Another 3 inches of rain
last weekend 
has us all feeling 
a bit waterlogged 
here on the prairie...

It's hard to keep up with
all the mowing...

I should just get 
a baler!

Then I could hang 
out at the water park,
instead of spending
all my time on the lawnmower!


Hope your summer
is spectacular!!


TexWisGirl said…
send it down south! could use some, here!
barb said…
I want to be a kid again. What a place!
Bev said…
Yes we are having rain and more rain here too!
We had about 4 inches of rain over the weekend. I am hanging out at the pool every morning for water aerobics. Feel so goo.
Country Gal said…
Wonderful photos ! Hardly any rain here for us it has been dry some what humid with cool winds from the north sores of lake Erie that we live a 6 min drive from . Thanks for popping by ! Have a good day !
Velva said…
Happy summer to you!

Bonnie K said…
Looks like fun. It has been a tad cool here in the his for swimming. I like how you set up your photos.

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