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Sunday, December 19, 2010

Kids and Christmas

Christmas and kids....
it just doesn't get any funner!!!

Letters to Santa 
and playing Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer
over, and over, and over.....

I always think that the best and 
most fun Christmas's involve children.  
 It's been many years since I've
 had a bunch of little kids around!
I have 7 nieces and nephews,  
that are all grown now but,
 I still remember those darling little kids 
and opening presents on Christmas Eve!

They all grew up so fast!  
What happened to those days when we could
con them into doing the dishes or foot rubs to open up presents??

Now they are all grown with babies of their own.
Hopefully, they will remember the fun we had
with them, and continue the foot rub tradition.
(Aunt Lisa may have to visit on Christmas Eve again!)

Now I'm a Grandma of 3 little ones and Christmas
is fun and exciting all over again!
(I'm just a little grayer and a little plumper)

Domino's First Christmas
This was our first grand-daughter, Domino, in 2007.
Her little sister, Zelda, and little cousin, Wyatt
will both be celebrating their 1st Christmas this year!!

Domino is 3 already,
and has been a rootin'-tootin' wild child right from the start!
This year she's all about Toy Story and 
Grandpa and Grandma are prepared!

with our 3 grand children,
and the 4 little ones that I baby sit,
I had quite a shopping list this year!
And oh, was it fun, shopping for toys!!!

Today I got them all wrapped
then went to making that easy-peasy
puff corn that I was talking about in an earlier post....

The recipe is simple....
melt a tablespoon of oil with 2 bags of white chocolate chips
I crushed up 4 candy canes and mixed it in with the chips....
then dump mixture over 1 bag of puff corn in a LARGE bowl 
and stir, stir, stir!!!!
Then lay it all out on wax paper to cool.
Here's the finished, sweet, addictive stuff....

Now would someone please come over and help
me eat it??

Merry Christmas and for goodness sake,
Be Good!

Have some fun and join us!!


Snap said...

Cute kids, fun memories, love kids books! Merry, Merry and a happy Ho-Ho-Ho!

Sharon said...

All the children are cute! Domino looks to be quite the pistol LOL! Christmas is going to be a blast at your house this year!

Dishesdone said...

Such fun memories! The kids are all adorable! Lots of fun at Christmas with grandkids :) Enjoy!
Merry Christmas!

A Garden of Threads said...

Wonderful memories of Christmas' past. Loved the post. Have a wonderful Christmas with the grands.

barb said...

Hey, a couple of those kids look very familiar. Why don't I remember foot rubs?

TJB said...

I get to enjoy Christmas Eve with Grandma this year, but I have already put the disclaimer of no foot rubs. Or.....will tell Charlie as the soon to be family it is initiation in to the family?! I will never forget my New Kids on the Block watch!!! Love you Aunt Lisa and all the memories!!

Vee said...

I just grinned throughout. Thanks for taking us down memory lane. Would you believe that they don't make jammies like those anymore? I know! I was shocked. I've been looking for three years. :D

Molly @ A Bit O' Shine said...

I don't think I'll ever forget the traditions set up by my beloved aunts so I'm betting your family won't either!

I've never seen that puffcorn stuff! And what you do to it looks amazing! I'll come help you eat it! Ha ha. :)

bj said...

We were just talking last night about not having a lot of little ones around. With 10 grandchildren, Christmas was sooo magical for years. Then THEY, too, grew up. Now, we are starting over...one grandgirl has a baby girl sooo maybe, before too long, we'll be going thru our 3rd batch of little ones.:))

Jackie said...

Is puffcorn the same as popcorn, or can the recipe be made with popcorn?

Jackie in Surrey, UK.

Sall's Country Life said...

Thanks everyone, I've been enjoying all the comments coming in today! BJ...on your 3rd batch of little ones, Phew! Grand-kids wear us out, I can't imagine what Great-G-kids will do to us. You're lucky you're so young and vibrant yet!! Jackie..puffcorn is made from corn but doesn't have any hulls or seeds, so I imagine if you used some variety of popcorn with less hulls it would be the same thing. I see this comes from a company in Minnesota.