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Thursday, May 30, 2013

Prairie Scenes

I have this Mary Engelbreit
print hanging in our guest bedroom
(the room our grand-girls are staying in)

Everyday Magnet: If You Pray For Rain

I didn't have my camera,
or my patience tonight at 7:30
(when Grandpa and I were 
thinking of bedtime)
and the 5 year old is out
in the driveway
squishing her toes in the mud puddle!!

She found an old brass
towel ring (which is now her crown)...
to go with her neon pink princess dress!!

There she stood in full princess attire
in the middle of a mud hole.

It was quite a site,
and Grandma was too pooped
to run and get her camera!

(If I could speak German
I know I would've sounded
just like my Grandma!!)


15 days ago we were all praying for rain...
the dust was flying,
and talk at the coffee shop
was all about DROUGHT!!

Two weeks and 3plus inches later,
farmers are wondering if they'll
ever get back into the fields
to finish planting.

It's raining again tonight,
my lawn will need
to be put up like hay
when it finally stops raining.

The pheasants are loving it...

Roosters are gorgeous this time of year!
These two are so busy
trying to impress a hen,
they didn't even see me.

The sun will shine again soon
and of course the wind will come to 
dry everything out too...

 I am liking the view again,
it's much greener,
and green means promise!


and for those of us that live on the prairie,
PROMISE is better than DROUGHT.


 I am grateful for the rain,
the green grass,
 the wild asparagus,
the water for the wild birds,
promise of a successful garden,


I am grateful for the mud
and the 10 muddy toes I was
hosing off at the 
end of another 
crazy day 
with 2 wild and crazy girls!



Lynne said...

As long as there are 10 muddy toes, times two, might as well throw in another ten, (yours) and another ten (gramps) and squish together in a Muddy Toe Dance for us to see. Being a kid again sounds like so much fun . . .

Nancy @ A Rural Journal said...

Beautiful images Lisa and I do wish you had your camera to capture the princess. Maybe next time.

barb said...

Loved seeing the girls. They are having loads of fun and the memories will last a lifetime.

TexWisGirl said...

yay for rain!!! loved the mud puddle princess, too.

and my mom would have said 'ach de lieber!' :)

Ida said...

Very pleasant post. I really enjoyed it. Loved the photo of the Pheasants and the Barn with the Owl.

Ida said...
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