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Thursday, April 11, 2013

Snowy Birthday 2013

This has been 
one of those winters...
a winter
that won't give up,
a winter that's competing
with the Energizer Bunny...
a winter that leaves for a couple days
and then returns to harass us
like a bad penny!

I had a bad feeling
that my birthday would be 
snowy this year...
this was totally uncalled-for!

As Sall and I were trying 
to shovel our way out
of the end of our driveway
to go to work this morning...

The ducks, geese and pheasants
were all flying around
looking for food 
and probably wondering
about heading back south!

I know I was wondering
why I even got out of bed this morning...

the cats were content
watching the snowy day from inside...

Last Saturday it was 68 degrees out
and I cleaned all the shovels and 
rubble off the front porch...
What happened???

 At least we still have electricity...

we got ourselves unstuck... 

Sall was able to get to town
to buy me a steak dinner...

the sun popped out 
as he fired up our grill tonight

and it looks like there's
 hope for this Birthday after all!

49 and Feelin' Fine
If ya ask me, I'm still 29!

Happy snowy Birthday!


Country Gal said...

Oh Happy Birthday ! Our Sons 24th B-day was today ! Oh this weather is nut's here we have had thunderstorms one after another high winds , some places in our province got hit by freezing rain and snow it really is a mixed up spring ! Lovely photos ! Have a good evening !

TexWisGirl said...

happy 49th! i'm gonna be 50 this year. :)

the snow is a bit heavy, though. :)

barb said...

Happy crazy birthday. Let's get together and talk blogging and blocks.

Velva said...

Happy Birthday! May the sun arrive soon. The weather Gods have been crazy this year.


Bonnie K said...

Happy Birthday. I'm not enjoying this storm either.

Grandma Barb's This and That said...

Happy Birthday Lisa! The steak dinner sounds mighty fine for someone 49!
How much snow did you get? We had about a foot. :0(

Sherri B. said...

A big Happy Birthday to you!! I am sorry it had to be so snowy on your special day but it sure is pretty.
It all turned out good with your steak dinner..yum! xo

Rustic Vintage Country said...

Happy 'chilly' Birthday! Crazy weather around the world it seems. x

Custom Comforts said...

Happy Birthday to you even if it is snowy. I'm so sorry you have snow again. I feel for you. I'd be depressed I think if the rain we're getting was snow. As it is, I'm so glad it's rain since it's been so warm and extremely dry here, which is not normal for April. The weather never seems very normal anymore.
Celebrate and have a great birthday anyways!!!!