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Sunday, January 12, 2014

January Wishes

I wish I could say I've 
been "Holed Up"
in a sweet little cabin in the woods...

Just me and my guy...
and my golden retrievers
(Max and Jazz)

Watching the snow from inside 
a cozy and warm 
woodsy cabin
filled with old quilts 
and the scent of  cedar
burning in the fireplace...

I wish I could say
I'm just sipping tea and enjoying a good book...

Unfortunately, my January has been just 
as busy as ever...
work, work, work...

Why can't a person 
just hibernate one month 
out of the year?

Bears do it!

I need to be a bear!

Hope you are keeping warm
this winter!


Country Gal said...

Nice photos ! At least your keeping busy and aren't bored . Thanks for sharing . Have a good week .

barb said...

WARNING...do not get that cabin. You will never get rid of me.

Lynne said...

Maybe we should start a human hibernation trend!

Great photos . . . I am dreaming with you!

Melinda said...

I agree with Country Gal, your
not bored. Do take some time for

M :)

Custom Comforts said...

I so agree with you. January should be a month of hibernation. We could all sleep for a month and live off the food we ate during the holidays and emerge in February with our batteries recharged. I'm all for it.

TexWisGirl said...

busy can be good - just stay healthy and safe, too. :)

Karen said...

Oh, that cabin looks fantastic....and I agree with you, wouldn't it be fun to hibernate in luxury and warmth? This has been one cold winter so far, and more to come. Take care and stay healthy and warm!