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Friday, December 17, 2010

The Farm House Christmas Tour

Well I'm not going to have anymore scheduled parties at our house!
Because, the very first one I scheduled brought on our first blizzard!!!
So, to avoid anymore bad weather, I'm only inviting guests into
our home via the computer.
Of course surprise visits are still welcome and preferred!!

With that said...
Welcome to our home!
I still have boxes of decorations up in the spare bedroom
that I draw from on an on-going basis.
But, for the most part, our home is decorated enough.
Have a little look-see for yourself.....

The kitchen...
the gathering place....

It's a little eclectic, but it's all country.

Americana on the hutch....
the ironing board Santa welcomes all who enter our door!

From this angle I caught Max peeking around the corner.
He's wondering what the heck I'm taking pictures of today??

"I'm blogging again Max"


This is my "niche" above the kitchen sink...
it's my answer to useless cupboard space that is too high to reach.
I removed 3 cupboard doors,
and now it's my niche!
It's usually filled with a seasonal display all year round.
Now, it's filled with some French country!

Now onto the living room...

We live in a small 4 square farm house so there's not a lot of space!
My village sits on top of the bookshelves, Santa's everywhere, garlands strewn about....
it all makes for a warm, sparkling, and cozy environment in the winter time!

My "Attic Baby" Santa gets a special place on the couch
 until the grand-kids come,
then he goes up on a high shelf. 
 That's real sheep's wool on his coat and beard.

Again the space issue always makes for a challenge when shopping for Christmas trees.
I like decorating my artificial skinny tree, it fits the room!
Sall never has anything nice to say about my skinny tree,
he prefers the real thing!

There's no surprise when it comes to our decorations...
it's all about the pheasant!
Pinecones and Pheasants
Fruits and Berries
on outdoorsy theme that we both agree on!

Some close-up shots of the ornaments....

Fake, faux, artificial...I don't care, I still love my pheasant tree
and all of it's beautiful adornments!!!

All right Max, it's time for a coffee break.....

Have a pleasant day...
and if you're bored you can surprise me with a visit.
I'll leave the coffee pot on!


Sharon said...

You have a very pleasant looking home, not overpoweringly decorated, but very tasteful. I love the pheasant feathers in your tree! Great idea to put your village up - out of inquisitive little hands! I never had a good place to put mine.

Thank you for your tour, I enjoyed that. Have a good one!

Jackie said...

Your decorations look lovely and the village is wonderful. We had snow yesterday and more is forecast so we could have a white Christmas here in the UK, makes it more atmospheric.

Have a good weekend, Jackie in Surrey, UK.

Teresa@oursoutherncountryhomeandfarm said...

It is beautiful Lisa. I love both country and cozy. What is that old saying? You can take the girl out of the country, but you can't take the country out of the girl. I will always just be an old country girl, and I just love your place. And didn't I spot a rooster or two? Oh that just makes it that much more wonderful. Merry Christmas and thanks for sharing.

Carol at Serendipity said...


Loved the tour! Your village is beautiful on your hutch. Max is wonderful. Goldens were our choice for dogs over the years. They smile.

Have a wonderful holiday week!


barb said...

I guess seeing your home via bloggy land is a good thing...but a Christmas brunch there is the greatest. Two sisters in the country and I haven't been to either? Put the apple cider on, I'm on my way... sis

Marigene said...

Thanks for the tour of your cozy home...the village atop your breakfront is so pretty all lit up. I love your skinny tree...my husband isn't crazy about ours, either...they take up so much less room and look just as nicely as a full one once decorated. Have a very Merry Christmas!

Mary said...

/everything is so beautiful Lisa...wish you would come decorate my house!! I am going to copy the pheasant feathers!!! See you guys soon!

Debra said...

It's all so nice! And I fell in love with what you did with the area behind the removed doors. Oh wow. So inspiring! Thanks for sharing your pretty home with us....Debra

À LA GRAHAM said...

Just dropping a note to a fellow South Dakotan! I found you on Pams Midwet Kitchen and had to laugh when I saw you were from SD...I am in Sioux Falls! Love your tree and especially your golden! Have a merry Christmas!