra brought
out two baby goats,
it was pretty obvious
they love being farm girls!!

I couldn't help smiling 
at these happy little sisters
who are so proud of their animals!

Sisters who share 
a special bond
friends forever....

Thanks for sharing
your farm friends with us!!

And thank you to Matt and Dulcy
for raising 3 sweet girls!

Have a great Friday!

Linking with Amy at Verde Farm,
join us and see more farm friends!!


texwisgirl said...

Beautiful! Girls are adorable as are their goats and sheep and elk and dogs and, and, and...

Karen said...

Hi Lisa, love the tour of the farm, what gorgeous girls! The elk are amazing, how close were you when you took that photo?

Good to see the snow is melting there, too, I read back a few posts and see you may be able to move back home soon. That's great news. It's been in the 40's here too, and we have mud and snow. I hung some wash out on the lines yesterday but was over my knees in snow. But believe it or not, the laundry dried in less than two hours and it smelled sooo good.

Have a great weekend!

Sharon said...

The elk are magnificent animals, aren't they?

So nice to see a family where everyone, not only helps, but loves to care for their animals! Beautiful pictures, as always, Lisa!

Buttons said...

Wow great pics. Love the tour. B

cherry said...

So pretty ! What a fun day. Your pictures make me want to cuddle with the goats.. The babies are so cute!
have a great weekend. hugs from Savannah, Cherry

barb said...

Nice post, love visiting your farm blog and neighbors from my living room. Aren't blogs the greatest invention yet? Now I'm going to Australia...b

Jennifer said...

So Sweet. Love all the pictures, very pretty!

Michaele said...

Thanks for the great tour. The girls must have been delighted to show you around.

Verde Farm said...

What a FABULOUS POSTLIsa. I can’t believe the elk photos--their antlers are huge. That is so cool. The two girls are precious and they have a good life and look so happy. What a dream to raise a child in this way. I would have so loved growing up on a farm. The little baby goat photos are amazing. I just love it.
Thanks for sharing on FFF too :)

Jill said...

How beautiful! Love the elk. We have a place here called Elk Knob State Park (NC). Wish we still had elk roaming around. Nice post!

Suzy said...

Sweet,friendly girls and I just love those baby farm animals!

Heritage Farm Village said...

hi lisa, i just found you from farm friend friday blog hop. i love this post. those sweet little sisters are adorable and it is obvious they love their little goaties. thank you for sharing with us. i loved the close up of the elk. sweet faces! jill

Kritter Keeper at Farm Tails said...

gorgeous elk but then again i am a deer fanatic...those little girls are so sweet and it warms my heart to know they truly love their farm and their little animals. thanks for posting this...just found you from farm friend friday.

Sall's Country Life said...

Thanks all for the great comments! It was a fun post to do that's for sure.
Karen, I was about 3 foot away from the elk (with a fence between us of course). Thanks, Amy, for hosting farm friend Friday!!